Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Season 2 League - Game 3

Game 3 with Shazli – Annihilation 14-0, Pitched Battle (Win)

This game was a total massacre for Shazli’s Ultramarines, and I’ve never won a game with such magnitude (14 Kill points). Too bad I didn't take any photos. I won the roll-off and decided to go first. I deployed all of my forces, and entrenched my Oblits and a squad of NM behind a hill on my right flank for cover saves. The rest of my forces on the left flank advanced forward for the kill. Highlight of the game when his drop pod with Sternguards landed on the hill where my Oblits and NM were entrenched, but managed to kill only a single Oblit. His left flank with Land Speeders trying to shoot down my Oblits but I got lucky with my armor saves.

On the right flank, my forces were doing exceptionally well, gaining kill points by killing off his scouts, chaplain, assault squads, attack bike, etc.. I felt pity for Shaz as his dice roles were horrible, imagine demolisher cannon scoring a hit on my LR but with 2D6 roles of 1 and 3!

On the left flank, his sternguards on the hill were decimated and my Oblits managed to destroy one of his land speeders. By then I have enough kill points to secure a win and at the same time didn’t suffer any losses. But with Shaz’s Astartes iron will, still fought on till the very end. In the end, only a single combat squad left on his right flank above a hill. A crushing victory for the Children of Slaanesh!


  1. Well Done! Shazli beat me with his smurfy combat tactics & last minute objective contesting. You have Abby the Warmaster's thanks for avenging that defeat...hv 2 buy u a Coke next Hobby Nite (jika ada stok)

  2. Yeah Faizal spared only 4 bolter marines and one lascannon marine left :o

    If it went for one more turn it would have been a perfect TA :D

  3. Firaya

    Your Ultramarines is a very balanced force but due to a slight mistake in your strategm and bad dice rolls. It could've been the other way around :>


    I'm at the Warmaster's service. And I want that Coke also, hehe



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