Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Legio 40k Tourney

Its 2 days away and my Cadian 7th are prep up and ready for battle! Azlan will be coming down with his Bradenburg so that makes 2 IG armies from Legio (not that I know of any other IG player from Legio, perhaps Iz but he'll be fielding his orks). Its goin to be fierce, its goin to be bloody and I'm sure the Singaporeans contigents are going to bring the heat as well. During Spore I didn't got the chance to battle with most of them and I and relish the opportunity in this coming tourney.
Anyways the Cadian 7th performed exceptionally well in the league thus far with 6 wins and 1 loss. But the tourney list will be slightly different from the league as I've added more firepower, in the version of a coverted Manticore (see below) .I hope it can do much damage in coming tournament. For the Emperor!!

After the league and Legio tourney, the Cadian 7th will be off duty for awhile and I'm going back to my Chaos roots by tidying up my Slaanesh army and finish up my Black Legion project. Also I'm starting a Vampire Count army soon, will explain more later.


Remember this?

The Manticore!!


  1. Wah wah, playing Vampire Counts huh? I'm getting some Skaven, even though I have a box of Warriors of Chaos.

    I can't wait to see your Chaos army grow too, would like to play against that...

  2. main la warriors of Chaos, i heard they're really powerful. I dunno, i just luv VC minis..hehe

    yup after all this done, im goin back to Chaos, bwhahahaha..btw i've accepted your friend request in FB.

  3. Manticore looks great dude- about time you updated us on your hobby!

    Good luck at the tourney

  4. Thanks deathkorps!! Hope it can inflict much damage in the coming tourney

  5. Nicely done bro and good luck in your tourney

  6. Thanks doc, a little late on reply, but i did quite well in the league.

  7. hahah..nice work bro,,,love the manticore,,!!

  8. @Subhan: hehe tima kasih, sadly it performed like crap during the tourney



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