Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Season 2 League - Game 1

Game 1 with Peter – Capture & Control, Dawn of War (Loss)

His army was really a tough nut to crack. He’s using Abadon and accompanying him a DP with Wings and LoS ,6 Oblits and 2 squads of Plague Marines. Peter placed his objective marker right in the middle of the table and mine behind a bunker, deep in my deployment zone. Not that I’m complaining but I’m still figuring out how to strategize my army with DoW deployment.

My first turn, instead deploying all my troops, I selected my DP and a squad of NM for deployment, immediately run my NM to cover the objective. Peter deployed all his Rhino mounted PMs, Abadon and DP near his objective. My LR’s and Oblits came in the second turn, and attempt to shoot down Peter’s Rhino but all missed. Peter deep striked 2 obliterators squad in front of my LR and managed to destroy one LR. Things started to going down hill from that point on. He moved his Rhinos at full speed towards my remaining LR and deployed all his PMs. Few meltagun shots on the LR but no damage done. Abadon and the DP moved forward towards my NM covering the objective.

The third turn will show how tough the PMs are. I moved my surviving LR at cruising speed towards the PM’s line and deployed my NM. Survivors from the wrecked LR moved forward toward the PMs ignoring the Oblits. Doom Siren shots engulfed the PMs but managed to kill only a few. (Feel No Pain mahh). Foolishly, I assaulted the PMs and the NMs fate were sealed at that point. All of the NM were annihilated. Abadon, living up to its terror reputation killed off all the NM contesting for the objective. By then my remaining LR was destroyed from the PM’s meltagun shots and my DP flew to contest his objective in the middle but Peter’s DP and PM’s managed to see him off in the 6th turn. It was a total annihilation against the Children of Slaanesh!

Lesson learned for this match:

1) Avoid assaulting the PMs. Instead, shoot down his Rhino transport capability to slow them down.
2) I have 2 LR’s and can out maneuver him easily by taking off his Oblits first with help from DP’s lash ability.
3) As for Abadon, well I’m not on the verge of facing him in combat and the best way is to stay away as far as I can.

Next time Peter, next time…

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  1. U played a really great game...the 2 LRs had me very worried. Lucky DOW didn't allow them to be deployed early...otherwise a huge advantage to u. You have actually done the forces of Chaos proud!



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