Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fast Painting Skeletons

My VC army will have tons of Ghouls and Skelies and to paint them nicely could and can be a daunting task indeed. A while back I've used the Minwax tecnique, made famous by Legio Malaysia co-founder, Jeff Brooks. It worked like a charm for my Cadian 7th and I think it will work well with VC since they emphasises on flesh and bone color tones. I've finished the first batch skeletons and I think it look fantastic and battle ready. Take a look below.

All of the skelies are base color painted and no wash or shading whatsoever. The bones are painted Bleach Bone, Blood Red for their banners, Boltgun Metal for spears, armor and helmets and Snake Bite Leather and Scorched Brown for their cloths and scabbards. Sands and flocks of grass for the bases. Once finished, I simply dipped them in the Wax, just like a fondue. It even worked nicely on the bases too, as the recesses of the Wax will eventually flows down towards the sands and grasses. Once dipped, leave it to dry for at least 8 hours. Once dried it will something like in the picture above. It will have a glossy effect due to Wax. To counter this you can use Tamiya Flat Spray TS-80. I'm working on the ghouls as well and will post more pics once it's done. Gotta love the Wax! Laters..


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