Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Legio Birthday Bash and Golden Kris Competition

Another awesome event by Legio Malaysia! Kudos to Jeff and Azlan for their superb effort in making this event such a success. Perhaps in the future, Legio can make this an international event and I'm sure our brothers in S'pore would like to join as well, especially the Golden Kris painting competition. Played 5 rounds of CP battles with 2wins, a draw and 2 losses (am too lazy to do Bat Rep writeup..). Plus awesome models on display and clearly my favorite was Khairul's Eldrad, he truly deserved his award (must be the orange Anyways congrats to all the winners for the CP and Golden Kris competition. The Golden Kris really motivated me to paint better and proved there other ways of winning in a 40k competition rather concentrate on bashing your opponents to dust. I've posted some photos for your pleasure..Ave Legio! Oh, almost forgot bout the video montage! Great stuff Jeff!

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