Sunday, May 10, 2009

Battle Reports at Legio

After 2 weeks absent from Legio, my hand were itching to roll them dices! I played 2 games with a new Chaos list (supposedly for Spore Con..) with good results. Below are the bat reps.

Chaos Army List 1750pts

DP with LoS, Wing, MoS
Typhus (goin to be replaced with a DP as above)
4 Terminators with 3 Combi Melta, Heavy Flamer, Chainfist
10x Noise Marines with A.Champion, Doom Siren, Power Sword, 9x Sonic Blaster, Personal Icon
10x Plague Marines with A.Champion, Power Fist, 2x Meltagun, Personal Icon
2x Rhinos
3x Obliterator
3x Obliterator

Against Arzmi (Daemon Hunters) Siege Ground, Spearhead (Win)

The games started with 3 objectives placed at center of the battlefield. Arzmi fielded 3 Land Raiders (crazy..), a Grandmaster, Stern, 3 squads of power armoured Grey Knigts with Justicars for every squad. He won the roll of and decided to go first,by deploying all to cover the objectives. I deployed within 12' of the center table with Rhinos (with troops), Vindicator behind Rhinos for cover save, DP and a squad of Oblits. The rest were reserved for deep striking. Attempted to sieze I,but failed.

1st turn action saw all my Rhinos were destroyed by Arzmi's accurate lascannon shots and my troops are now exposed, and things are not looking to good. Few NM felled to LR Crusader's Heavy Bolters and A.Cannon. I moved my PM forward to target his LR Crusader bound with a Grey Knight squad and a Grandmaster. NM moved back to get into cover, DP hid himself from LRs firing range and Oblits slowly advanced. Oblits lascannon shots didn't even dent an incoming LR on the left flank. PM meltagun shots obliterated the LR Crusader, exposing the GM and his GKs. Vindicator shot annihilated the GKs, leaving the GM alone.

2nd turn mostly about assault. GM, Stern and a GKs squad surged forward to target the PMs. More NMs felled to LR shots leaving only 4. Lascannon shots crippled the Vindi demo. cannon and the ensuing phase saw my PMs were assaulted by the enraged Grey Knights. Surprisingly my PMs managed to hold them off and even wounding the GM down to 1 wound. My turn saw the oblits deep striked to target the unladen LR at center flank and managed to destroy it. DP flew to assist the battered PMs. The other Oblits advanced to target the LR on the left flank and again missed. DP assaulted the GKs to avoid Stern, and again my PMs managed to hold leaving only the slimy A.Champion. DP was instantly banished back to the warp by Stern before taking down few GKs with him.

The following turns, the PM is finally killed by the GKs, only to face 3 Oblits, a Squad of NM and the finally arrived Terminators with Typhus. The GKs were completedly annihilated by plasma, doom siren, heavy flamer and bolter shots. The LR on the left flank was a wrecked thanks to Multi Melta shots from the Oblits and also forcing the remaining GK squad to disembark. Later on, the remaining GK assaulted the advanced Oblits and were completely obliterated with combination of P.Fist and Plasma Gun shots. 1 objective was secured and an unholy victory for Chaos!!

Against Rizal (Dark Eldar) Annihilation, Spearhead (Win)

This is the first time I've played against a Dark Eldar force and also Rizal for that matter. I'm not quite familiar with DE's wargears and arsenals, but I can tell that the Combat Drugs and Dark Lances are a nuissance and can really distrupt your army. His Wyches and Archon are a piece of work as well. The only problem that his forces have tons of kill points (guessing around 19..) which was unfavorable for him and all the more enticing for me, hehe. Anyways the game went on with me killing most of his transport with Dark Lances (Ravagers i think..) Archon, Wyches and many more. What the Dark Eldars lacks in armour, they compensate with powerful assault capabilities which saw my 1 Oblits squad, Typhus with Terminators were all killed by turn 3. The funny thing was, Typhus with attached Termis failed leadership, ran and was caught up and destroyed, sob..sob... The Vindicator was also destroyed contributing nothing in this battle. But the highlight of the game was my DP successfully made 5 invul saves consecutively from lance shots AND an Obliterator failed his 2+ armour saves from splinter cannon shots (how ironic..) The game ends with 13-5 kill points, favoring me.


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