Saturday, November 16, 2013

Grave Guards: Legio Throwdown Special Entry

I've completed the first batch of my Grave Guard for the said entry. As similar to my Iron Warriors painting scheme, I maintaned that dark mood color scheme to reflect the Grave Guard's aging and rustic armor. The blue shimmering tones on the eyes to reflect the baleful energy within the wights and magical weaponary in which they can inflict killing blow on any enemy they encounter. I'm not too sure on the banner though since this is the first time I painted such details on a banner. Enjoy the pics below and appreciate your comments. See you guys in the next post.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Terrain Building: Ruined Temple

Hi all, I got side tracked a bit from my Legio Throwdown project by building a simple ruined temple. As mentioned in the previous post I'm kinda interested in building terrains again after reading the old but invaluable "How to make wargames terrain" book by Nigel Stillman. I've already started with the foundation in the last post and the end result as per the pics below. I laid in some ameoba shape tiles by using cardboards within the ruin and  flocked sands in the outer perimeter of the ruin with PVA glue. That's it! And the paint job did the rest.

It was easy to build, cost me almost nothing and yet the end result is amazing. All you need is some corrugated cardboards, slightly thick cardboards for the tiles, ready mixed filler, pva glue and sands for flocking. Most households have these items or you could just go and buy them, its dirt cheap.

I will post more on my terrain projects as I'm planning to build more soon. For now this will accompany my Crypt Ghouls in the Throwdown event this Friday. That's it for now, laters..

Monday, October 28, 2013

Crypt Ghouls 2nd Batch

Just finished these last night and I'm good for the first Legio Throwdown core entry. Pics per below.

I'm building a simple scenery which is a ruin temple to compliment all my VC entries. Any of you guys remember the "How to make Wargames Terrains" by Nigel Stillman way back in 1996? Well, I still have that book and reading it again revived my interest in building terrains. Maybe a wargame table. For now I'm starting slowly with the ruin temple per below.

The base and the ruin itself was made out of corrugated cardboard. The white residue you see on the terrain is actually water mixed plaster powder to cover the gaps of the cardboard. I'm going to get a ready made filler which is much simpler to use and less messy than the plaster powder. I will write more in the next post. Till then, laters...

Monday, October 21, 2013

Crypt Ghouls: Legio Throwdown Core Entry


Here's the first batch for my Vampire Counts Legio Throwdown Core entry. In actual, I already have a completely painted VC army but to my surprise, I still have many unpainted VC miniatures up to a point I can build another army. So for the Throwdown I'm fielding a 2000 points Ghoul themed army starting with the Ghouls in the pics below. The first batch is complete and I'm moving on to the second batch soon.

Normally, I would opted the easy way by painting flesh colors, and simply dip the minis in Minwax to get that instant wash effect. But this time I'm ditching the Minwax and went traditional. For the main Ghoul body, I started with Abadon Black as base, then Ungor Flesh for the second layer. Then a light drybrush of Ulthuan Grey and moved on to a heavy wash of Reikland Flesh Shade. After the wash dried up, a highlight of Ungor Flesh and further highlight of Screaming Skull to finish.

2nd batch
Seeing my limited hobby time nowadays, the quick painting scheme above does provide me ample time for me to finish the Ghouls quickly, hopefully. I've started the layering of Ungor Flesh on the second batch and aiming to finish by this week before the Force Recon tourney at Hobby Forge. I'm planning to throw in a scenery or terrain as well to compliment the Ghouls during the Throwdown if time permits. That's my update so far, I'll see you guys in the next post. Laters.....

Friday, February 22, 2013

Iron Warriors Legion Terminators

I managed this about a week ago but was not in time for the Legio Throwdown. Did a few conversions on them using SM Terminators, coupled with my old metal CSM Terminators bits, Warriors of Chaos heads and the ever important green stuff. Enjoy the pics below.

For my IW project, I'm stopping here for now. My next target would be the Obliterators but Fantasy is suddenly picking up steam again in our hobby locale here, so I guess I'm going back to my Vampire Counts and finish up what I had left off about a year ago. See you in the next post.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sons of Perturabo

So many updates these past 5 months I don't even know where to begin. For now I will post with what I've done so far and work backwards from there on. Well, I've started a new project and the post title is self evident; Iron Warriors Legion!

I'm always fascinated with the IWs and even though they turned traitor, IMO, they still maintain the legion hierarchy and structure and their Primarch, Perturabo, still lives though now a Daemon Prince. Their heavy reliance on wargear and technology over the powers of the warp and siege warfare tactics made even more interested to this project.

I have tons of Warriors of Chaos parts from my previous pre heresy Space Wolves project and I'm applying the same concept for my IW project. I prefer my IW CSM to be a notch higher than your regular Space Marine. So I painstakingly converted every single model to reflect this effort. Parts and bits used for conversion,as follows:

Warrior of Chaos, Space Marine bits, CSM bits, Necron Warriors, and copious of Green Stuff for the fur cloaks.

I'll the picture do the talking per below. These are the Troops entry for Legio Throwdown event which my club, Legio, currently conducting. Checkout our Legio blog for more details.  Enjoy the pics and appreciate your comments guys.


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