Monday, October 12, 2009

Arenxis Campaign - Week 2

All goes well for the Cadian 7th as they reclaimed the Hubris Spaceport from the nurgle cohorts, the Unclean. Had an awesome battle with Jeff, and I tell you his army was tough and his lesser daemons are a scary bunch (WS 4 I4 A2, maybe it can work with my Slaanesh army, to consider..) especially against IG. The battle was fought on a City Fight terrain table and cover save are abundance. But the Cadian 7th Armour's awesome fire power prevailed nonetheless. For full report on the Arenxis Campaign, read all about it at the Legio website.

Also Jeff posted the second issue of Aquila News Network and personally I think it was awesome work! Kudos to Jeff! Go and check it out.

Cadian 7th Armour mobilized for battle

I will be facing the Orks next week to defend the Hubris Spaceport. The Cadian 7th will not fail! For the Emperor!!


  1. That was a fun game against a might opponent! Well deserved victory, my friend...

  2. Indeed it was Jeff, especially when the Veteran Sarge managed to kill a Nurgle Termi only to be chased of by a single lesser daemon, lol. You got yourself a strong nurgle list.

    Ave Legio!!



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