Wednesday, December 9, 2009

IG Army List Calculator

For you IG players, I found this cool Excel IG army list calculator from Warseer. Check it out at this link Basically it'll allow you to calculate your desired army list, minus the hassle of refering to the IG Codex for point cost. This excel format can be utilise for other codices, as long you are willing to create a new formula and input for that specific codex. It's pretty intuitive, check it out.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Black Legion Obliterators

I just finished with this 2 Oblits. Nothing fancy, just a standard Black Legion color scheme. Again, Minwax's always to the rescue. Check it out below.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Arenxis Campaign: Defeat at Dunnkyrc & "Kindred"

The Imperium was defeated at Dunnkyrc! The attempt to evacuate the Supreme Commander of Arenxis and her adjuntant was foiled. A daring assasination attempt from Chaos Terminators of the World Eaters, teleported in front of the Commander and her Eldar escorts. The Supreme Commander was reduced to molten goo as she was obliterated by a meltagun blast. That's good enough to warrant a victory for the Forces of Chaos. Sigh..All I need a 3+ cover save for her and I failed. Sorry guys..At least the Imperium can find solace with the death of Lord Minthras, the mighty leader of the Unclean. Check out some photos I took using my camera phone at

Although the Imperium was defeated, it was a great campagin nonetheless. Great thanks to Azlan for planning and organizing this awesome and diabolical campaign. Also thanks to all participants who make this campaign a success. All the tauntings, postings, strategies and dice roll actions were memorable indeed. Can't wait for the next one. Lord General Faizal will return. Ave Legio!!

For the Kindred tourney, the Son of Alpharius, Iqbal, will be my evil Chaos partner and together we will slaughter any other weakling kindreds for the Glory of Chaos! Chaos can't be denied!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Slow week to Hobby Nite and "Kindred"

I'm in a rut this week, no hobby done what so ever. Maybe too much workload hence I'm just not in the mood to paint, convert or what ever. My hands have been itching to roll them dices after 2 weeks of no gaming. Can't wait for this coming hobby nite! The evacuation of Arenxis Minoris. The Cadian 7th will see it done. For the Emperor!!

Now, on the doubles tournament Kindred, which is the brainchild of Legio members Arzmi and Khairul. It will be held in March 2010 after the Iron Painter (February 2010) competition. Please check out the rulepacks at the Legio website (Kindred banner). A 2 person team format tournament which each are allocated 500pts per person. This will be the first such event ever in Legio's history and it will incorporate the Legio Hobby Tournament (LHT). The LHT emphasized on the hobby aspect of Warhammer 40k and encourage its participants to show their hobby enthusiasm during such event. The good thing about the LHT is the introduction of Best General trophy for players who scored the highest point regardless of his army appearance (must be to a minimum standard). Meaning if your painting like crap but scored the highest battle points, you got yourself the Best Generals trophy! I can't wait for the tourney. I'll be fielding my Chaos Black Legion for Kindred, anybody interested to pair up? Preferable Chaos or forces of Disorder.


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Heavy Bolter Justice

With no hobby nite and no dice rolls action this week, I sidetracked a bit from my BL Project and did some simple IG conversions . See that guy up there? Its Sergeant Deric Sorin of the Tanith regiment (count as Gunnery Sergeant Harker) and he will lead a Tanith Vet Squad into battle. Good thing bout this guy, he confers Infiltrate, Stealth and Move thru Cover. Meaning his squad can Outflank, get at least 3+ cover saves if in cover and 3D6 move thru difficult terrain. Furthermore this guy got Feel No Pain (just for him) and Relentlessly carrying a Heavy Bolter. Awesome!! He fits perfectly among the Tanith's with their stealth and infiltration tactics. Can't wait to see this guy in action.

On the conversion, the torso and leg are Cadian sprues, the arms and head from Catachans, the Heavy Bolter conversions from the Leman Russ Tank sprues.

Painting also wasn't that complicated. Base coated with Chaos Black. Pant's Catachan Green with a highlight of Gnarloc Green. Body armor Graveyard Earth and wash of Scorched Brown. The H.Bolter with Boltgun Metal and highlight of Codex Grey. The face and arms are a bit detailed however. I started with Bronze Flesh and wash it with a watered down Dark Flesh. Then a thin layer of Dwarf Flesh and then a highlight of Elf Flesh. And for the finale, dipped with Minwax Golden Oak (works all the time hehe..) and that's it! Simple and saves me at least RM 60 from buying the Sergeant Harker model. Benissimo!

Now, to get back to my Black Legion Berzekers, which I've managed to finished only 3 berzerkers this week rather than my original target of 10. Laters..

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hobby Nite - 20th Nov

Another great hobby nite at Legio. I came in a bit late but just in time for the Legio Members meeting. Had a healthy dose of ideas from the members towards progressing Legio as a leading hobby club in Malaysia such as Doubles format tournament, Iron Painter competition, Market Garden campaign for Flames of War, just to name a few. 2010 will be an eventful year for Legio, I guarantee it. Jeff will post the minutes of meeting at the Legio website soon and you can catch what were dished out at the discussion table. All I can say it will be great year ahead and there's no better time to be part of this awesome hobby club.

After the discussion, had a round of 40k with Dann's formidable Eldar with my new Black Legion army list. It was SG mission with Spearhead deployment. It was a tight game which I won by 1 objective. Khorne Berzerkers are awesome, they managed to destroy and wrecked a Falcon and Fire Prism even with their cursed holofields! A great start for Abadon's forces. Other dice rolls actions, Cityfight battle between Subhan's Daemons and Lan's Brandenburg in which the Brandenburg emerged victorius and later Subhan's White Scars overrun Shazli's Ultramarines. Arzmi's Daemonhunters defeated Red Eye's White Scars and tarpits battle between Khairul's Saim Hann and Ivan's Nurgle Common Cold, not sure who won but I think the Saim Hann did. Lastly it was IG (Nahri's Bradenburg usurpers, lol, very funny lan) vs IG (Lan's Bradenburg), not sure who won that coz I left before the game ended. Oh, Soo Jinn and Kong was there too, playing Infinity, not sure what was the game like since too busy battling with Dann.

Later Arzmi, Khairul, Iqbal, Subhan and myself reconvened at the famous mamak stop for some unhealthy food and drinks. Another great hobby nite, can't wait till next week. Ciao!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Black Legion Update

As I've mentioned before, I've finished painting 3 BL Terminators and a Terminator Sorcerer. I find it quite easy to paint with black color scheme and to make the black stands out, a highlight of Codex Grey on the armor edges. Finally few brushes of Minwax Golden Oak on the skulls, tusk, horns and other visible crevices. Check out below:

Abadon's Infernal Justaerins

Archon the Vile, Sorcerer Lord

Next I will be working on my 10 Berzerkers and hope to finish them by end of next week. It will be the same black color scheme but with some red elements to signify their Khornate allegiance. I'm goin to play test this army probably this coming Legio hobby nite. Laters..

Monday, November 16, 2009

Legio 40k Tourney - Aftermath of the Inquisition Wars

Legio 40k Tourney - The inquisition Wars

Wow!! That was a great event by Legio. Cool t-shirts, complimentary super cool measuring device and great looking crowds and also armies. That is what Legio tourney is all about, the best there is! Congrats to all the winners and participants for making this tourney an eventful one.
How did I do in the tourney? Well, I won 2 and lost 1 and scored above average for both appearance and sportsmanship, ended up at 9th placing. I'm really happy with the appearance scores (thanks and this really a motivation to take my paintings to a higher plane.

My Cadian 7th performed well in the tourney but my Manticore was a let down. Maybe I've not mustered the tactics to utilise it, but the rest of the Cadians performed well nonetheless. First round was against Xian's gun line Imperial Guard which I won, LUCKILY, for the battle ended at turn 5 with a Vet squad with 5 men left holding the objective at the center table. What was left, a damaged Executioner and a Battle Canonless Leman Russ.

Second round, against Spore Con 2009 Overall Champion, Tsui with his beautiful and deadly Space Wolves army. I lost badly this round but it was a fun game nonetheless. My dice rolls were abysmal with bad pen rolls and leadership tests. But the highlight of the game when a single meltagun shot from my Stormtroopers managed to explode a Land Raider Redeemer. Living Lightning was nightmare, most of my Chimeras got wrecked due to that wretched psychic power. The Manticore however, survived till the end with not a single damage done on the Space Wolves, how pathetic! It was a near total annihilation on the Cadians.

Third round, the Cadian 7th returned with a superb win after that woeful encounter with the Space Wolves. This round was against Nik Kamal's Eldar. A Kill Point game, my Executioner performed well this round, killing most of his ground troops including Prince Yriel. Veterans picked off Wave serpents and Falcons with precised Meltagun shots. The battle ends at turn 6 with 8 to 5 kill points favoring the Cadians.

I was exhausted after the 3rd round. We proceeded to the prize ceremony (go to Legio's Website for the list of winners and rankings) and then headed to nearby mamak near Oldtown for gossiping session, hehe..which then I realised I've missed Asar prayer..hmmm. But it was a great event indeed and can't wait for the next Legio tourney. AVE LEGIO!!

For pics check out this links--- Wong's Inquisitorial Outpost and Lan's Spunkybass

Season 3 League and moving forward

I've ended up 3rd place for Season 3 league and automatically qualified for the finals on December 5th. I thought Jo going to dethroned me last Friday, eventhough he managed to win a game but not enough points for 3rd placing. Anyhow, the 4th player will be the determined after the Marksman tournament which is on November 28th. I wonder who'll make it thru this time? Whatever it is, the Cadian 7th fears no one (well maybe the Orks, lol..) and ready for battle. For the Emperor!!

Moving forward, after the League finals, my Cadians will get a deserved long break and I'm reactivating my long stalled Black Legion project. I've finished painting 3 BL Terminators so far (see below) and will proceed to finish 10 BL Berzerkers by next week. Maybe after that, I'll start work on Abadon, and yes he will lead my Black Legion. For my Slaanesh, I need to finish up on the cardboard Land Raider with chaos ornaments and other decoratives. Chaos can't be denied! Death to the False Emperor!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Legio 40k Tourney

Its 2 days away and my Cadian 7th are prep up and ready for battle! Azlan will be coming down with his Bradenburg so that makes 2 IG armies from Legio (not that I know of any other IG player from Legio, perhaps Iz but he'll be fielding his orks). Its goin to be fierce, its goin to be bloody and I'm sure the Singaporeans contigents are going to bring the heat as well. During Spore I didn't got the chance to battle with most of them and I and relish the opportunity in this coming tourney.
Anyways the Cadian 7th performed exceptionally well in the league thus far with 6 wins and 1 loss. But the tourney list will be slightly different from the league as I've added more firepower, in the version of a coverted Manticore (see below) .I hope it can do much damage in coming tournament. For the Emperor!!

After the league and Legio tourney, the Cadian 7th will be off duty for awhile and I'm going back to my Chaos roots by tidying up my Slaanesh army and finish up my Black Legion project. Also I'm starting a Vampire Count army soon, will explain more later.


Remember this?

The Manticore!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Legio Tourney - Slaanesh or Cadian 7th?

I'm still contemplating whether to use my Cadian 7th or my Slaanesh Warhost for the coming tournament. I've created a fluffy 1750 Slaanesh list but yet to test it out since too busy with the campaign, league and what not. Well here goes:

Daemon Prince with MoS, LoS and Wings - 155pts
Daemon Prince with MoS, LoS and Wings - 155pts

6x Chosen with 3 meltaguns, Flamer, Rhino- 178pts

6x NM with A.Champion, Doom Siren, P.Weapon and 5x Sonic Blaster - 190pts
6x NM with A.Champion, Doom Siren, P.Weapon and 5x Sonic Blaster - 190pts
6x NM with A.Champion, Doom Siren, Rhino - 185pts

3x Obliterator - 225pts

Land Raider with Extra Armour - 235pts
Land Raider with Extra Armour - 235pts

Total Points: 1748.

Quite brittle army list and careful plannings/tactics are needed due to low resources. But that's where lies the fun! I had experience with 2 land raiders Slaanesh army during the 2nd Season Legio League and it was a force to be reckoned with. The DPs with LoS to attract vulnerable units to Doom Siren range and assault them since they are I 6. The Chosen will be the surprise element with their ability to outflank and pop enemy tanks with melta (Iqbal's idea). 2 units of NM are to embark into the Land Raider and surge forward or take up defensive position. The other NM in Rhino are to contest or grab objectives. Finally Oblits will provide heavy fire support or acts as a surprise attack with their deep strike capability.

What is this?

What am I building now? Come this Friday and you'll see..

Monday, October 12, 2009

Arenxis Campaign - Week 2

All goes well for the Cadian 7th as they reclaimed the Hubris Spaceport from the nurgle cohorts, the Unclean. Had an awesome battle with Jeff, and I tell you his army was tough and his lesser daemons are a scary bunch (WS 4 I4 A2, maybe it can work with my Slaanesh army, to consider..) especially against IG. The battle was fought on a City Fight terrain table and cover save are abundance. But the Cadian 7th Armour's awesome fire power prevailed nonetheless. For full report on the Arenxis Campaign, read all about it at the Legio website.

Also Jeff posted the second issue of Aquila News Network and personally I think it was awesome work! Kudos to Jeff! Go and check it out.

Cadian 7th Armour mobilized for battle

I will be facing the Orks next week to defend the Hubris Spaceport. The Cadian 7th will not fail! For the Emperor!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Arenxis Minoris Campagin

Wow, its been awhile since I've updated anything on this blog. Well as most Legio 40k enthusiast know, the Arenxis Campaign is ongoing at the moment with me being the faction leader for the Forces of Order. Not a good start for the good guys as we lost all the spaceport during the 1st week of the campaign. This week the Imperium will return with a vengeance and to claim back all lost spaceports and expand our territory at the same time. I have a score to settle with the Chaos faction leader Lord Minthras aka Jeff and his nurgle minions. The Cadian 7th has been unleashed and only one will come out thriumphant. For the Emperor.

Meanwhile, I've finish painting and dippede at least 90% of all my Cadian 7th Armour ( see below) For me, it looks awesome once dipped in Minwax's Golden Oak and a few sprays of Tamiya Flat. (Thanks to Jeff for the awesome idea) So what do you guys think?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cadian 7th in action - against Eldar of Altansar

Got back from Alor Star and went down to Wolf's lair for a round of 40k with Khairul's Eldar. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon but the sun definitely shone on the Cadians with a delicious victory over the Eldar. I tweaked my list a bit from previous battles, here goes:

Cadian 7th (1750pts)
Commander Faizal Sani - Plasma Pistol, Carapace Armour
4x Veterans - 2 Plasma, 2 Meltagun, Vox Astropath
Senior Officer Amru - Boltgun
4x Veterans - 1 Plasma, Vox, Astropath
Infantry Platoon
Al Rahem
4x Veterans - 2x Meltagun, 1x Plasma Gun, Flamer, Vox, Chimera
20x Infantrymen (combined) - 2x Meltaguns
Commisar Viktor Hark - Power Weapon
10x Cadian - 3x Meltagun, Vox, Chimera
10x Tanith Vets - 3x Meltagun, Vox, Chimera
10x Tanith Vets - 3x Meltagun, Vox, in Valkyrie
Valkyrie (Mortis) - Multiple Rocket Pods, Heavy Bolter
Leman Russ Demolisher (Annihilator) - Sponson Plasma Cannon
Leman Russ (Wrath of Holn) - Sponson Heavy Bolter, Lascannon hull
Leman Russ (Kedah's Pride) - Sponson Heavy Bolter

All units are kept in reserve and ready to out flank. Al Rahem and his troops including the Valkyrie (with 10 Vets) will out flank. The rest will come from reserve. 2 Astropaths will make outflanking and reserve unit enters early with 2+ reserve roll.

Khairul's Eldar list: Eldrad with 5x Seer Council in Wave Serpent, Farseer with 7x Dire Avengers in Falcon, 6x Fire Dragons in Falcon, 2 5x Pathfinders squad, 3 Warwalkers with Scatter Lasers and a Wraithlord.

Mission: Annihilation - Pitched Battle. Result - Win (6-2 killpoints)

The terrain was fairly open with a big barricade on the Cadians center deployment zone. Big chunks of rocks and small hills littered the battlefield which provided lots of cover. The Eldar made it difficult with its Fortune, holo fields capability but it didn't last long against the Imperial Guard firepower. I must say Khairul's dice rolls were quite bad in terms of vehicle penetration results. Lots of ramming and brightlance shots mostly managed to score only stun result. I was lucky but the Cadians prevailed nonetheless. The story-report as below:

It was blisterring hot on Wolf Prime 31 as midday approaches. Faizal, Commander of Cadian 7th 2nd Company, scours the dunes for any Eldar spotters with his satellite guided binoculars. 'We need to breach this Eldar blockade to link up with the Raven Guards on the other side of the planet' adviced Faizal to his aide de camp Senior Officer Amru. Nodded in agreement, Amru vox in a secured frequency, ordering the Cadians to prepare for battle. Al-Rahem and his platoons already recon ahead, ready to outflank any encroaching Eldar. 'Two Eldar grav-tanks approaching my lord, vector 3.12 south!' informed from the Wrath of Holn. 'Good, our first kill of the day' Faizal grinned devilishly. 'Men, move out!' bellowed the commander

The rumbling of the Leman Russes tracks shook the ground. Cannons that could level a hab block roared and hit the Eldar's sleek vehicles. But Eldar witchcraft and advanced tech prevented it from harm and not even a scratch on the Eldar tanks. Disbelief, Faizal ordered one of the Tanith Veterans to disembark from their Chimera to 'melta' out one of the tanks, but to no avail. An ancient looking Farseer with his councils disembarked and charge the exposed Taniths wiping them out. The other Eldar tank moved east and disgorged Eldar Fire Dragons to target the incoming Valkyrie. The Valkyrie crashed but remain operational. The Fire Dragons cheered in some xenos language but their victory dance was not long as Cadians came out from the damaged Valkyrie and wipe them out with precised lasgun shots. Seeing their bretheren was brutally murdered, the second Tanith Veterans change course and target the Farseer with melta and lasgun shots. With fire support from the Annihilator and Kedah's Pride, the ancient Farseer suddenly banished leaving only one surviving council. He was gutted by the unending Straight Silver lashes from the Taniths.
Meanwhile, Al-Rahem moved forward to rid off any potential Eldar snipers on the northeast quadrant. He was later ambushed and killed by an Eldar raiding party led by a young farseer, as reported in Al-Rahem's last combat log. Only his Chimera came out alive. Eldar reinforcement coming from the north in the forms of walkers squadron with laser cannons and a mighty Wraithlord. Scatter laser shots hits the already immobilised Valkyrie, only managed to destroyed its missile pod. Brightlance shot from the Wraithlord had no significant impact on the Valkyrie. 'The emperor must be smiling on this day'said the relief pilot. Wrath of Holn's battle cannon roared and hit the incoming war walkers. They were all obliterated in a pile of shattered wraithbones and other xenos matter. The Taniths came out of hiding from the Valkyrie and aim their meltaguns at the approaching Wraithlord. 'Bring it down! Bring it down!' ordered Faizal whom was nearby. 'Eat melta, fething Eldar scum! shouted by one of the Taniths. The Wraithlord didn't stand a chance and slump to the ground, lifeless.

In the center flank, the seemingly invulnerable Eldar tank at first, was immobilised after a Demolisher Cannon hit its rear thrusters, thanks to advice from S.O Amru. The Eldar, suffered tremendous losses, subjected to ramming from their sleek tanks to any Cadian visible target, mainly the Chimeras. Again the Emperor seems to smile on the Cadians as nothing significant impacted on the sturdy transport. Seeing their ancient Farseer was banished coupled with huge losses, the Eldar flee from the battlefield as they blends in with the dessert. 'Should we gave chase, sir? inquires Amru. 'Negative, they are too weak to fight us now. The way is now clear and prepare to move out' orders Faizal. Although his losses are minimal, but losing Al-Rahem was as equivilent to losing an entire battalion. 'Goodbye, old friend.' Faizal spoke in a soft sombre tone.
"Now where was that darn kitty?"

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cadian 7th In Action - against White Scars

This will be the first battle report for my Cadian 7th IG. I had mixed results from previous engagements with 1 win and 1 lost (both against Subhans's Chaos Daemons) and also a draw against Iqbal's Raven Guard. I had a round with Subhan's White Scar's yesterday and boy how I nearly lost the game, which ended up draw. Army list below:

Cadian 7th (1747pts)
Commander Faizal Sani - Plasma Pistol, Carapace Armour
4x Veterans - 2 Plasma, 1 Meltagun, Vox

Senior Officer Amru - Boltgun
4x Veterans - 2 Plasma, 2 Meltagun, Vox

Infantry Platoon
Al Rahem
4x Veterans - 3x Meltagun, Flamer, Vox, Chimera
30x Infantrymen (combined) - 3 Meltaguns, 3 Power Weapon
Commisar Viktor Hark - Power Weapon

10x Tanith Vets - 3x Meltagun, Vox, Chimera
10x Tanith Vets - 3x Meltagun, Vox, Chimera

Valkyrie (Mortis) - Multiple Rocket Pods, Heavy Bolter

Leman Russ Demolisher (Annihilator) - Sponson Plasma Cannon
Leman Russ (Wrath of Holn) - Sponson Heavy Bolter, Lascannon hull
Leman Russ (Kedah's Pride) - Sponson Heavy Bolter

All units are kept in reserve and ready to out flank. Al Rahem and his troops including the Valkyrie (with 10 Vets) will out flank. The rest will come from reserve. 2 Astropaths will make outflanking and reserve unit enters early with 2+ reserve roll.

Han's White Scar army list if remembered correctly, Korsaro Khan, Chaplain, 7x A. Terminators with LC and 2 TH in Land Raider Crusader. 2x Scout squad (5x each), 1x Tactical Squad in Rhino (5x men) with Plasma Gun and Power Fist, Vindicator, 2x Pred (Lascannon and Sponson Lascannon) with Chronus.

Mission: Siege Ground - 3 Objectives, Pitched Battle. Result - draw

Terrain was fairly open with 4 big hills on all flanks and some ruins located at the centre table. Since my unit are all in reserve, Han proceed to deploy all of his forces, with heavy concentration on 1 objective on his right flank. A scout unit infiltrated to cover 1 objective on a hill deep in his deployment. I've created a story format rather than standard battle report. Well here goes:

The Cadians and their Tanith allies entered the battlefield except for the Valkyrie and the Wrath of Holn. Commisar Hark ordered the Infantry platoon to outflank the incoming land raider. Al Rahem and his Vets entered on the other side of the battlefield to grab the objective held by the marine scouts. Faizal's Command Squad alongside a Tanith Veteran squad came out from hiding to assist the brave guardsmen. The Annihilator positioned itself on the slopes of a small hill and Kedah's Pride kept a vigilant distance to make full use of its deadlybattle cannon. Meltagun shots and a blast from the Annihilator's Demolisher cannon only disabled the mighty Land Raider. Volleys of multilaser shots from the Tanith Chimera crippled the White Scar's Vindicator Demolisher Cannon and Kedah's Pride battle cannon overshot and create a huge crater behind the White Scar's position. Commisar Hark rallied his platoons to face the impeding horrors that coming out of the Land Raider...

With a great warshout, Korsaro Khan and his Terminators emerged from the Land Raider and charged the guardsmen. If it not for Hark's zeal and leadership the entire platoon would have flee. Lightning Claws and Thunder Hammers clashed with lasgun bayonets and knifes. They fought like warrior poets. Hark and his brave guardsmen fought till the very end...Chronus's Predator targeted all its laser cannons towards Kedah's Pride and destroyed it. The Annihilator's crew suffered a temporary blackout after a las cannon shot shook the old Leman Russ's hull.

All hopes were not lost when Commander Faizal ordered Senior Officer Amru to disembarked from the Chimera to stop Korsaro and his Terminators. It seems suicidal but that was the only way to decelerate their advance. The Land Raider was obliterated by a precised meltagun shot from Amru's crew. Seeing the incoming threat, the Taniths change their course and positioned themselves behind a hill to target Korsaro. This was to bought time, nothing more. In the centre flank, Wrath of Holn finally arrived. Its battle cannon roared and destroyed one enemy predator to bits. In the northern quadrant, Al Rahem surged forward towards the objective held by the scouts, guns ready. Out of a sudden, a woooshh super sonic sound deafens the environment. The Valkyrie 'skimmers' over them like a fiery phoenix and spew out its lethal load. The Tanith's Veteran immediately unload torrential volleys of death at the scouts. Meltagun and lasgun shots cut the marine scouts to pieces.

On the left flank Korsaro with this Terminators rampaged through the Cadian Command Squad. Lightning Claws fed on human gore and limbs. Senior officer Amru fought valiantly and finally succumbed to a Thunder Hammer blow to the head. Enraged at the death of his Senior Officer, Faizal disembarked from his command vehicle and shouted obscenity at Korsaro. Meanwhile, the Tanith attempted to outflank the White Scars with lasgun shots and melta. Storm shields and the bulky ceramite plasteel of a Terminator armour made a mockery of such shots. Korsaro, enraged of the obscenity thrown at him, directed his Terminators to engaged Faizal and his Veterans. It was over in five minutes, Faizal only after 25 Lightning Claw lashes, succumbed to his wound and fell. Seeing their leader killed in such a brutal manner, the Tanith's swore revenge and would deny the Space Marines their price. Shouting, 'Men of Tanith, do you want to live forever!!'. With a thunderous roar, they charged into the meatgrinder that awaits them. Korsaro, with a silent whisper, 'they are truly warriors of the emperor'. None of the Tanith's survived.

The final hour approaches as times running out for both forces. Korsaro directed his Tactical Squad to engaged Al Rahem on the northern region. Al Rahem and his Veterans were holding the important objective, grabbed from the scouts while Korsaro's forces held one objective deep in their deployment zone. A Rhino transport surged forward towards Al Rahem. Chronus provided backup fire, targeting at Rahem's Chimera and managed to destroy it, killing 3 Veterans at the same time. Al Rahem, dazed from the explosion emerged unscathed and prepared for the coming onslaught. Suddenly a battle cannon roared and hit the incoming Rhino. Surprised, Rahem immediately Vox in on an open channel, inquiring who has fired. "It is the Wrath of Holn sir, bless the Emperor you're still alive" replied the tank commander. The Rhino was a wreck and 3 marines appeared from the wreckage. Bolter and plasma shots killed Al Rahem's remaining veteran. Renewed with combat vigor, Al Rahem unholstered his plasma pistol and shot at the Space Marines. One was bathed in white plasma fire and died. Without hesitation, Al Rahem unsheathed his power sword and charged. The two remaining Space Marines was hacked to death, limb to limb.

Sighing relief of surviving, but the objective held by him previously has been compromised and had to be abandoned. The only solution to prevent the White Scars from escaping the system with the precious objective, Al Rahem, ordered the remaining Tanith in the Valkyrie to infiltrate the enemy's deployment zone and destroy the objective. An order he regret to give. But the Taniths have the courage of steel and without saying a word they embarked on the Valkyrie and flew straight into the lions den. Al Rahem could see from afar the Valkyrie was shot down, fearing the worst that the Taniths had died for nothing. As he prepared to move out, a low hiss coming from his Vox "Ca..p.tain...o..b.jective accompl....ttztztztztztztztzzztt.." and followed by a noise which he can't make out.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Legio Birthday Bash and Golden Kris Competition

Another awesome event by Legio Malaysia! Kudos to Jeff and Azlan for their superb effort in making this event such a success. Perhaps in the future, Legio can make this an international event and I'm sure our brothers in S'pore would like to join as well, especially the Golden Kris painting competition. Played 5 rounds of CP battles with 2wins, a draw and 2 losses (am too lazy to do Bat Rep writeup..). Plus awesome models on display and clearly my favorite was Khairul's Eldrad, he truly deserved his award (must be the orange Anyways congrats to all the winners for the CP and Golden Kris competition. The Golden Kris really motivated me to paint better and proved there other ways of winning in a 40k competition rather concentrate on bashing your opponents to dust. I've posted some photos for your pleasure..Ave Legio! Oh, almost forgot bout the video montage! Great stuff Jeff!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spore Con 2009 Battle Reports

It was a good run for me at Spore with 2 wins and 1 lose. First opponent was Stanley fellow Malaysian but working in S'pore, fielding a shooty Ultramarines army. Second round was Peter Cheah (of all people..) and the final round against another Legio member Keh Win with his Tau. My armt list as below:

Daemon Prince Manaroth: MoT, Warptime,WoC, Wings
Slaanesh Daemon Prince: MoS, LoS, Wings

9x Plague Marines, Aspring Champion, P.Fist,Plasma Pistol, 2x Meltagun
9x Plague Marines, Aspring Champion, P.Fist,Plasma Pistol, 2x Meltagun
9x Noise Marines, Aspring Champion, P.Weapon, Doom Siren, 8x Sonic Blaster

3x Obliterator
3x Obliterator

Dedicated Transport
3x Rhino

1st Round against Stanley's Ultramarine (Spearhead, Siege Ground-6 objective with 1 Vital) Win.

Special Rules: Peek-a-Boom (moved within 3" on all objectives, suffers AP-D6 Strength-2D6 on a roll of 4 and above)

Stanley's list, if I remember correctly was, Librarian Tigurius in Termi Armour, 6 Termis with Cyclone Launcher, 1 Dreadnoughts with Multi Melta, 1 Dreadnought with lascannon and missile launcher, 3 10x men Tactical Squad, 2 Devastator with Heavy Bolters, Lascannon and Missile Launchers and 2 Rhinos and 1 Razorback with Lascannon

The terrain was fairly difficult with lots of marshes and small hills across the battlefield and also a huge pyramid on my left flank. Stanley went first and deployed all his forces with 3 Tac Squads covering most of the objectives in his deployment zone. Termis and Tigurius leads the spearhead along with the Dreadnoughts. Devastators positioned deep in his territory to provide heavy fire support. His Rhinos however were deployed empty, mainly to contest objective, and blocking LOS. Razorback was deployed near the devastators position.

I deployed everything within 12' of the centre table with 3 Rhinos bound with Plague Marines and Noise Marines, Manaroth and Slaanesh DP followed closely. Obliterators took up position on the lower levels of the pyramid targeting the incoming Termis and Dreadnoughts.

Stanleys started the turn with forward movements from Tigurius with Termis, Dreadnoughts and Rhinos. Ultramarines volleys of bolter rounds, lascannon shots, and missiles, but it seems didn't do any justice. I expected as much coming from a shooty army. I moved forward the Rhinos while Manaroth and Slaanesh DP flew forward to target the contesting Tac Squad in his deployment zone. Oblits purposefully moved to have a better firing position. Slaanesh DP attempted to Lash but roled double 12 and lose 1 wound. Kinda unfortunate cause I could Lash one Tac Squad towards Manaroth and he can flame them out with Winds of Chaos or charge them and simultaneously creates havoc and panic on the Ultramarines rear position. Oblits fired blanks and a bad turn one for me.

Turn 2, Stanley surged forward with his 1 Dreadnought and Tigurius with Termis. His shooting again was bad with lots of misses and I made good save rolls. He managed to wound one of the Oblits and the Slaasnesh DP though. I moved forward all of my troops and 1 Rhino with PM stayed back to cover the Vital objective. Manaroth and the wounded Slaanesh DP moved into assault position. At this point the Ultramarines started lose their ground. Tigurius and his Termis were wiped out with Plasma Cannon shots from the Oblits and the advancing Dreadnought was decimated by Meltagun shots from the PM. The rest of the turns saw most of his units and vehicles were cut down heavy fire from the Oblits and PMs. The MVP of this match was Manaroth himself. He went berserk in the Ultramarines rear position by wiping out 3 Tactical Squad and1 Devastator Squad before finally succumbed to heavy fire from the only remaining Devastator squad. In the end the forces of Chaos hold 3 objectives and a near total annihiliation for the Ultramarines.

2nd Round against Peter (Dawn of War, Capture & Control- objective with 1 Vital) Lost.

Special Rules: Night Fighting

Well most of you know his army list. I got TAed by Peter in this round, and that's all I can say about that..

3rd Round against Keh Win's Tau (Pitched Battle, Annihilation- objective with 1 Killpoint) Win.

Again battling a shooty army. Keh Win's positioned his army at the back end of his table edge to get a good firing line. The only option I have in this battle is to get him in assault mode. By 3rd turn, one of the PM squad and Manaroth are already locked in combat with the Tau leader Shadowsun. My Slaanesh DP was a disappointment, failed most of his armour saves, roll double 12 when to Lash and died caused by Perils of the Warp.

Tau are weak in close combat, but not in this battle. Shadowsun managed to tie down Manaroth and his PMs until turn 5 with good invul. saves. God only knows how frustrated I was.. At that point the game was tied at 4-4 killpoints. Deep in my center flank, another Tau commander deep strike and managed to kill 2 oblits only to be slaughtered later by another Oblits squad by plasma shots and power fist attacks. After finally killing Shadowsun, Manaroth again went berserk and slaughtered more fire warriors, adding more killpoints. The game ends on turn 7 which saw only 1 Tau Devilfish survivor,contesting the one vital killpoint. 7-5 killppints favoring me. By then I was super exhausted after nearly 8 hours of 40k goodness...only to recover after I was announced Spore Con 2009 Gamers Choice and seeing my wife's cheerful smile (after whole day of shopping) and also ate lots of chilli crabs at a halal Chinese restaurant. Special thanks to Legio Malaysia for sponsoring the awesome shirts and templates and making this event such a memorable 40k experience.

Watch out Spore Con 2010, I'm bringing my Cadian 7th into the fray..

Spore Con 2009

Its been a while since I posted anything on this blog, and a good way to start is to share some Spore Con moments. I had a blast of a time at Spore and it was a memorable experience indeed. We had 3 rounds of gruelling combat which I won 2 and lost 1, will explain later in the Bat Reps. To cap it up I was announced as the Gamers Choice for Spore which I bagged a trophy and a voucher from PI. Not bad for my first international tourney. Peter was crowned as the Best Overall Commander which saw Team Legio brought back two trophies. Ave Legio!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Battle Reports at Legio

After 2 weeks absent from Legio, my hand were itching to roll them dices! I played 2 games with a new Chaos list (supposedly for Spore Con..) with good results. Below are the bat reps.

Chaos Army List 1750pts

DP with LoS, Wing, MoS
Typhus (goin to be replaced with a DP as above)
4 Terminators with 3 Combi Melta, Heavy Flamer, Chainfist
10x Noise Marines with A.Champion, Doom Siren, Power Sword, 9x Sonic Blaster, Personal Icon
10x Plague Marines with A.Champion, Power Fist, 2x Meltagun, Personal Icon
2x Rhinos
3x Obliterator
3x Obliterator

Against Arzmi (Daemon Hunters) Siege Ground, Spearhead (Win)

The games started with 3 objectives placed at center of the battlefield. Arzmi fielded 3 Land Raiders (crazy..), a Grandmaster, Stern, 3 squads of power armoured Grey Knigts with Justicars for every squad. He won the roll of and decided to go first,by deploying all to cover the objectives. I deployed within 12' of the center table with Rhinos (with troops), Vindicator behind Rhinos for cover save, DP and a squad of Oblits. The rest were reserved for deep striking. Attempted to sieze I,but failed.

1st turn action saw all my Rhinos were destroyed by Arzmi's accurate lascannon shots and my troops are now exposed, and things are not looking to good. Few NM felled to LR Crusader's Heavy Bolters and A.Cannon. I moved my PM forward to target his LR Crusader bound with a Grey Knight squad and a Grandmaster. NM moved back to get into cover, DP hid himself from LRs firing range and Oblits slowly advanced. Oblits lascannon shots didn't even dent an incoming LR on the left flank. PM meltagun shots obliterated the LR Crusader, exposing the GM and his GKs. Vindicator shot annihilated the GKs, leaving the GM alone.

2nd turn mostly about assault. GM, Stern and a GKs squad surged forward to target the PMs. More NMs felled to LR shots leaving only 4. Lascannon shots crippled the Vindi demo. cannon and the ensuing phase saw my PMs were assaulted by the enraged Grey Knights. Surprisingly my PMs managed to hold them off and even wounding the GM down to 1 wound. My turn saw the oblits deep striked to target the unladen LR at center flank and managed to destroy it. DP flew to assist the battered PMs. The other Oblits advanced to target the LR on the left flank and again missed. DP assaulted the GKs to avoid Stern, and again my PMs managed to hold leaving only the slimy A.Champion. DP was instantly banished back to the warp by Stern before taking down few GKs with him.

The following turns, the PM is finally killed by the GKs, only to face 3 Oblits, a Squad of NM and the finally arrived Terminators with Typhus. The GKs were completedly annihilated by plasma, doom siren, heavy flamer and bolter shots. The LR on the left flank was a wrecked thanks to Multi Melta shots from the Oblits and also forcing the remaining GK squad to disembark. Later on, the remaining GK assaulted the advanced Oblits and were completely obliterated with combination of P.Fist and Plasma Gun shots. 1 objective was secured and an unholy victory for Chaos!!

Against Rizal (Dark Eldar) Annihilation, Spearhead (Win)

This is the first time I've played against a Dark Eldar force and also Rizal for that matter. I'm not quite familiar with DE's wargears and arsenals, but I can tell that the Combat Drugs and Dark Lances are a nuissance and can really distrupt your army. His Wyches and Archon are a piece of work as well. The only problem that his forces have tons of kill points (guessing around 19..) which was unfavorable for him and all the more enticing for me, hehe. Anyways the game went on with me killing most of his transport with Dark Lances (Ravagers i think..) Archon, Wyches and many more. What the Dark Eldars lacks in armour, they compensate with powerful assault capabilities which saw my 1 Oblits squad, Typhus with Terminators were all killed by turn 3. The funny thing was, Typhus with attached Termis failed leadership, ran and was caught up and destroyed, sob..sob... The Vindicator was also destroyed contributing nothing in this battle. But the highlight of the game was my DP successfully made 5 invul saves consecutively from lance shots AND an Obliterator failed his 2+ armour saves from splinter cannon shots (how ironic..) The game ends with 13-5 kill points, favoring me.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cadian 7th 'Lucky Seven'

I've decided to deviate from Chaos (for the time being..) to the Emperor's Hammer and Fist, the Imperial Guard! Yup that's right, with the new IG codex which is scheduled to be realeased in May, I've started painting a Leman Russ and a platoon of Cadians. Don't want to splurge too much until they release the codex with new IG minis selection..

My army will be loosely based on the Cadian 7th 'Lucky Seven' Division, entrusted to protect the Fotress World of Kasr Holn which is part of the Cadian System. During the 13th Black Crusade, Kasr Holn had suffered incursions from Chaos forces mainly daemonic entities and the 7th was at the forefront and successfully defended Kasr Holn. With that they were also known as 'daemon killers'. I've yet to figure out which tactics I'm using to for the 7th until I got my hands on the codex. Currently I'm thinking an Armoured Company force (3 leman russ, 2 medusa, 2 executioner..scary..) For Slaa...I mean Emperor!!

Cadian 7th Division

LRBT 2, 7th Armoured Division

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Season 2 League Recap

Its been a great Season 2 for me, as I finished at 4th place overall. I played 9 games with 5 Wins 3 Lose and 1 Draw (last 2 games I won against Nazrin and drew with Syameal). The list with 2 LR indeed a formidable force to be reckon with and I wouldn't mind dishing it out again in coming battles.

The list worked against most armies but crucial planning and placing will determine the survivability and achieving objectives. I'm looking forward for the Marksmanship small tourney and I'm sure most defeated armies would love to exact revenge on me. And I'm looking forward to it...HAIL SLAANESH!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Season 2 League - Game 6 & 7

Sorry Bloggy, I've been neglecting you..I played a few more league games and here's to sum up some of the results.

Game 6 with Jo - Capture & Control, Spearhead (Loss)

I've never recorded a loss against Blood Angels before, the excellent record was shattered by Jo. I was really hoping for a win to strengthen my position in the league. It seems carelessness and rules overlooked that caused the most damage. Jo, you broke my heart man...Anyways here's the report:

Jo won the rolloff and deployed all his forces in the middle with his Vindicator, 2 Baal Preds, a squad of bikes with Multimelta, DC squad and loads of A.Squads led by Dante. 1 assault squad hanging back to protect his objective and also a Drop pod with 5 man Tac.Squad in reserve. Seeing his forces all deployed in the middle, I opted for a shooting position and deployed my forces right at the end of my table edge and 1 squad of NM in reserve. This was to get out of range from his Demolisher Cannon. I realised that this tactic was a wrong move indeed.

To sum up this game would have the other way around should it continue to turn 6, due to my LR with a squad of NM, was not on time to reach his objective in his deployment. To the south flank, Dante and few remaining A.Squad, would have been lashed by the DP and shot down by my other LR. Oh well, u win some u lose some..

Game 7 with Iz - Siege Ground, Pitched Battle (Loss)

I never seem to learn my lesson of assaulting Feel No Pain troops and in this game my Slaanesh forces was basically food for the Orks. Iz, famously known with his terrorizing Nob bikers proved to be more than a match for the forces of Slaanesh.

But I did managed to strecthed Iz up to turn 5, and it could have been a draw as well since both holding one objective each. Well luck seem to favor the Orks and the game went on to turn 6. Nob bikers crushed the NMs guarding the objective ending my hope for a draw. It could've been a TA too if it wasn't for one surviving LR contesting for an objective at the NortWest quadrant of the table.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Poor Butterfly...

I was wondering if Liverpool really wanted to win the Premier League..I just don't know. BBC reports.

Season 2 League - Game 5

Game 4 with Iqbal – Annihilation (8-0), Dawn of War (Win)

Iqbal's Raven Guard has a high concentration of Scouts and some are reserved for outflanking. Obviously for all RG army, they are led by the infamous Captain Shrike. His troops consists of Assaults Squads with Jumpacks, a Dreadnought, Tac. Squad with Rhino and a Vindicator kept in reserve. I got to go first and as usual for DoW deployment, I didn't deploy anything on the table. Not knowing where I'm going to deploy, Shrike with A.Squads infiltrated deep in my deployment zone, inside a dense jungle. 2 units of Scouts deployed behind a bunker in his deployment zone and a Scout squad deployed in jungle facing my right flank.

All of my forces came in with a LR and a squad of NM on the left flank to surround Shrike and his troops. The rest are positioned on the right flank. It seems to me that Iqbal made a mistake deploying Shrike in the jungle and my Doom Siren took care of his troops, leaving Shrike gravely wounded. DP lashed the Scouts in the jungle, placing them in the open and plasma cannons took care of the rest.

Iqbal forces came in with his Dreadnought, A.Squads on his right and a Rhino on the left flank. Shrike, attempting to avenge his dead comrades, charged the NM squad in front of the LR. He felt before taking down four NMs with him. 3 kill points scored.

The rest of the turns are basically a slaughter for the RG. All of his advancing/outflanking troops are either killed by Doom Siren shots or were charged and slaughtered by the DP and NMs. Iqbal's Tac. Squad managed to wound my Dp down to 1, but reinforcements from the left managed to saw off those pesky T.Squad.

His Vindicator (in turn 4, I think..) finally came in as Iqbal forgot to roll for reserve and attempted to shot down my entrenched Oblits but was well out of range. It was destroyed later by my Oblits lascannons. By then I've scored enough kill points to secure a win and game ends on turn 5. Another big blow for the forces of the False Emperor!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Season 2 League - Game 4

Game 4 with Khairul – Siege Ground, Dawn of War (Win)

This game was against Khairul's Eldar of Altansar. I have always loathed going into battle with these treacherous aliens with their Doom, Guide, Holofield and etc crap. This battle was more of shooting gallery rather than assaulting (didn't go into assault phase at all!). We basically exchanged fire and that was it.

Khairul got to deploy first, placing his Rangers behind a hill and a Wave Serpent carrying a Farseer and Dire Avengers. I've decided not to deploy anything and all of my forces will come later in the second turn.

Turn 2
Khairul's forces came into the fray with 2 Falcons transporting Eldrad with Banshees and Fire Dragons, and also a squadron of 3 War Walkers with Scatter Lasers. Brightlance with Pulse laser shots on my LR but no damage done (sighing relief..)

I moved forward with 1 LR, deploying a NM squad, and my DP towards the entrenched Rangers. The lure of Slaanesh are to tempting for them as they were lashed and moved closer into Doom Siren range. The rangers were decimated (1 scoring unit down). The other LR did their part, caused 'Shaken' on Falcon A, nullified his B.Lance. Things are looking good so far..

Turn 3
The 'shaken' Falcon A fled back closer to the W. Walkers (I'm not sure why he did that..). Falcon B's B.Lance shots coupled with Pulse Lasers killed 2 Oblits. 24 Scatter Lasers shots targeting the exposed NM unit, only managed to kill 2 NM! Slaanesh must be smiling indeed..

The exposed NM squad embarked in the LR while the LR pivoted and aimed its visible broadside lascannon on Falcon B, to avenged the 2 dead Oblits. The Falcon exploded killing 2 Fire Dragons at the same time. The remaining Oblit killed 2 more F.Dragons with its P.Cannon. The other LR shot at Falcon A causing a 'Stun' result'..oh well..moving on.

Turn 4
The Wave Serpent moved cautiously towards my deployement and the W.Walkers aiming its S.Laser on the sole Oblit and was obliterated. Nothing much he can do at this juncture

I moved my LR backwards to cover the other objective. At this point I'm controlling 2 objectives and confident of winning.

Turn 5
Falcon and Wave Serpent moved closer. W. Walkers also moved to target anything within their fire range

Land Raiders shot the incoming Falcon but only managed to get 'Shaken' result. Damn holofields...I moved my DP upfront as bait just in case the continues to Turn 6..and it did..

Turn 6

Things were beginning to look ugly. Khairul deployed his Dire Avengers and Farseer from the Falcon to cover the open objective, while the Falcon advanced to block my LR on the left flank. The wave serpent descended right in front of my scoring NM, deploying his Banshees and Eldrad. Few pistol shots on the scoring unit, but only 2 killed. Dire Avengers shot my DP but caused only 1 wound. But the S.Lasers finished him off right after. At least he took the bait..

I moved my scoring unit towards the Banshees and Eldrad but still maitaining coherency within the objective. The LR next to it deployed its fresh NM squad, targeting Eldrad and Banshees. Doom Siren and bolter shots finished them off. The game was still favoring me until it continued to Turn 7..arghhhh!!

Turn 7

Khairul didn't waste any time and moved his Falcon to contest the objective next to my lone NM on the hill. His Wave Serpent moved full speed to cover the other objective next to the LR. I realised at this point he made a few mistakes. Instead of targeting the lone NM, the Dire Avengers targeted the fresh NM squad, and 3 left standing (A.Champion survived). At this point he's controlling 1 objective and destined for the win.

But luck seems to favor me. I moved my LR on the right flank at cruising speed towards the Dire Avengers gun line, deploying with what ever left of the NM squad. The 3 remaining NM moved forward into Doom Siren range. The Dire Avengers could not stand a chance against 2 D.Siren attacks and were eliminated thus losing control of the objective. The LR on the left flank, pivoted and target the Falcon contesting on the hill. 1 lascannon and heavy bolter penetrating shots destroyed the Falcon resulting the lone scoring NM gaining back the objective. It was a close shave, but a much needed victory for the Children Slaanesh!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Codex Imperial Guard

The new IG Codex is on its way indefinitely and with lots of firepower upgrades especially with the Leman Russ tank variant. Apparently the latest IG summary sheet was accidentally released by GW France. One of the confirmed rumors, Leman Russ Punisher's gatling punisher: R: 24 S:5 AP:- Heavy 20 (where are those orks??!!). Read all about it in BOLS.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Plague Marines

After a stint with Peter's Chaos army, I found out that Plague Marines are a formidable force to be reckon with. This is due to their ultra resilient nature (T5 and Feel No Pain). I can't help myself to create a new 1500 pts Chaos Army. It's an Iron Warriors tenet but with a Nurgle flavor to it. Check it out:

Warsmith Faizal 'Perturabo's Hammer': Terminator Armour, MoN, Deathbringer 165pts

Faizal's Chosen: 4x Terminators, P.Fist, C.Fist, Heavy Flamer 150pts

Plague Squad 1: 9x PMs, A.Champion, P.Fist, 2x Meltagun, Rhino 302pts
Plague Squad 2: 9x PMs, A.Champion, P.Fist, 2x Meltagun, Rhino 302pts

3x Obliterators
3x Obliterators
Vindicator: Dozer Blade

Total: 1499pts
Killpoints: 9
Scoring: 2

I'm still experimenting with this list and I'll devise a proper strategy soon. For now I'm concentrating with my Slaanesh army. Btw, I've finished painting a squad of Plague Marines and will post it later. Check out Goatboy's easy Plague Marine painting technique.

Awards for Season 1 40k League

Photos taken during Season 1 Award nite.
Peter, Season 1 League Champion. Me (in pink, hehe, go figure) with Best Sportsmanship award
Best Army Appearance - AzlanFanatic Award - Shazli

My Slaaneshi Queen

The love of my life..Thank you for being such an understanding wife with my crazy hobby, I could not have wished for a better life partner, I love you so much..

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Season 2 League - Game 3

Game 3 with Shazli – Annihilation 14-0, Pitched Battle (Win)

This game was a total massacre for Shazli’s Ultramarines, and I’ve never won a game with such magnitude (14 Kill points). Too bad I didn't take any photos. I won the roll-off and decided to go first. I deployed all of my forces, and entrenched my Oblits and a squad of NM behind a hill on my right flank for cover saves. The rest of my forces on the left flank advanced forward for the kill. Highlight of the game when his drop pod with Sternguards landed on the hill where my Oblits and NM were entrenched, but managed to kill only a single Oblit. His left flank with Land Speeders trying to shoot down my Oblits but I got lucky with my armor saves.

On the right flank, my forces were doing exceptionally well, gaining kill points by killing off his scouts, chaplain, assault squads, attack bike, etc.. I felt pity for Shaz as his dice roles were horrible, imagine demolisher cannon scoring a hit on my LR but with 2D6 roles of 1 and 3!

On the left flank, his sternguards on the hill were decimated and my Oblits managed to destroy one of his land speeders. By then I have enough kill points to secure a win and at the same time didn’t suffer any losses. But with Shaz’s Astartes iron will, still fought on till the very end. In the end, only a single combat squad left on his right flank above a hill. A crushing victory for the Children of Slaanesh!

Season 2 League - Game 2

Game 2 with Chang – Siege Ground (3 Objectives), Dawn of War (Win)

Chang’s IG army with 14 lascannons! No vehicles but pure Infiltrating footsloggers. Again the deployment was DoW, but it worked well for me as it nullifies most of his troops infiltrating capability. 2 objectives was in my deployment quadrant and 1 objective near his deployment. Arrogantly I, deployed 1squad of NM and my DP in the middle of the table, in front of Chang’s gun line, hoping to inflict maximum carnage in the first turn. Well they did killed off a few guardsmen but the rest at the back were waiting with their plasma guns, flamers, lascannons…the DP and squad of NM were annihilated, in the first turn. I will never underestimate these Emperor’s lapdogs ever again.

I took a safer approach in the coming turns by going to ‘shooty’ mode rather than charge the IG’s blindly. I disembarked all my NM’s to cover the objectives. Obliterators are on spot with their plasma cannons, inflicting a lot casualty for Chang’s IG. LR’s also scored lots of kills, preventing his IG’s advance at the same time. Sadly Chang’s lascannons hardly killed anything, due to misses and poor LoS, The game ends with me holding 2 objectives. A solid victory for the Children of Slaanesh!

Season 2 League - Game 1

Game 1 with Peter – Capture & Control, Dawn of War (Loss)

His army was really a tough nut to crack. He’s using Abadon and accompanying him a DP with Wings and LoS ,6 Oblits and 2 squads of Plague Marines. Peter placed his objective marker right in the middle of the table and mine behind a bunker, deep in my deployment zone. Not that I’m complaining but I’m still figuring out how to strategize my army with DoW deployment.

My first turn, instead deploying all my troops, I selected my DP and a squad of NM for deployment, immediately run my NM to cover the objective. Peter deployed all his Rhino mounted PMs, Abadon and DP near his objective. My LR’s and Oblits came in the second turn, and attempt to shoot down Peter’s Rhino but all missed. Peter deep striked 2 obliterators squad in front of my LR and managed to destroy one LR. Things started to going down hill from that point on. He moved his Rhinos at full speed towards my remaining LR and deployed all his PMs. Few meltagun shots on the LR but no damage done. Abadon and the DP moved forward towards my NM covering the objective.

The third turn will show how tough the PMs are. I moved my surviving LR at cruising speed towards the PM’s line and deployed my NM. Survivors from the wrecked LR moved forward toward the PMs ignoring the Oblits. Doom Siren shots engulfed the PMs but managed to kill only a few. (Feel No Pain mahh). Foolishly, I assaulted the PMs and the NMs fate were sealed at that point. All of the NM were annihilated. Abadon, living up to its terror reputation killed off all the NM contesting for the objective. By then my remaining LR was destroyed from the PM’s meltagun shots and my DP flew to contest his objective in the middle but Peter’s DP and PM’s managed to see him off in the 6th turn. It was a total annihilation against the Children of Slaanesh!

Lesson learned for this match:

1) Avoid assaulting the PMs. Instead, shoot down his Rhino transport capability to slow them down.
2) I have 2 LR’s and can out maneuver him easily by taking off his Oblits first with help from DP’s lash ability.
3) As for Abadon, well I’m not on the verge of facing him in combat and the best way is to stay away as far as I can.

Next time Peter, next time…


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