Sunday, February 22, 2009

Season 2 League - Game 5

Game 4 with Iqbal – Annihilation (8-0), Dawn of War (Win)

Iqbal's Raven Guard has a high concentration of Scouts and some are reserved for outflanking. Obviously for all RG army, they are led by the infamous Captain Shrike. His troops consists of Assaults Squads with Jumpacks, a Dreadnought, Tac. Squad with Rhino and a Vindicator kept in reserve. I got to go first and as usual for DoW deployment, I didn't deploy anything on the table. Not knowing where I'm going to deploy, Shrike with A.Squads infiltrated deep in my deployment zone, inside a dense jungle. 2 units of Scouts deployed behind a bunker in his deployment zone and a Scout squad deployed in jungle facing my right flank.

All of my forces came in with a LR and a squad of NM on the left flank to surround Shrike and his troops. The rest are positioned on the right flank. It seems to me that Iqbal made a mistake deploying Shrike in the jungle and my Doom Siren took care of his troops, leaving Shrike gravely wounded. DP lashed the Scouts in the jungle, placing them in the open and plasma cannons took care of the rest.

Iqbal forces came in with his Dreadnought, A.Squads on his right and a Rhino on the left flank. Shrike, attempting to avenge his dead comrades, charged the NM squad in front of the LR. He felt before taking down four NMs with him. 3 kill points scored.

The rest of the turns are basically a slaughter for the RG. All of his advancing/outflanking troops are either killed by Doom Siren shots or were charged and slaughtered by the DP and NMs. Iqbal's Tac. Squad managed to wound my Dp down to 1, but reinforcements from the left managed to saw off those pesky T.Squad.

His Vindicator (in turn 4, I think..) finally came in as Iqbal forgot to roll for reserve and attempted to shot down my entrenched Oblits but was well out of range. It was destroyed later by my Oblits lascannons. By then I've scored enough kill points to secure a win and game ends on turn 5. Another big blow for the forces of the False Emperor!



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