Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cadian 7th In Action - against White Scars

This will be the first battle report for my Cadian 7th IG. I had mixed results from previous engagements with 1 win and 1 lost (both against Subhans's Chaos Daemons) and also a draw against Iqbal's Raven Guard. I had a round with Subhan's White Scar's yesterday and boy how I nearly lost the game, which ended up draw. Army list below:

Cadian 7th (1747pts)
Commander Faizal Sani - Plasma Pistol, Carapace Armour
4x Veterans - 2 Plasma, 1 Meltagun, Vox

Senior Officer Amru - Boltgun
4x Veterans - 2 Plasma, 2 Meltagun, Vox

Infantry Platoon
Al Rahem
4x Veterans - 3x Meltagun, Flamer, Vox, Chimera
30x Infantrymen (combined) - 3 Meltaguns, 3 Power Weapon
Commisar Viktor Hark - Power Weapon

10x Tanith Vets - 3x Meltagun, Vox, Chimera
10x Tanith Vets - 3x Meltagun, Vox, Chimera

Valkyrie (Mortis) - Multiple Rocket Pods, Heavy Bolter

Leman Russ Demolisher (Annihilator) - Sponson Plasma Cannon
Leman Russ (Wrath of Holn) - Sponson Heavy Bolter, Lascannon hull
Leman Russ (Kedah's Pride) - Sponson Heavy Bolter

All units are kept in reserve and ready to out flank. Al Rahem and his troops including the Valkyrie (with 10 Vets) will out flank. The rest will come from reserve. 2 Astropaths will make outflanking and reserve unit enters early with 2+ reserve roll.

Han's White Scar army list if remembered correctly, Korsaro Khan, Chaplain, 7x A. Terminators with LC and 2 TH in Land Raider Crusader. 2x Scout squad (5x each), 1x Tactical Squad in Rhino (5x men) with Plasma Gun and Power Fist, Vindicator, 2x Pred (Lascannon and Sponson Lascannon) with Chronus.

Mission: Siege Ground - 3 Objectives, Pitched Battle. Result - draw

Terrain was fairly open with 4 big hills on all flanks and some ruins located at the centre table. Since my unit are all in reserve, Han proceed to deploy all of his forces, with heavy concentration on 1 objective on his right flank. A scout unit infiltrated to cover 1 objective on a hill deep in his deployment. I've created a story format rather than standard battle report. Well here goes:

The Cadians and their Tanith allies entered the battlefield except for the Valkyrie and the Wrath of Holn. Commisar Hark ordered the Infantry platoon to outflank the incoming land raider. Al Rahem and his Vets entered on the other side of the battlefield to grab the objective held by the marine scouts. Faizal's Command Squad alongside a Tanith Veteran squad came out from hiding to assist the brave guardsmen. The Annihilator positioned itself on the slopes of a small hill and Kedah's Pride kept a vigilant distance to make full use of its deadlybattle cannon. Meltagun shots and a blast from the Annihilator's Demolisher cannon only disabled the mighty Land Raider. Volleys of multilaser shots from the Tanith Chimera crippled the White Scar's Vindicator Demolisher Cannon and Kedah's Pride battle cannon overshot and create a huge crater behind the White Scar's position. Commisar Hark rallied his platoons to face the impeding horrors that coming out of the Land Raider...

With a great warshout, Korsaro Khan and his Terminators emerged from the Land Raider and charged the guardsmen. If it not for Hark's zeal and leadership the entire platoon would have flee. Lightning Claws and Thunder Hammers clashed with lasgun bayonets and knifes. They fought like warrior poets. Hark and his brave guardsmen fought till the very end...Chronus's Predator targeted all its laser cannons towards Kedah's Pride and destroyed it. The Annihilator's crew suffered a temporary blackout after a las cannon shot shook the old Leman Russ's hull.

All hopes were not lost when Commander Faizal ordered Senior Officer Amru to disembarked from the Chimera to stop Korsaro and his Terminators. It seems suicidal but that was the only way to decelerate their advance. The Land Raider was obliterated by a precised meltagun shot from Amru's crew. Seeing the incoming threat, the Taniths change their course and positioned themselves behind a hill to target Korsaro. This was to bought time, nothing more. In the centre flank, Wrath of Holn finally arrived. Its battle cannon roared and destroyed one enemy predator to bits. In the northern quadrant, Al Rahem surged forward towards the objective held by the scouts, guns ready. Out of a sudden, a woooshh super sonic sound deafens the environment. The Valkyrie 'skimmers' over them like a fiery phoenix and spew out its lethal load. The Tanith's Veteran immediately unload torrential volleys of death at the scouts. Meltagun and lasgun shots cut the marine scouts to pieces.

On the left flank Korsaro with this Terminators rampaged through the Cadian Command Squad. Lightning Claws fed on human gore and limbs. Senior officer Amru fought valiantly and finally succumbed to a Thunder Hammer blow to the head. Enraged at the death of his Senior Officer, Faizal disembarked from his command vehicle and shouted obscenity at Korsaro. Meanwhile, the Tanith attempted to outflank the White Scars with lasgun shots and melta. Storm shields and the bulky ceramite plasteel of a Terminator armour made a mockery of such shots. Korsaro, enraged of the obscenity thrown at him, directed his Terminators to engaged Faizal and his Veterans. It was over in five minutes, Faizal only after 25 Lightning Claw lashes, succumbed to his wound and fell. Seeing their leader killed in such a brutal manner, the Tanith's swore revenge and would deny the Space Marines their price. Shouting, 'Men of Tanith, do you want to live forever!!'. With a thunderous roar, they charged into the meatgrinder that awaits them. Korsaro, with a silent whisper, 'they are truly warriors of the emperor'. None of the Tanith's survived.

The final hour approaches as times running out for both forces. Korsaro directed his Tactical Squad to engaged Al Rahem on the northern region. Al Rahem and his Veterans were holding the important objective, grabbed from the scouts while Korsaro's forces held one objective deep in their deployment zone. A Rhino transport surged forward towards Al Rahem. Chronus provided backup fire, targeting at Rahem's Chimera and managed to destroy it, killing 3 Veterans at the same time. Al Rahem, dazed from the explosion emerged unscathed and prepared for the coming onslaught. Suddenly a battle cannon roared and hit the incoming Rhino. Surprised, Rahem immediately Vox in on an open channel, inquiring who has fired. "It is the Wrath of Holn sir, bless the Emperor you're still alive" replied the tank commander. The Rhino was a wreck and 3 marines appeared from the wreckage. Bolter and plasma shots killed Al Rahem's remaining veteran. Renewed with combat vigor, Al Rahem unholstered his plasma pistol and shot at the Space Marines. One was bathed in white plasma fire and died. Without hesitation, Al Rahem unsheathed his power sword and charged. The two remaining Space Marines was hacked to death, limb to limb.

Sighing relief of surviving, but the objective held by him previously has been compromised and had to be abandoned. The only solution to prevent the White Scars from escaping the system with the precious objective, Al Rahem, ordered the remaining Tanith in the Valkyrie to infiltrate the enemy's deployment zone and destroy the objective. An order he regret to give. But the Taniths have the courage of steel and without saying a word they embarked on the Valkyrie and flew straight into the lions den. Al Rahem could see from afar the Valkyrie was shot down, fearing the worst that the Taniths had died for nothing. As he prepared to move out, a low hiss coming from his Vox "Ca..p.tain...o..b.jective accompl....ttztztztztztztztzzztt.." and followed by a noise which he can't make out.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Legio Birthday Bash and Golden Kris Competition

Another awesome event by Legio Malaysia! Kudos to Jeff and Azlan for their superb effort in making this event such a success. Perhaps in the future, Legio can make this an international event and I'm sure our brothers in S'pore would like to join as well, especially the Golden Kris painting competition. Played 5 rounds of CP battles with 2wins, a draw and 2 losses (am too lazy to do Bat Rep writeup..). Plus awesome models on display and clearly my favorite was Khairul's Eldrad, he truly deserved his award (must be the orange Anyways congrats to all the winners for the CP and Golden Kris competition. The Golden Kris really motivated me to paint better and proved there other ways of winning in a 40k competition rather concentrate on bashing your opponents to dust. I've posted some photos for your pleasure..Ave Legio! Oh, almost forgot bout the video montage! Great stuff Jeff!


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