Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For Russ and The Allfather - Part 2

I've finished painting the Land Raider. I've found an old Rhino somewhere in my sprue junks. I did some repairs on it and resulted in a nice and also free Rhino transport for my Grey Hunters. I've added some snow effect on the vehicles too, just to depict the Space Wolves nature and snowy Fenrisian background. It also marked the presence of a Rune Priest whom had just conjured up a blizzard storm. Take a peek below (sorry for the picture quality as I'm using my Nokia E71 camera phone)

I'm working on a Thunderwolf conversion as you can see below. I'm planning to have 5 of them and obviously I could not afford to buy 5 Canis Wolfborn models. So I went to Toy's r Us and found a wolf looking toy (a lion actually) which was big enough for the Space Wolves model to ride on. I'm not sure how it will turn out but am hoping for a good result. Till then, laters...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cometh the Undead - First Batch

The first batch of my VC army has arrived and fully assembled. I've pre-ordered the new hard back Warhammer rulebook from Maelstrom, it should arrive in couple of weeks. I must say I'm pretty excited with the new VC army I'm building and the new Warhammer rules but 40k is still my main forte and will never lose sight on that.

Now, painting a VC army can be daunting especially skeletons and zombies and you need more of them with magics like Raise Dead, Invocation of Nehek and Summon Undead Horde. I'm imploring the idea of Minwax 'dipping method', since it worked like a charm for my Cadian 7th. A thought to consider.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

For Russ and The Allfather

I've vigorously started on my Space Wolves project, though there's still a long way to go. The biggest challenge are the Thunderwolves conversion which I've managed to complete only one, but more on that later. For now I'm concentrating on the backbone of the Sons of Russ legion such as the Grey Hunters and Wolf Guards. Check out some of the finished minis below.

For the Grey Hunter armor, I started with a base coat of Shadow Grey. Then a wash of 1:1:1 Shadow Grey, Chaos Black and Scorched Brown unto the armor joints and crevices. Then highlights of 1:1 Shadow Grey and Space Wolves Grey on the armor edges. Its pretty simplistic and looks good enough for gaming.

The Wolf Guard terminators were slightly different however. I liked to maintain that elite stature of the WG and decided to paint most of their armor black. Now, some might go against this since black would directly represents the Wolf Priests. To counter that, I've added the standard Shadow Grey on other parts of the WGs armor. The black portion was further highlighted with Codex Grey.

I'm currently working on the Land Raider Redeemer, will post more pics once completed. Till then laters..

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Showdown at Slice and Dice!

Last weekend, me and Khairul went to S&D for a game, my Cadian 7th versus his Saim Hann Eldar. Me and Khairul were a bit rusty after not playing 40k for awhile but we had good slicing dicing good time. An annihilation/dawn of war mission which I won by a few kill points. Most of the patrons there were impressed by Khairul's clean and beautifully painted Saim Hann and it was good to see the them in action again. Next week I'm planning to try out BFG using Khairul's models for the time being.

Next I had a game with Win, S&D's main man. A super cool guy and had an awesome round of 40k against his IG Deathkorps. We played a 1750 point game and it was spearhead/capture & control. Win's Deathkorps truly followed the 'war of attrition' ideology and used mass infantry platoons, cavalry charges supported by Leman Russes, Medusa artie and lascannons heavy support units. My mechanized Cadians were overwhelmed and they kept on coming even with high ammount of casualties. Win's Deathkorp was in my deployment zone by turn 3 and the Cadians were on the defensive all the way. The only option was to outflank his objective with my Valkyrie but it went to my deployment zone instead. Precised and well ordered Lascannons shots disrupted my tanks and were rendered useless. The game went on to turn 6 and the Deathkorp was able to contest my objective in my deployment zone, with a handful troops managed to reached the Cadian's line. Deathkorp 1, Cadian 0. It was an awesome and both were pretty much exhausted. That's it for now, till then, laters..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Blog Layout

Hopefully with the new Slaanesh Prince blog layout, I will blog more often (wishful thinking..)Ok, I've added a few stuffs to the blog, you would notice the chat box on the right side of the blog page. That's rite, just key in your name, message and click 'shout'. Maybe easier to chat with my fellow bloggers rather than comment at the post page. Also I've added a visitor tracker so I'll know who visited the blog from where and when ever.

Most of you would know I'm in Bangkok now, and will be here for quite some time. I'm pretty much settled in my condominium. It's a 3 bedroom condo and very spacious. If you guys feel like visiting the Land of Smiles, holler aight! Can crash at my place. Let me show you my hobby area.

That's it for now, more on my Bangkok exploits you can visit my other blog

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cometh the Undead!

That's right! The Undead will be my new Warhammer Fantasy army and I'm planning a 2500 points strong force. Too often I went to Slice and Dice here in Bangkok and come to realise that they play Fantasy here more than 40k. What a better way to start by joining the crowd here. I had plan earlier to start a Vampire Counts army but the Space Wolves got in the way. Now that I'm almost finish with the Fenrisians, VC will be my new project, and I foresee that this might take some time to complete (family, work and pursuing my MBA at the same time, huhu..). To start I've gotten myself 2 packs of Dire Wolves and a battalion of undead are on its way from Maelstrom consisting of 2o skeletons, 20 zombies, 10 crypt ghouls and a corpse cart. Also with the imminent launch of the 8th edition version, this is the perfect time to start a Fantasy army. Below is the army list I'm planning to construct, comments and advice are welcome.

Army of Vlad (2480 pts)

Lords and Heroes
Vlad Von Carstein - 475

Necromancer - 210
- Invocation of Nehek, Raise Dead, Vanhel's Danse Macabre
- Dispel Scroll, Corpse Cart with Unholy Lodestone

Vampire - 165
-Tomb Blade, Dispel Scroll, Lord of the Dead

Wight King - 100
- Sword of Kings

20 Skeletons - 205
- Command, Banner of the Dead Legion

20 Skeletons - 205
- Command, Banner of the Dead Legion

20 Zombie Horde - 92
- Musician, Standard Bearer

5 Dire Wolves

5 Dire Wolves

20 Grave Guard - 303
-Musician, Banner of the Barrows

4 Fellbats

3 Spirit Host

Black Coach - 200
Vargulf - 175

This army is some what flexible with Vlad, Necromancer and the Vampire can help to raise unsavory Undeads and support the army. Also with so many Dark Magics coalescing around can help to pump the Black Coach and make it a monster in close combat. Not to forget Vlad himself is the most powerful Vampire around and he's strong enough to see mostly any foes supported by Grave Guards along side the Wight King. Zombies and Skeletons provide weight of numbers in combat, Dire Wolves can make dangerous flank and rear charges while the Fellbats can disrupt enemy artillery units. Finally, the Spirit Hosts (I love this ghosts so much, being Ethereal and all..),Vargulf and the Black Coach will do much needed damage to the enemy. This is prelim of course and comments and advices are welcome.


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