Wednesday, December 9, 2009

IG Army List Calculator

For you IG players, I found this cool Excel IG army list calculator from Warseer. Check it out at this link Basically it'll allow you to calculate your desired army list, minus the hassle of refering to the IG Codex for point cost. This excel format can be utilise for other codices, as long you are willing to create a new formula and input for that specific codex. It's pretty intuitive, check it out.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Black Legion Obliterators

I just finished with this 2 Oblits. Nothing fancy, just a standard Black Legion color scheme. Again, Minwax's always to the rescue. Check it out below.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Arenxis Campaign: Defeat at Dunnkyrc & "Kindred"

The Imperium was defeated at Dunnkyrc! The attempt to evacuate the Supreme Commander of Arenxis and her adjuntant was foiled. A daring assasination attempt from Chaos Terminators of the World Eaters, teleported in front of the Commander and her Eldar escorts. The Supreme Commander was reduced to molten goo as she was obliterated by a meltagun blast. That's good enough to warrant a victory for the Forces of Chaos. Sigh..All I need a 3+ cover save for her and I failed. Sorry guys..At least the Imperium can find solace with the death of Lord Minthras, the mighty leader of the Unclean. Check out some photos I took using my camera phone at

Although the Imperium was defeated, it was a great campagin nonetheless. Great thanks to Azlan for planning and organizing this awesome and diabolical campaign. Also thanks to all participants who make this campaign a success. All the tauntings, postings, strategies and dice roll actions were memorable indeed. Can't wait for the next one. Lord General Faizal will return. Ave Legio!!

For the Kindred tourney, the Son of Alpharius, Iqbal, will be my evil Chaos partner and together we will slaughter any other weakling kindreds for the Glory of Chaos! Chaos can't be denied!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Slow week to Hobby Nite and "Kindred"

I'm in a rut this week, no hobby done what so ever. Maybe too much workload hence I'm just not in the mood to paint, convert or what ever. My hands have been itching to roll them dices after 2 weeks of no gaming. Can't wait for this coming hobby nite! The evacuation of Arenxis Minoris. The Cadian 7th will see it done. For the Emperor!!

Now, on the doubles tournament Kindred, which is the brainchild of Legio members Arzmi and Khairul. It will be held in March 2010 after the Iron Painter (February 2010) competition. Please check out the rulepacks at the Legio website (Kindred banner). A 2 person team format tournament which each are allocated 500pts per person. This will be the first such event ever in Legio's history and it will incorporate the Legio Hobby Tournament (LHT). The LHT emphasized on the hobby aspect of Warhammer 40k and encourage its participants to show their hobby enthusiasm during such event. The good thing about the LHT is the introduction of Best General trophy for players who scored the highest point regardless of his army appearance (must be to a minimum standard). Meaning if your painting like crap but scored the highest battle points, you got yourself the Best Generals trophy! I can't wait for the tourney. I'll be fielding my Chaos Black Legion for Kindred, anybody interested to pair up? Preferable Chaos or forces of Disorder.



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