Thursday, November 17, 2011

40k Tournament, 10th Dec, Bangkok 2000 points (Battlefield Bangkok)

Hi guys! Sorry for the long hiatus but I'm slowly getting back to the hobby table. I've been doing some painting lately and will post more pictures soon. On another note, to all Malaysian gamers, 40k tournament in Bangkok! I know most (maybe all) of you won't be able to make it due to the short notification and the flood situation in Bangkok (don't worry, this side of Bangkok is not affected) as I just heard from the organizer a few days ago. But if you're interested, do drop by and have some 40k fun with the Bangkokians. This what I got so far from the organizer:

-2000 points
-3 rounds each (Swiss style presumably)
-Partially painted army
-Each round will be based on scenario
-No forge world
-All legal codices, Sisters of Battle based on White Dwarf. Also including the latest Necrons Codex.

- 500 baht (around RM 50) payable in advance. And it will be refunded on the day of the tournament (???) I guess its free as long you showed up. Need to clarify this with the organizer.

- 1st place winner will get the GW Dreadfleet board game
- Not sure on second place or third. Will get this clarified as well.

From what I see here, it's a pretty loose tournament with less ground rules and regulations like the ones we have here in Malaysia. The main reason here is to encourage new players to join in the fray as they are surge of new players here in Bangkok. Less emphasize on the hobby aspect and more on the gaming side from my point of view but it may be a worthwhile experience. I'm joining the tournament and who knows I might get the coveted Dreadfleet board game. From what I heard there are 7 slots left and I can forward the fee should any of you interested to join in. Again this must be on a first come first serve basis and ONLY you're totally sure if you wanted to play. If you're serious do send an email at so that I can inform the organizer immediately. I can also point up some affordable accommodations near Battlefield Bangkok. 

If you have any questions, post it in the comment section and I'll get you sorted out. Ok, that sums it up. Till then laters...

Friday, September 30, 2011

Good Tidings from Bangkok

Hi all, as of 27th September 2011, my wife successfully delivered our Triplets into the real world. The babies are slightly premature, being born only at 7 months but perfectly healthy. My wife is doing great and recovering from a C-Section operation and going to be discharged with a clean bill of health. The babies will be staying in the hospital for awhile until they are big enough to come home. Oh, our triplets consists of 1 boy followed by 2 girls. So I'd figured whoever came out first will be the elder sibling even though only a fraction of few minutes.

The babies names are:

1) Raees Aqeel bin Mohamad Faizal (boy)
2) Soraya Nuha binti Mohamad Faizal (girl)
3) Sophia Nadine binti Mohamad Faizal (girl)

I'm proud to say that I'm the first triplet dad among many of my relatives and friends. But with a big bundle comes great responsibility (and stress!!) so hope you guys can pray for our babies well being and wishing me luck as a first time daddy. I guess hobby and wargaming have to take a back seat for awhile and I'll try to post as soon as I have the time do so. Anyways enjoy all your hobbying and wargaming and I'm sure going to miss it for the time being. But hey I got better things to do now, raising the kids!

Till then laters...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Night Lords Revisited

I think I'm going a tad too fast with my Pre Heresy Space Wolves project and decided to take a break from it. Had a game with my BA based Night Lords army last weekend with a Dark Eldar army and they performed extremely well (will post a bat rep if I have the mood) But when I looked back at my Night Lords, I don't know, something was amiss. Then I realised I wasn't really happy with the paint job on some of the models particularly the Atramentar Terminators. They lacked 'drama' and looked dull. I know I was aiming only tabletop quality but it seems they're not up to the standards I'm looking for. So 'editing' the Termies are the logical thing to do.

Currently I don't have a representation of one of the Atramentar's champion, namely champion Malek. I had a spare unused Space Wolf Terminator and decided to use to represent Malek. As you can see in the picture below, he's wielding a Thunder Hammer as per the novel. I purposely made the model a dirty with snow dirt, scratched armor and grisly trophies and also appeared freshly killed a Blood Angel marine. I like how the base turned out for my SW project and decided to use for my NL as well.

Here are more pictures of the 'edited' Atramentars.

I've built and started painting another Talos model but this time without a Jump Pack. I've to tweaked my army list a bit after a few rounds and found out that he's more suitable leading the Atramentars rather flying around with the Raptors. The prospect of getting shot at and die early in the game compared to the rest of the NL doesn't really appeal since he's the prophet and all. So now he will lead the Atramentars aboard the Night Stalker (Storm Raven). Below is the current look after a heavy wash of Citadel washes. I will post more pics once I finish painting it.

So that's it from for now. To all Night Lords fans, Ave Dominus Nox!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vlka Fenryka - Wolf Guard Terminators

Right, after almost 2 weeks of Hari Raya celebration (though not so merry in Bangkok) and food gluttony, its time to get back to the gym and of course, HOBBY! As the tittle entails, it's the Wolf Guards turn this time. I managed to finish painting 3 WG couple of days ago. Check out the pics below.

This will be my Wolf Guard Terminator pack lead by Sigurd Wolfbane (the guy with the Thunder Hammer) For a 1000 points army, I'm fielding 4 of them as a bodyguard for Ulvuruth Longfang or for the Wolf Lord. I'll update more once I finished painting the remainder of the WG.

Sigurd Wolfbane

In the next post, I will continue with the Grey Hunters and one remaining WG. Well, I have nothing more to add. Comments are welcome. Till then laters..

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vlka Fenryka - More Updates

I'm having a blast with this project at the moment. Never realized converting minis could be quite exhilarating. So this is my update thus far.

This will be my second Grey Hunter squad, led by the Wolf Guard Asgeir Longspear, as per pics below. I managed to base coat it last nite and target to complete it by next week. I'm working on a Pre-Heresy Rhino as well for Asgeir and his boys.

Asgier Longspear

I did some conversion for a Pre-Heresy Terminator. Actually I'm not a fan of the antiquated Terminators broad shoulder pads but to capture that pre-heresy essence, I'm willing to accept. As per the pic below, my first trial run for a pre-heresy Space Wolves Terminator with a cyclone missile launcher. The shoulder pad are actually bendable cardboard including the parchment jutting below the shoulder pad. Added some green stuff for the fur at the top portion and a Havoc Launcher for the Cyclone Missile Launcher (apologies for the pic quality, used a camera phone) For me, it looks great so far and will update further once I finish painting it. That's it from me for now, till then laters..

Pre-Heresy Space Wolves Terminator

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vlka Fenryka - Ulvuruth Heoroth Longfang

I got this guy done few days ago. He will be the Rune Priest of Tra Company, known as Ulvuruth Heoroth Longfang as per the Prospero Burns novel. A Vlka Fenryka army would not be right without their 'gothi' or rune priest and this guy fits the bill perfectly. I'm not sure if did this guy pre-heresy enough but I'm satisfied with the result.

There's nothing really to it really, 90% of the model came from the Space Wolves bits. The staff however, I used the banner pole from the Chaos Warrior sprues and I attached Space Wolves icon or symbol, whatever you want to call it, so it looked like a gothi staff. Finally some green stuff for the fur.

The base was made of polystyrene, at first I want to use cork, but I got like tons of polystyrene from my store room so I ended up using that. So basically I cut it up to proportionate size, and base coat it with chaos black. Then drybrushed with codex grey and space wolves grey. Finally flocked it with snow. That's it people. Till then, laters..

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

40k Tournament - Bangkok

Heads up to all my fellow Malaysian wargamers! Battlefield Bangkok will be organizing a 40k Tournament sometime in late November. Some of you guys might be interested to fly down here and join in the carnage. The last tournament they had was totally awesome and the prizes were not bad as well (first prize: RM250 worth of store credit!) but the camaraderie you'll gain will definitely worth more!

I will post more updates once they furnish me with more information on the tournament. Rumor has it they might do a 2 days event of miniature wargaming goodness! In the meantime get those minis painted. Who knows you might be bringing it here for some 40k action! As for me, I will post more pre-heresy Space Wolves soon, been slacking off lately due to playing old PC games (Planescape: Torment is highly addictive!)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vlka Fenryka - Hakon Gudbrand's Pack Completed

I managed to finished my first pre-heresy Grey Hunters pack including the Rhino over the weekend and I must say, I'm totally happy with the result especially with the addition of the MK 1 Rhino. I love the snow so much,  I even sprinkled some on top of the Rhino, just to show that they're really in a snowy environment hence befitting the Fenrisians winter climate. This is Hakon Gudbrand's pack (my own fluff) of Tra Company (3rd Company) as per pics below;

Hakon Gudbrand

Hakon Gudbrand's Pack

This is only the beginning and I promise more pre-heresy goodness coming your way in the near future. In the meantime enjoy the pics and have a great week ahead. Laters..          

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vlka Fenryka - More Grey Hunters

Hi guys! As promised more updates on my Vlka Fenryka project. I managed to finish a few more Grey Hunters as per pics below.

What would be better than to have a pre-heresy Rhino to accompany your pre-heresy Astartes. I got this used Rhino cheaply from a ebay, so I bought a few since my pre-heresy Space Wolves would be pretty much mechanized. Will update more on this once I finish painting it. For now enjoy the pics and I will see you guys in the next post. Oh, to all my Muslim brothers, may you have a blessed Ramadan Mubarak.  Laters..

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vlka Fenryka - First Grey Hunter

This is the first Grey Hunter for my pre-heresy Space Wolves or the Vlka Fenryka. It took me the whole day to finish this guy (while working from home)and frankly I love the result. I mentioned before that I used Chaos Warriors, Space Wolves bits plus some green stuff for my conversion and this model is no exception. The only thing I would like to improve is my sculpting especially the fur and the mantle. I'm taking my time with this project so I'm in no hurry to finish. I've posted pictures below, comments are welcome.

I will start on the second model soon, well not too soon. Till then, laters..

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Battle Report: Night Lords vs Black Legion

Had a round of 40k last Saturday at Battlefield Bangkok. It's been awhile since I roll them dices, and with the newly painted Night Lords army, it's high time I get back in the field. I was up against a cool player, Ram, with his Black Legion Army. The mission was Capture and Control and DoW deployment. Below are the 1750 pts army lists for both army.

Ram's Black Legion

Daemon Prince, with MoT and Warptime
Chaos Lord, Terminator Armor, MoT, Daemon Weapon

10 Chosen with 4 Flamers, Lightning Claws, MoT, Rhino
3 Terminators, Bolter, P.Weapon
7 Plaguemarines, P.Fist, 2 Plasma Gun, Rhino
10 CSM, MoK, P.Fist, Flamer, Rhino

Heavy Support
Land Raider

Night Lord's 10th Company (BA Codex)

Reclusiarch, Infernus Pistol (Exalted
Librarian, Jump Pack (Ruven)

5 A. Terminators (Atramentar), 2 TH and SS, Land Raider (Storm's Eye) with M.Melta
Sanguinary Priest, Jump Pack (Talos)

10 Tactical Marines, P.Fist, M.Gun, M.Melta, Rhino (Seventh Claw)
6 Assault Marines, P.Fist, Infernus Pistol (Raptors, Bleeding Eyes)
8 Death Company, 2 P.Weapon, P.Fist (First Claw)

Fast Attack
Baal Predator with F.Cannon H.Flamer (Fury of Nostramo)

Storm Raven, plasma cannon, twinlinked m.melta (Night Stalker)

It was a game well dominated by the Night Lords, obtaining the 2 objectives from the Black Legion at the end of the game. Below is the battle report with a bit of narrative to it. My apologies for the quality of the photos, I didn't have decent camera with me so the camera phone was the only option.


"Mortal, status report, now!" barked the Exalted. Quiver in fear the adjutant responded "We..we are orbiting Punaviti GX1 now lord, the tenth planet of the Banqchaq system. Bu..but we may have a problem. My scan...."abruptly cut off by the Exalted " What problem!? Speak damn you!" ordered the Exalted. "My scan sweep showed a portion of Astartes, strength, already made p..pla..planet fall, lord. Our imagery scan identified the Astartes as the Black Legion" confirmed the adjutant. So, Ruven's clairvoyance was correct indeed, they wanted the gene seeds too, thought the Exalted. "Inform all Claws to make ready for planetfall" ordered the Exalted, without pointing at anyone. "I will lead the attack. Atramentars, to me". Perhaps there's some sport in this trip after all, grinned the Exalted.

The Night Lords 10th company emerged from the ruined town outskirts. Seventh Claw immediately proceed to cover the objective on the left flank, protected by a man made hill. The Land Raider, Storm's Eye, transporting the Atramentars surged forward to meet the Black Legion but was halted as Storm's Eye hit a tank trap and was immobilized. The Bleeding Eyes followed closely behind the Land Raider and they were led by Talos and Ruven. "Night Stalker" with the Exalted and First Claw onboard, flew forward in an attempt to outflank the Black Legion in their own deployment zone on the right flank.

The Black Legion advanced with its Plague Marines quickly covering the objective located behind a church in their deployment zone, supported by a Defiler and a squad of Chaos Marines. The Daemon Prince flew forward, taking cover behind a nearby ruin. A vindicator cruised forward, using the city ruins to cover itself, attempting to engage the Night Lords in the middle of the battlefield. A Black Legion Lord with its Terminator retinue teleported deep inside the Night Lords zone, targeting the vulnerable Seventh Claw. Its Land Raider however suffered an immobilized result, putting it directly in front of Storm's Eye line of sight. The Terminators opened fire on the Seventh Claw Rhino but merely scratched the ancient vehicle. Lascannon shots from the BL Land Raider on Storm's Eye but no damage inflicted, while the Defiler's battle cannon shot missed the pre-heresy Land Raider by a few meters.

The Night Lords retaliated by firing the first shot on the incoming Vindicator. Sensing the threat it might caused, Storm's Eye machine spirit immediately targeted the vehicle with a precised Multi Melta shot, destroying the vehicle outright. It also opened fire on the Defiler with its lascannon, but the Defiler shrugged of the shot with ease. Talos alongside Ruven rallied the Bleeding Eyes to engage the incoming Daemon Prince, while the Atramentar disembarked from Storm's Eye to assist the exposed Seventh Claw.
The Seventh Claw led by Sergeant Halasker disembarked and fired bolter rounds on the Black Legion Lord and Terminators, killing one and wounding the lord. Seeing the enemy lord weaken by Seventh Claw support fire, the Atramentars with their massive claws and hammers, charged the Black Legion lord. The lord, collapsed as the Daemon within his weapon rebelled, wounding him again. Taking advantage of the fortunate event, the Atramentars slaughtered the remaining Terminators and decapitated the Black Legion Lord with contemptuous ease.

On the right flank, near the ruined church, the Daemon Prince assaulted the Bleeding Eyes. Calling forth the power of the warp, the Daemon-thing grabbed Talos before he could even touch the Daemon Prince and was thrown thirty feet away as he slammed into a wall, rendering him unconscious for the remainder of the battle. Ruven, sensing the thrumming power of the warp conjured by the Daemon Prince, forged an unholy sword (Sanguine Sword)protruding from his warped gauntlet and slashed the Daemon thing across its chest, severely wounding it. The Bleeding Eyes took advantage and throttle the life out of the Daemon, banishing its spirit back into the warp.

The Exalted and his First Claw, managed to ambush the Black Legion within their deployment zone. Septimus deftly piloted the "Night Stalker" and the Night Lords emerged from behind ready to engage the dreaded Defiler and a squad of CSM. The Exalted annihilated the Defiler with single melta pistol shot, utterly destroying the Daemon engine. Seeing their war engine destroyed, the CSM charged the Night Lords with pure hatred but only to be annihilated in 2 rounds of vicious close combat.

As the battle drawing to an end, a squad of elite Black Legionaires, managed to slip through the Night Lords perimeter in an attempt to contest the objective on their deployment zone, but only to be confronted by the Atramentar. The Legionaires proved to be no match against the Atramentar and were crushed to pulps. Seventh Claw immediately took the opportunity to secure the objective. On the right flank, near the ruined church, the remaining Black Legion troops, the Plague Marines, were surrounded by the Exalted with his First Claw and Ruven with the Bleeding Eyes. The Plague Marines were destroyed in a single round of unholy combat thus obtaining the second objective for the Night Lords. By now, all of the Black Legion were either fleeing or annihilated. A sounding victory for the Night Lords. Ave Dominus Nox!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Ave Dominus Nox!

This past 3 weeks has been hell for me so apologies for my lack of updates. But I've hobbying and finally finished up my Night Lords project. Frankly its a relieve since I'm tired of painting blue and can't wait to move on to my pre-heresy Space Wolves. Anyways, now I have a fully painted 1750pts Night Lords 1oth Company and they're more than ready to cause mayhem on the battlefield. I'm quite happy with the turnout since I'm only targeting table top quality and not in the run for Golden Daemon or Golden Kris award. For those of you who don't know, this army was solely based on the Blood Angels codex and was also inspired by Aaron Dembski-Bowden Night Lords novels; Soul Hunter and Blood Reaver. Ok enough talking, feast on the pictures below.

HQ: From left; Talos the Prophet (Sanguinary Priest), The Exalted (Reclusiarch) and Sorcerer Ruven (Librarian)
Atramentar (Assault Terminators)

First Claw (Death Company)

Seventh Claw (Tactical Squad)

'Bleeding Eyes' Raptors (Jump Assault Squad. You can see some of the Raptors are in Blood Angels and Red Corsair armor.

10th Company Armory: From left; Nostraman Fury (Baal Pred), Storm's Eye (Land Raider) and Carpe Noctum (Rhino)

'Night Stalker' (Stormraven)

So that concludes my 2nd project this year. Now the fully painted Night Lords can instill fear and terror on the tabletop with pride. Ave Dominus Nox!!


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