Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Black Legion Update

As I've mentioned before, I've finished painting 3 BL Terminators and a Terminator Sorcerer. I find it quite easy to paint with black color scheme and to make the black stands out, a highlight of Codex Grey on the armor edges. Finally few brushes of Minwax Golden Oak on the skulls, tusk, horns and other visible crevices. Check out below:

Abadon's Infernal Justaerins

Archon the Vile, Sorcerer Lord

Next I will be working on my 10 Berzerkers and hope to finish them by end of next week. It will be the same black color scheme but with some red elements to signify their Khornate allegiance. I'm goin to play test this army probably this coming Legio hobby nite. Laters..


  1. Dude those termis are looking tight! Can't wait to see the full force in all of its unholy glory... The Flesh Tearers will bring battle and the Emperor's wrath! ;)

  2. thanks bro! actually those are old minis lying around the house, just thought why not make use of it.

    Yeah, bring on your Flesh Tearers, your slavery to the Corpse Emperor will end soon!!

  3. nice job on the termies! i should really get off my ass and finish mine ... after AirCav ... maybe

  4. thanks dude, can't wait to see your IG AirCav! Must be an awesome and dreaded sight with so many Valks and Vendetta's on the battlefield..



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