Sunday, December 19, 2010

40k Winter Tournament Bangkok - Aftermath

Awesome tournament and great times indeed! Game face on, put on my sacred Legio T-shirt and I'm ready for war! I played quite well, even though I've not been playing 40k for months. I fielded my Space Wolves for the tourney and they performed superbly. Oh yeah, my Space Wolves is fully painted but I haven't really post any pictures yet, will do so later. For now, here's a quick report of what happen in the tourney yesterday.

My Space Wolves tactics is simple, assault and more assault.

Wolf Lord-T.Armor, T.Hammer, Wolftooth Necklace,Saga of the Bear),
4x Wolf Guard-4x T.Armor, 2 C.Melta, 2 Storm Shield, Chainfist, Frost Axe, T. Hammer
8x Blood Claws - Power Fist
1x Wolf Guard - Power Fist
8 Grey Hunters - Meltagun
Fast Attack
5x Thunder Wolves - 5x S.Shield, T.Hammer
Dedicated Transport
Land Raider Redeemer - Multimelta
Drop pod

Total 1500 points

With no long range fire power, my tactics will be harassing the enemy line if possible by turn 1. The Wolf Lord was attached with the Blood Claws and embarked in the Land Raider to assault the enemy ASAP supported by the seemingly indestructible Thunder Wolves. Wolf Guard terminators will drop behind the enemy line to disrupt any vehicle threats or create a diversion and finally the Grey Hunters to sweep up any remaining enemy units with bolter fire and claim objectives. I have to be careful due to the limited resources, and placing and positioning was crucial especially in the first mission, objectives.

First Mission - Objectives, vs Orks. Won
My first was opponent was Zohar from Israel, fielding his massive foot slogging Ork army. Basically the table was divided into 6 deployment zones and and the winner of the roll off, rolls 3D6. Zohar won the roll off and roll D6s of 2,3 and 6 deployment zone. So i got to deploy on zone 1,4,5. One objective placed in each deployment zone. I deployed my L.Raider and the Thunderwolves behind a ruin to on the right flank of the table. The L.Raider with the embarked Wolf Lord, Blood claws smashed the first wave of Ork offensive and the Thunder Wolves outflanked them on the left. The Grey Hunters and the Wolf Guards were running a hit and run mission on the left flank of the table to contest objectives.

I won the game by 3-1 on objectives with most of the Orks being completely wiped out. It was a great round, Thunderwolves rocks!

Second Mission - Killpoint, vs Blood Angels. Won
This game was basically a bloodbath for the Blood Angels lol. The Thunderwolves and the Blood Claws with the Wolf Lord rampaged throughout the game killing marines, Rhinos, Baal Predators. I won 8 kill points and my opponent Bobby gutted 4. Whoever win this round, got D3 Orbital Bombardment for the final round. I rolled a D3 and got 1 O.B.

Third Mission - Objectives, vs Dark Eldar. Lost
This is the final round of the tourney. I was facing Nicky and his new Dark Eldars. Boy, they're different now, faster and more punishing weapons. This round we have to claim objectives. Table was divided half, 3 objectives were placed, one in each deployment zone and one objective at the center table and can only be claimed by troop choice units. The trick was, once the objective is claimed, the enemy who wished to grab the objective must killed the troop unit who's claiming the objective or drive them off. And you don't have to be within 3' of the objective to contest. Sounds weird but there lie the challenge. Nicky seized initiative and shot my L.Raider to bits with his Dark Lances. Not a good start for me. My Thunderwolves advanced after shots of Dark Lances, splinter rifles, shots from Helions. In the meantime Nicky touched his objectives within his deployment and I claimed the middle objective and in my deployment zone with the Wolf Lord and Blood Claws. Orbital Bombardment decimated one squad of Helions and the Thunderwolves engaged a Squad of Helions and Kabalite Warriors. Time was running out as the fate of the battle lies within the center table with the Wolf Lord and his Blood Claws facing an Archon, Haemonculus with his Wyches and Wracks. The Wolf Lord and his Blood Claws fought valiantly but finally beaten and the D.Eldars claimed the objective and the game ended in turn 4 due to time restriction. It would've been different if the game went on to turn 5 as the Thunderwolves destroyed the remaining helions and kabalites and they're free to move and engaged the D.E in the middle. Also a squad of Grey Hunters is still alive and will be able to claim the middle objective. Alas, the game ended and it was a nail biting conclusion. Great game indeed from a great opponent!

Nicky (in the picture below) won the tourney, good job bro! I finished second, got a trophy (trophy stays in the shop..hehe) with a unit of Grave Guards. All I can say it was a great tourney, great crowd and I'm proud of representing Legio here in Bangkok. Now to go home and assemble them Grave Guards, weeeeee!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Some updates here.

Vampire Counts

Not much progress so far, as usual blaming on work and study. I've only managed to paint a few zombies but I'm nearly finish. That's what happen when you have like 130+ models to paint. 20 Ghouls, 10 Grave Guards and 2 Vampire Heroes, then I'm all done. My VC project should be completed by end of December 2010, hopefully. (Why I got the feeling Jeff is going to outpace me with his Beastmen project..)

Also I had few games with my VC so far and I'm loving it. I think VC is still formidable in the 8th edition environment. Had a lengthy 2000 point game with Bobby's VC last weekend , a S&D regular, and it was a blast! I only managed a draw though, but all I can say 30 Grave Guards(Great Weapon, Banner of Barrows) with a Combat Vampire(BSB) and supported by a Corpse Cart (Miasma of Pestilence)bound with a Necromancer (Vanhels Danse Macabre) and Vampire Lord with Helm of Commandment, they basically rampaged throughout the game, killing 30 Grave Guards and almost 40 Crypt Ghouls with a Vampire Hero, and yet they survived till the end of the game! That's a stuff of legends right there.

Tournaments , Bangkok

As you can see in the ad above, Slice & Dice will be hosting a 40k Tournament in December, woohoooo!! I haven't been playing 40k for awhile, more like months, and this tournament will be a great refresher! Finally my Space Wolves can see some real action. And my good friend Nicky is returning to Bangkok with his new Dark Eldar army I presumed. My Frost blade hungers for some Dark Eldar blood! I'm really looking forward to this tournament. Check out this link for the tourney gory details, Slice & Dice 40k Winter Tournament.

Till then, laters...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cometh the Undead - Progress of House Corvinus 2

Further updates from my VC's progress. Finally I finished up with the Grave Guards plus a combat vampire using Vlad's model.

Initially I had only 10 GGs but with a bit of imagination and extra sprues, managed to get 20 in the form of freshly resurrected GGs. This is temporary while waiting my shipment from Maelstrom but I think it looked decent and playable. Also I flocked the movement trays with grass to match their bases.

My combat vampire, Carugarul Corvinus the Bloody. Spent a few hours on this bloke but I think it turned out nicely. I just love the Vlad von Carstein model and honestly I think is the best looking vampire from Citadel. Mostly Chaos Black and Boltgun Metal for the armor with a wash of 1:1 Scorched Brown and Chaos Black. The highlights of Codex Grey on the black portion and Boltgun Metal on the the metals. For the spectral cape, base of Chaos Black and wash of Warlock purple. Continued with a light layer of Warlock purple. Then highlights of 1:1 Warlock Purple and Skull White and further highlight of Skull White on the spectral faces. And finally a light Minwax treament to bring out the face portion of the model.

Enjoy the pics and will post with more updates soon. Till then laters..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cometh the Undead - Grave Guards, Corpse Cart

Hi guys, finally I can do some hobbying after a month of assignments, projects, finals and blah blah..Seriously working and doing your Masters at the same time is beeeeaaatcchhh! Just got no time to hobby. Well I did some gaming at Slice & Dice and recently we had huge Warhammer game (i think it was like 15000 points per side..) but more on that later. I got a window of 1 week before my second term starts and frankly I have to finish my VC project, pronto! I think got to resort to a mini iron painter method to finish up. Well here's some of my recent progress from 2 days ago which are the Corpse Cart and some Grave Guards.

Grave guards are pretty easy with Bleached Bone, well on the bones, Boltgun Metals on the armor, some Dwarf Bronze on thier crests and helms, Blood Red on the cloths. Then the obvious Minwax dip with the matt spray after drying, finito!

For the Corpse Cart I have to put in a little effort on it. For the zombies first a basecoat of Bronze flesh, then heavy wash of Dark Flesh and highlights of Elf Flesh before dipping. This is to bring out some of that fleshy zombie vigour. Well I kinda like how it turned out. The wooden portion of the cart, base coat of Graveyard Earth and wash of Scorched Brown. Then the other obvious parts like the wheel and axle with Boltgun Metal and the dip will do the rest.

Thats my update so far. I think I will post some of the pictures of my gaming here in Bangkok in the next post. Good luck to you all participating on the Ghemeehal Legio Tourney, another great Legio event I can't attend, sigh..till then laters..

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cometh the Undead - Zombies

We all the new Fantasy BRB provided wealth of history, backgrounds and even painting and converting miniatures. If your flip the pages in the Fantasy BRB, you'll find the 'kit bashing' part in the converting your mini's section. That's what I did with my zombie unit. I maximized whatever sprues I have to make a unit of 40 zombies from a kit for 20. Take a peek below.

I started piling up all the sprues I can use such as tombstones, heads and hands, as if the Zombies were freshly animated or exhumes from their graves. I think its cost saving and it also add some drama to the zombie units.

Then I base painted everything before dipping. One think I hate about painting zombies because there are lots of colors that need to be use or the zombies will look dull. Well at least that's what I thought because I want my zombie unit to look vibrant but maintaining the dead image at the same time. Below are the dipped zombies before giving the matt finish.

Below some of the completed zombies for my VC. It's pretty simple and cost saving at the same time. I'm going back to Malaysia next week for Hari Raya, and will be paying Legio Malaysia a visit on 17th Sept. Hope some of you Legio regulars are there for a game or two. Hopefully I've enough space in my baggage to put at least one army for gaming. Probably I'll bring my Space Wolves, well I just don't know yet. Till then laters...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

For Cadia, For the Emperor! Part 1

A slight deviation from my VC progress. All this while I've been talking about my Cadian 7th and their exploits but never really showcase any of the models except a few pictures from various blog posts. My army list was based on the Mechanised Battalion regime, meaning usage of Veteran troops in Chimeras supported by Leman Russ tanks and Vendetta air support. For this part I will show the vehicles portion of the Cadian 7th. Well to all of you IG nutters, here goes.

Cadian 7th Mechanised Batallion

Well that's it folks. The next posting will feature the Cadian 7th command and it's troops. Laters..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cometh the Undead - Progress of House Corvinus

The House Corvinus will be the fluff for my Vampire Counts. Rather than stick to the von Carstein family tree I decided to branch out a bit, and it's actually based on the legends of Vlad III the Impaler. Progress for my VC army have been very slow due to work and pursuing my MBA at the same time. In addition to that, it is Ramadan now and I'm not really focused on hobbying too much in this holy month. I've set a timeline until 30th September to have a fully painted VC army but I doubt whether I can finish by the dateline. Nevertheless I did set a moderate timing for my hobbying and completed a small portion of my VC forces.

All painted models got the Minwax treatment, and some in need of matt finish to get rid of the gloss. Again all were painted base color and no shading, wash or highlight except for the Dire Wolves. The skin portion were painted Bronze Flesh and with a slightly heavy wash of Dark Flesh before dipping, to have that decayed skin effect.

As above, I'm good for 2000 points at the moment (Corpse Cart proxied as Black Coach). Yet I still need 10 Grave Guards, a Black Coach and Vargulf to have a nice 2250 point list. There will be a huge Fantasy game at Slice and Dice on 29th August to commomerate S&D first year anniversary. It will be a battle between 2 Generals which I have to pledge my forces to either one's banner. It's more of a Apoc Fantasy version and I'm sure it's going to be huge and awesome! Win from S&D actually built a castle from scratch for the battle and it looked amazing even at construction phase. A baptism of fire for House Corvinus should that day be the first day of shedding (and drinking) blood in the Warhammer realm. From Sylvania with love, laters..

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fast Painting Skeletons

My VC army will have tons of Ghouls and Skelies and to paint them nicely could and can be a daunting task indeed. A while back I've used the Minwax tecnique, made famous by Legio Malaysia co-founder, Jeff Brooks. It worked like a charm for my Cadian 7th and I think it will work well with VC since they emphasises on flesh and bone color tones. I've finished the first batch skeletons and I think it look fantastic and battle ready. Take a look below.

All of the skelies are base color painted and no wash or shading whatsoever. The bones are painted Bleach Bone, Blood Red for their banners, Boltgun Metal for spears, armor and helmets and Snake Bite Leather and Scorched Brown for their cloths and scabbards. Sands and flocks of grass for the bases. Once finished, I simply dipped them in the Wax, just like a fondue. It even worked nicely on the bases too, as the recesses of the Wax will eventually flows down towards the sands and grasses. Once dipped, leave it to dry for at least 8 hours. Once dried it will something like in the picture above. It will have a glossy effect due to Wax. To counter this you can use Tamiya Flat Spray TS-80. I'm working on the ghouls as well and will post more pics once it's done. Gotta love the Wax! Laters..

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For Russ and The Allfather - Part 2

I've finished painting the Land Raider. I've found an old Rhino somewhere in my sprue junks. I did some repairs on it and resulted in a nice and also free Rhino transport for my Grey Hunters. I've added some snow effect on the vehicles too, just to depict the Space Wolves nature and snowy Fenrisian background. It also marked the presence of a Rune Priest whom had just conjured up a blizzard storm. Take a peek below (sorry for the picture quality as I'm using my Nokia E71 camera phone)

I'm working on a Thunderwolf conversion as you can see below. I'm planning to have 5 of them and obviously I could not afford to buy 5 Canis Wolfborn models. So I went to Toy's r Us and found a wolf looking toy (a lion actually) which was big enough for the Space Wolves model to ride on. I'm not sure how it will turn out but am hoping for a good result. Till then, laters...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cometh the Undead - First Batch

The first batch of my VC army has arrived and fully assembled. I've pre-ordered the new hard back Warhammer rulebook from Maelstrom, it should arrive in couple of weeks. I must say I'm pretty excited with the new VC army I'm building and the new Warhammer rules but 40k is still my main forte and will never lose sight on that.

Now, painting a VC army can be daunting especially skeletons and zombies and you need more of them with magics like Raise Dead, Invocation of Nehek and Summon Undead Horde. I'm imploring the idea of Minwax 'dipping method', since it worked like a charm for my Cadian 7th. A thought to consider.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

For Russ and The Allfather

I've vigorously started on my Space Wolves project, though there's still a long way to go. The biggest challenge are the Thunderwolves conversion which I've managed to complete only one, but more on that later. For now I'm concentrating on the backbone of the Sons of Russ legion such as the Grey Hunters and Wolf Guards. Check out some of the finished minis below.

For the Grey Hunter armor, I started with a base coat of Shadow Grey. Then a wash of 1:1:1 Shadow Grey, Chaos Black and Scorched Brown unto the armor joints and crevices. Then highlights of 1:1 Shadow Grey and Space Wolves Grey on the armor edges. Its pretty simplistic and looks good enough for gaming.

The Wolf Guard terminators were slightly different however. I liked to maintain that elite stature of the WG and decided to paint most of their armor black. Now, some might go against this since black would directly represents the Wolf Priests. To counter that, I've added the standard Shadow Grey on other parts of the WGs armor. The black portion was further highlighted with Codex Grey.

I'm currently working on the Land Raider Redeemer, will post more pics once completed. Till then laters..


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