Friday, February 20, 2009

Season 2 League - Game 4

Game 4 with Khairul – Siege Ground, Dawn of War (Win)

This game was against Khairul's Eldar of Altansar. I have always loathed going into battle with these treacherous aliens with their Doom, Guide, Holofield and etc crap. This battle was more of shooting gallery rather than assaulting (didn't go into assault phase at all!). We basically exchanged fire and that was it.

Khairul got to deploy first, placing his Rangers behind a hill and a Wave Serpent carrying a Farseer and Dire Avengers. I've decided not to deploy anything and all of my forces will come later in the second turn.

Turn 2
Khairul's forces came into the fray with 2 Falcons transporting Eldrad with Banshees and Fire Dragons, and also a squadron of 3 War Walkers with Scatter Lasers. Brightlance with Pulse laser shots on my LR but no damage done (sighing relief..)

I moved forward with 1 LR, deploying a NM squad, and my DP towards the entrenched Rangers. The lure of Slaanesh are to tempting for them as they were lashed and moved closer into Doom Siren range. The rangers were decimated (1 scoring unit down). The other LR did their part, caused 'Shaken' on Falcon A, nullified his B.Lance. Things are looking good so far..

Turn 3
The 'shaken' Falcon A fled back closer to the W. Walkers (I'm not sure why he did that..). Falcon B's B.Lance shots coupled with Pulse Lasers killed 2 Oblits. 24 Scatter Lasers shots targeting the exposed NM unit, only managed to kill 2 NM! Slaanesh must be smiling indeed..

The exposed NM squad embarked in the LR while the LR pivoted and aimed its visible broadside lascannon on Falcon B, to avenged the 2 dead Oblits. The Falcon exploded killing 2 Fire Dragons at the same time. The remaining Oblit killed 2 more F.Dragons with its P.Cannon. The other LR shot at Falcon A causing a 'Stun' result'..oh well..moving on.

Turn 4
The Wave Serpent moved cautiously towards my deployement and the W.Walkers aiming its S.Laser on the sole Oblit and was obliterated. Nothing much he can do at this juncture

I moved my LR backwards to cover the other objective. At this point I'm controlling 2 objectives and confident of winning.

Turn 5
Falcon and Wave Serpent moved closer. W. Walkers also moved to target anything within their fire range

Land Raiders shot the incoming Falcon but only managed to get 'Shaken' result. Damn holofields...I moved my DP upfront as bait just in case the continues to Turn 6..and it did..

Turn 6

Things were beginning to look ugly. Khairul deployed his Dire Avengers and Farseer from the Falcon to cover the open objective, while the Falcon advanced to block my LR on the left flank. The wave serpent descended right in front of my scoring NM, deploying his Banshees and Eldrad. Few pistol shots on the scoring unit, but only 2 killed. Dire Avengers shot my DP but caused only 1 wound. But the S.Lasers finished him off right after. At least he took the bait..

I moved my scoring unit towards the Banshees and Eldrad but still maitaining coherency within the objective. The LR next to it deployed its fresh NM squad, targeting Eldrad and Banshees. Doom Siren and bolter shots finished them off. The game was still favoring me until it continued to Turn 7..arghhhh!!

Turn 7

Khairul didn't waste any time and moved his Falcon to contest the objective next to my lone NM on the hill. His Wave Serpent moved full speed to cover the other objective next to the LR. I realised at this point he made a few mistakes. Instead of targeting the lone NM, the Dire Avengers targeted the fresh NM squad, and 3 left standing (A.Champion survived). At this point he's controlling 1 objective and destined for the win.

But luck seems to favor me. I moved my LR on the right flank at cruising speed towards the Dire Avengers gun line, deploying with what ever left of the NM squad. The 3 remaining NM moved forward into Doom Siren range. The Dire Avengers could not stand a chance against 2 D.Siren attacks and were eliminated thus losing control of the objective. The LR on the left flank, pivoted and target the Falcon contesting on the hill. 1 lascannon and heavy bolter penetrating shots destroyed the Falcon resulting the lone scoring NM gaining back the objective. It was a close shave, but a much needed victory for the Children Slaanesh!

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