Monday, March 22, 2010

After 3 months...

Fuuuhhhhhh..(slowly blowing dusts and spider webs on my blog)..Its been awhile, I know..only lame excuses such as work and chores I could entertain u guys alas not much activity for me this past few months. I missed most of Legio tourneys and events and the biggest one was the Kindred tournament hosted by the Khairul and Arzmi ,due to my imminent move to Bangkok. (Khairul, will do something in Bangkok once you reached here, thats a promise bro!!) Most of you would know by now that I'm in Bangkok sector of Segmentum Thailand.
But that doesn't mean I totally ignore my hobby. After a successful stint with my Cadian 7th, I'm starting a 1750 Space Wolves army. Check out below some of the painted Grey Hunters below. The highlight of this army will be the Thunderwolves and I'm fielding six of them. Will update more on this soon.

I can't do much hobby right now due to the bulk of my hobby tools are still transiting in the warp, pending arrival. I'm still looking for hobby venues in Bangkok and actually found one, Battlefield Bangkok. I haven't got the chance to visit them yet, but by looking at the Bangkok map, it's not that far from my location. They actually held some sort of tournament to determine the players representing them to Spore stringent is that, hehe but kinda cool nonetheless. Khairul was in town yesterday and we met up to do some sightseeing. It was nice indeed to see a fellow legio here, dude, can't wait to see you again on the 29th..We'll goin to teach the Thais how to play 40k, Legio style!! Ok, now I heard there's an increasing popularity of BFG in Legio, hmmm, should I start a fleet? I guess better familiarise myself with the rules at the least. Will discuss with Khairul once he's here. Thats it from me for now..Laters..
Guess, where are we?
Hehehe, Bangkok's must visit and try


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