Thursday, January 29, 2009

W.I.P Sponsons

The sponsons looks crude but I think are decent enough for Season 2 League expectations. I guess it will look better once I add a few sprues and finish painting it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Season 2 Army List

Legio Season 2 League is upon us! Will commence on Feb 6 actually. I'm using my Lash Hammer army list for season 2 but with a little bit of 'tweaking'. Here goes:

Daemon Prince: Wings, LoS, MoS: 155 pts

8x Noise Marines: A.C, Doom Siren, PF, Personal Icon: 220 pts
8x Noise Marines: A.C, Doom Siren, PF, Personal Icon: 220 pts
8x Noise Marines: A.C, Doom Siren: 190pts

2x Land Raiders with DPs, Dozer Blades: 490pts
3x Obliterators: 225pts

I'm upgrading my LRs at the moment to reflect the twin-linked side sponsons to make it legal and playable in the league. My DP also morphed into something else now...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Lash Hammer against Azlan

Azlan was kindly enough to allow me and Subhan to have a few rounds of 4ok at his home. I played 2 games with Lan and lost both. Well you can't beat the master at his own turf, hehe. But anyways the first game was a close one with his Thousand Sons in which it was a killpoint game, 4-3 in favor of Lan. Both of us have abysmal dice roles and it would have been a draw if I'd kill the last two remaining TS models. My DP only managed to destroyed his land raiders sponsons lascannon. My noise marines managed to kill all his assaulting TS which is quite an achievement and my LR FINALLY managed to killed of his DP after he wiped out my Oblits unit to oblivion! It was a fun game indeed. Lesson learned, Land Raiders are gooooood..

Second game was against his Eldar and mission was Siege Ground with 5 objectives. I don't quite remember how the game went, but I do remember how my LR and Oblits managed to shot his Falcons and Fire Prism (destroyed prism cannon). The biggest mistake was moving my Rhino with 10 CSM to contest for an objective deep in his deployment territory. They got wiped out by his Banshees. And the second biggest mistake was not finishing off his 1 remaining ranger located near a wood which was close to an objective. In the last turn the lone ranger managed to contest even though I had my land raider there with a NM squad inside. At the end of turn 5 Lan managed to hold 2 objectives and I can turn things around if the game continue to turn 6. Subhan had the honour of rolling the dice, and the result..................................................................................he roll a one! And the game ends..huhuhu

And Lan, thanks for the table!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hobby Nite cancelled

I was looking forward for a few games at Legio tonight, but then Hobby Nite was cancelled. Well things happen. Probably I'll get some to guys to play at home.

Had a round with Shahril's SoBs yesterday with my 'Lash Hammer army' and added another notch on my win record (Killpoint 8-2). He hasn't been playing for quite sometime and still getting used to 5th ed rules. He'll get the hang of it soon.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daemon Prince

Good thing with plastic products from GW, it gave you lots and lots of sprues. With these additional sprues, I built that guy up there. The tail is made of blue tacs and tons of super glue to harden it. He's my army's Daemon Prince at the moment and has been a great servant thus far (should keep kill scores). Moving forward I'm going to replace the square base to the proper 50mm base standardised for all DP's. And also to think of a name and fluff for this guy.

Scratch-built Land Raiders

Since I'm not willing to cough up few hundred buckeroos for land raiders, said to myself, why not build them? Above were my recent projects and I think it looks decent and playable. And it cost me around less than RM 20 to build the chasis and the main body parts. Then I just add up others sprue to make it more real. Too bad I didn't take photos during construction process, a reminder for the next land raider project. Checkout this yahoo group for other various scratch built vehicles. Have fun.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Best Sportsmanship

I was voted Best Sportsmanship for the 40k Season 1 League. Thanks guys for the vote, surely I didn't see that comin' although I did put my best effort to be a sporting player. This is a great start for 2009 indeed! Hope to reap more trophies for my Slaanesh minions.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Daemon Primarch Fulgrim

This is the Daemon Primarch Fulgrim, and what an amazing model! My Daemon prince is basically based on this model's design especially with the snaky element. For more details click this link. Kudos to the creator!

Lash Hammer Army List

Hi, this will be my first posting for this blog. Naturally I don't like to write but I wouldn't mind writing which regards to W40k since this is my latest passionate hobby. Well, I'm a Chaos Marine player dedicated to Slaanesh. I've came out with an army list which I think is quite decent since winning 3 games thus far during hobby nite. Here goes:

Daemon Prince: Wings, LoS, MoS: 155 pts

8x Noise Marines: A.C, Doom Siren, PW, 1x Sonic Blaster, Personal Icon: 215 pts
8x Noise Marines: A.C, Doom Siren, PW, 1x Sonic Blaster, Personal Icon: 215 pts
10x CSM: Plasma Gun, Meltagun, Rhino: 210 pts

2x Land Raider with DP: 480 pts

3x Obliterators: 225 pts

Total Points: 1500

I called it 'lash hammer' for the DP with LoS pull/push ability and 2 land raiders as the 'hammer' for this army.

The tactics are quite simple, land raiders will act as the hammer and move forward to deliver the Noise Marines into assault range. AP 3 Doom siren will do the trick prior to assault. CSM will hang back to cherry pick objectives and obliterators will deepstrike and target enemy heavies. Land raiders are hard to kill in 5th Ed and will contest for any objectives or just simply bloodletting for kill points.


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