Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Season 2 League - Game 2

Game 2 with Chang – Siege Ground (3 Objectives), Dawn of War (Win)

Chang’s IG army with 14 lascannons! No vehicles but pure Infiltrating footsloggers. Again the deployment was DoW, but it worked well for me as it nullifies most of his troops infiltrating capability. 2 objectives was in my deployment quadrant and 1 objective near his deployment. Arrogantly I, deployed 1squad of NM and my DP in the middle of the table, in front of Chang’s gun line, hoping to inflict maximum carnage in the first turn. Well they did killed off a few guardsmen but the rest at the back were waiting with their plasma guns, flamers, lascannons…the DP and squad of NM were annihilated, in the first turn. I will never underestimate these Emperor’s lapdogs ever again.

I took a safer approach in the coming turns by going to ‘shooty’ mode rather than charge the IG’s blindly. I disembarked all my NM’s to cover the objectives. Obliterators are on spot with their plasma cannons, inflicting a lot casualty for Chang’s IG. LR’s also scored lots of kills, preventing his IG’s advance at the same time. Sadly Chang’s lascannons hardly killed anything, due to misses and poor LoS, The game ends with me holding 2 objectives. A solid victory for the Children of Slaanesh!

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