Saturday, November 28, 2009

Heavy Bolter Justice

With no hobby nite and no dice rolls action this week, I sidetracked a bit from my BL Project and did some simple IG conversions . See that guy up there? Its Sergeant Deric Sorin of the Tanith regiment (count as Gunnery Sergeant Harker) and he will lead a Tanith Vet Squad into battle. Good thing bout this guy, he confers Infiltrate, Stealth and Move thru Cover. Meaning his squad can Outflank, get at least 3+ cover saves if in cover and 3D6 move thru difficult terrain. Furthermore this guy got Feel No Pain (just for him) and Relentlessly carrying a Heavy Bolter. Awesome!! He fits perfectly among the Tanith's with their stealth and infiltration tactics. Can't wait to see this guy in action.

On the conversion, the torso and leg are Cadian sprues, the arms and head from Catachans, the Heavy Bolter conversions from the Leman Russ Tank sprues.

Painting also wasn't that complicated. Base coated with Chaos Black. Pant's Catachan Green with a highlight of Gnarloc Green. Body armor Graveyard Earth and wash of Scorched Brown. The H.Bolter with Boltgun Metal and highlight of Codex Grey. The face and arms are a bit detailed however. I started with Bronze Flesh and wash it with a watered down Dark Flesh. Then a thin layer of Dwarf Flesh and then a highlight of Elf Flesh. And for the finale, dipped with Minwax Golden Oak (works all the time hehe..) and that's it! Simple and saves me at least RM 60 from buying the Sergeant Harker model. Benissimo!

Now, to get back to my Black Legion Berzekers, which I've managed to finished only 3 berzerkers this week rather than my original target of 10. Laters..


  1. 3 out of the planned 10..same as you, I'm also way below initial target..

    it's kinda weird isn't it, to have a week without any dice-rolling at all..hahaha :D

  2. @Vuel: yeah kinda weird actually, hands been itching to roll them dices! yep, i'm way below target, nih sebab training la, sampai 3 hari!

  3. Cool conversion dude! Nice to see some different hobby projects on yer blog...

  4. thanks bro, come to think of it, i should post my other completed hobby projects, like my Cadians

  5. nice work ... i like that you used the Leman Russ heavy bolter - looks nice and huge, and the ammo box certainly adds to it ... and of course, the mandatory MinWax :)

  6. thanks bro, still, i want to get the real Sergeant Harker mini, model tu cun gile.



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