Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Legio Tourney - Slaanesh or Cadian 7th?

I'm still contemplating whether to use my Cadian 7th or my Slaanesh Warhost for the coming tournament. I've created a fluffy 1750 Slaanesh list but yet to test it out since too busy with the campaign, league and what not. Well here goes:

Daemon Prince with MoS, LoS and Wings - 155pts
Daemon Prince with MoS, LoS and Wings - 155pts

6x Chosen with 3 meltaguns, Flamer, Rhino- 178pts

6x NM with A.Champion, Doom Siren, P.Weapon and 5x Sonic Blaster - 190pts
6x NM with A.Champion, Doom Siren, P.Weapon and 5x Sonic Blaster - 190pts
6x NM with A.Champion, Doom Siren, Rhino - 185pts

3x Obliterator - 225pts

Land Raider with Extra Armour - 235pts
Land Raider with Extra Armour - 235pts

Total Points: 1748.

Quite brittle army list and careful plannings/tactics are needed due to low resources. But that's where lies the fun! I had experience with 2 land raiders Slaanesh army during the 2nd Season Legio League and it was a force to be reckoned with. The DPs with LoS to attract vulnerable units to Doom Siren range and assault them since they are I 6. The Chosen will be the surprise element with their ability to outflank and pop enemy tanks with melta (Iqbal's idea). 2 units of NM are to embark into the Land Raider and surge forward or take up defensive position. The other NM in Rhino are to contest or grab objectives. Finally Oblits will provide heavy fire support or acts as a surprise attack with their deep strike capability.

What is this?

What am I building now? Come this Friday and you'll see..

Monday, October 12, 2009

Arenxis Campaign - Week 2

All goes well for the Cadian 7th as they reclaimed the Hubris Spaceport from the nurgle cohorts, the Unclean. Had an awesome battle with Jeff, and I tell you his army was tough and his lesser daemons are a scary bunch (WS 4 I4 A2, maybe it can work with my Slaanesh army, to consider..) especially against IG. The battle was fought on a City Fight terrain table and cover save are abundance. But the Cadian 7th Armour's awesome fire power prevailed nonetheless. For full report on the Arenxis Campaign, read all about it at the Legio website.

Also Jeff posted the second issue of Aquila News Network and personally I think it was awesome work! Kudos to Jeff! Go and check it out.

Cadian 7th Armour mobilized for battle

I will be facing the Orks next week to defend the Hubris Spaceport. The Cadian 7th will not fail! For the Emperor!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Arenxis Minoris Campagin

Wow, its been awhile since I've updated anything on this blog. Well as most Legio 40k enthusiast know, the Arenxis Campaign is ongoing at the moment with me being the faction leader for the Forces of Order. Not a good start for the good guys as we lost all the spaceport during the 1st week of the campaign. This week the Imperium will return with a vengeance and to claim back all lost spaceports and expand our territory at the same time. I have a score to settle with the Chaos faction leader Lord Minthras aka Jeff and his nurgle minions. The Cadian 7th has been unleashed and only one will come out thriumphant. For the Emperor.

Meanwhile, I've finish painting and dippede at least 90% of all my Cadian 7th Armour ( see below) For me, it looks awesome once dipped in Minwax's Golden Oak and a few sprays of Tamiya Flat. (Thanks to Jeff for the awesome idea) So what do you guys think?


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