Saturday, November 28, 2009

Heavy Bolter Justice

With no hobby nite and no dice rolls action this week, I sidetracked a bit from my BL Project and did some simple IG conversions . See that guy up there? Its Sergeant Deric Sorin of the Tanith regiment (count as Gunnery Sergeant Harker) and he will lead a Tanith Vet Squad into battle. Good thing bout this guy, he confers Infiltrate, Stealth and Move thru Cover. Meaning his squad can Outflank, get at least 3+ cover saves if in cover and 3D6 move thru difficult terrain. Furthermore this guy got Feel No Pain (just for him) and Relentlessly carrying a Heavy Bolter. Awesome!! He fits perfectly among the Tanith's with their stealth and infiltration tactics. Can't wait to see this guy in action.

On the conversion, the torso and leg are Cadian sprues, the arms and head from Catachans, the Heavy Bolter conversions from the Leman Russ Tank sprues.

Painting also wasn't that complicated. Base coated with Chaos Black. Pant's Catachan Green with a highlight of Gnarloc Green. Body armor Graveyard Earth and wash of Scorched Brown. The H.Bolter with Boltgun Metal and highlight of Codex Grey. The face and arms are a bit detailed however. I started with Bronze Flesh and wash it with a watered down Dark Flesh. Then a thin layer of Dwarf Flesh and then a highlight of Elf Flesh. And for the finale, dipped with Minwax Golden Oak (works all the time hehe..) and that's it! Simple and saves me at least RM 60 from buying the Sergeant Harker model. Benissimo!

Now, to get back to my Black Legion Berzekers, which I've managed to finished only 3 berzerkers this week rather than my original target of 10. Laters..

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hobby Nite - 20th Nov

Another great hobby nite at Legio. I came in a bit late but just in time for the Legio Members meeting. Had a healthy dose of ideas from the members towards progressing Legio as a leading hobby club in Malaysia such as Doubles format tournament, Iron Painter competition, Market Garden campaign for Flames of War, just to name a few. 2010 will be an eventful year for Legio, I guarantee it. Jeff will post the minutes of meeting at the Legio website soon and you can catch what were dished out at the discussion table. All I can say it will be great year ahead and there's no better time to be part of this awesome hobby club.

After the discussion, had a round of 40k with Dann's formidable Eldar with my new Black Legion army list. It was SG mission with Spearhead deployment. It was a tight game which I won by 1 objective. Khorne Berzerkers are awesome, they managed to destroy and wrecked a Falcon and Fire Prism even with their cursed holofields! A great start for Abadon's forces. Other dice rolls actions, Cityfight battle between Subhan's Daemons and Lan's Brandenburg in which the Brandenburg emerged victorius and later Subhan's White Scars overrun Shazli's Ultramarines. Arzmi's Daemonhunters defeated Red Eye's White Scars and tarpits battle between Khairul's Saim Hann and Ivan's Nurgle Common Cold, not sure who won but I think the Saim Hann did. Lastly it was IG (Nahri's Bradenburg usurpers, lol, very funny lan) vs IG (Lan's Bradenburg), not sure who won that coz I left before the game ended. Oh, Soo Jinn and Kong was there too, playing Infinity, not sure what was the game like since too busy battling with Dann.

Later Arzmi, Khairul, Iqbal, Subhan and myself reconvened at the famous mamak stop for some unhealthy food and drinks. Another great hobby nite, can't wait till next week. Ciao!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Black Legion Update

As I've mentioned before, I've finished painting 3 BL Terminators and a Terminator Sorcerer. I find it quite easy to paint with black color scheme and to make the black stands out, a highlight of Codex Grey on the armor edges. Finally few brushes of Minwax Golden Oak on the skulls, tusk, horns and other visible crevices. Check out below:

Abadon's Infernal Justaerins

Archon the Vile, Sorcerer Lord

Next I will be working on my 10 Berzerkers and hope to finish them by end of next week. It will be the same black color scheme but with some red elements to signify their Khornate allegiance. I'm goin to play test this army probably this coming Legio hobby nite. Laters..

Monday, November 16, 2009

Legio 40k Tourney - Aftermath of the Inquisition Wars

Legio 40k Tourney - The inquisition Wars

Wow!! That was a great event by Legio. Cool t-shirts, complimentary super cool measuring device and great looking crowds and also armies. That is what Legio tourney is all about, the best there is! Congrats to all the winners and participants for making this tourney an eventful one.
How did I do in the tourney? Well, I won 2 and lost 1 and scored above average for both appearance and sportsmanship, ended up at 9th placing. I'm really happy with the appearance scores (thanks and this really a motivation to take my paintings to a higher plane.

My Cadian 7th performed well in the tourney but my Manticore was a let down. Maybe I've not mustered the tactics to utilise it, but the rest of the Cadians performed well nonetheless. First round was against Xian's gun line Imperial Guard which I won, LUCKILY, for the battle ended at turn 5 with a Vet squad with 5 men left holding the objective at the center table. What was left, a damaged Executioner and a Battle Canonless Leman Russ.

Second round, against Spore Con 2009 Overall Champion, Tsui with his beautiful and deadly Space Wolves army. I lost badly this round but it was a fun game nonetheless. My dice rolls were abysmal with bad pen rolls and leadership tests. But the highlight of the game when a single meltagun shot from my Stormtroopers managed to explode a Land Raider Redeemer. Living Lightning was nightmare, most of my Chimeras got wrecked due to that wretched psychic power. The Manticore however, survived till the end with not a single damage done on the Space Wolves, how pathetic! It was a near total annihilation on the Cadians.

Third round, the Cadian 7th returned with a superb win after that woeful encounter with the Space Wolves. This round was against Nik Kamal's Eldar. A Kill Point game, my Executioner performed well this round, killing most of his ground troops including Prince Yriel. Veterans picked off Wave serpents and Falcons with precised Meltagun shots. The battle ends at turn 6 with 8 to 5 kill points favoring the Cadians.

I was exhausted after the 3rd round. We proceeded to the prize ceremony (go to Legio's Website for the list of winners and rankings) and then headed to nearby mamak near Oldtown for gossiping session, hehe..which then I realised I've missed Asar prayer..hmmm. But it was a great event indeed and can't wait for the next Legio tourney. AVE LEGIO!!

For pics check out this links--- Wong's Inquisitorial Outpost and Lan's Spunkybass

Season 3 League and moving forward

I've ended up 3rd place for Season 3 league and automatically qualified for the finals on December 5th. I thought Jo going to dethroned me last Friday, eventhough he managed to win a game but not enough points for 3rd placing. Anyhow, the 4th player will be the determined after the Marksman tournament which is on November 28th. I wonder who'll make it thru this time? Whatever it is, the Cadian 7th fears no one (well maybe the Orks, lol..) and ready for battle. For the Emperor!!

Moving forward, after the League finals, my Cadians will get a deserved long break and I'm reactivating my long stalled Black Legion project. I've finished painting 3 BL Terminators so far (see below) and will proceed to finish 10 BL Berzerkers by next week. Maybe after that, I'll start work on Abadon, and yes he will lead my Black Legion. For my Slaanesh, I need to finish up on the cardboard Land Raider with chaos ornaments and other decoratives. Chaos can't be denied! Death to the False Emperor!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Legio 40k Tourney

Its 2 days away and my Cadian 7th are prep up and ready for battle! Azlan will be coming down with his Bradenburg so that makes 2 IG armies from Legio (not that I know of any other IG player from Legio, perhaps Iz but he'll be fielding his orks). Its goin to be fierce, its goin to be bloody and I'm sure the Singaporeans contigents are going to bring the heat as well. During Spore I didn't got the chance to battle with most of them and I and relish the opportunity in this coming tourney.
Anyways the Cadian 7th performed exceptionally well in the league thus far with 6 wins and 1 loss. But the tourney list will be slightly different from the league as I've added more firepower, in the version of a coverted Manticore (see below) .I hope it can do much damage in coming tournament. For the Emperor!!

After the league and Legio tourney, the Cadian 7th will be off duty for awhile and I'm going back to my Chaos roots by tidying up my Slaanesh army and finish up my Black Legion project. Also I'm starting a Vampire Count army soon, will explain more later.


Remember this?

The Manticore!!


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