Sunday, December 6, 2009

Arenxis Campaign: Defeat at Dunnkyrc & "Kindred"

The Imperium was defeated at Dunnkyrc! The attempt to evacuate the Supreme Commander of Arenxis and her adjuntant was foiled. A daring assasination attempt from Chaos Terminators of the World Eaters, teleported in front of the Commander and her Eldar escorts. The Supreme Commander was reduced to molten goo as she was obliterated by a meltagun blast. That's good enough to warrant a victory for the Forces of Chaos. Sigh..All I need a 3+ cover save for her and I failed. Sorry guys..At least the Imperium can find solace with the death of Lord Minthras, the mighty leader of the Unclean. Check out some photos I took using my camera phone at

Although the Imperium was defeated, it was a great campagin nonetheless. Great thanks to Azlan for planning and organizing this awesome and diabolical campaign. Also thanks to all participants who make this campaign a success. All the tauntings, postings, strategies and dice roll actions were memorable indeed. Can't wait for the next one. Lord General Faizal will return. Ave Legio!!

For the Kindred tourney, the Son of Alpharius, Iqbal, will be my evil Chaos partner and together we will slaughter any other weakling kindreds for the Glory of Chaos! Chaos can't be denied!


  1. It has been a tough campaign bro. Sorry about the last minute ditch. Couldn't run away from life duties.

    But it has been an honor serving under you.

    and good luck for Kindred :)

  2. yes it was indeed. A great Eldar ally u were, cept for the time u ditched me to go to the harlequin circus! lol, kiddin bro..

  3. Your armies, people, and memory have been crushed. Chaos Ascendant! Bwaaahahahahaa!!!

    Anyway, nice campaign dude. It was a blast, even when you crushed me... ;)



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