Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cadian 7th 'Lucky Seven'

I've decided to deviate from Chaos (for the time being..) to the Emperor's Hammer and Fist, the Imperial Guard! Yup that's right, with the new IG codex which is scheduled to be realeased in May, I've started painting a Leman Russ and a platoon of Cadians. Don't want to splurge too much until they release the codex with new IG minis selection..

My army will be loosely based on the Cadian 7th 'Lucky Seven' Division, entrusted to protect the Fotress World of Kasr Holn which is part of the Cadian System. During the 13th Black Crusade, Kasr Holn had suffered incursions from Chaos forces mainly daemonic entities and the 7th was at the forefront and successfully defended Kasr Holn. With that they were also known as 'daemon killers'. I've yet to figure out which tactics I'm using to for the 7th until I got my hands on the codex. Currently I'm thinking an Armoured Company force (3 leman russ, 2 medusa, 2 executioner..scary..) For Slaa...I mean Emperor!!

Cadian 7th Division

LRBT 2, 7th Armoured Division


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