Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Season 2 League Recap

Its been a great Season 2 for me, as I finished at 4th place overall. I played 9 games with 5 Wins 3 Lose and 1 Draw (last 2 games I won against Nazrin and drew with Syameal). The list with 2 LR indeed a formidable force to be reckon with and I wouldn't mind dishing it out again in coming battles.

The list worked against most armies but crucial planning and placing will determine the survivability and achieving objectives. I'm looking forward for the Marksmanship small tourney and I'm sure most defeated armies would love to exact revenge on me. And I'm looking forward to it...HAIL SLAANESH!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Season 2 League - Game 6 & 7

Sorry Bloggy, I've been neglecting you..I played a few more league games and here's to sum up some of the results.

Game 6 with Jo - Capture & Control, Spearhead (Loss)

I've never recorded a loss against Blood Angels before, the excellent record was shattered by Jo. I was really hoping for a win to strengthen my position in the league. It seems carelessness and rules overlooked that caused the most damage. Jo, you broke my heart man...Anyways here's the report:

Jo won the rolloff and deployed all his forces in the middle with his Vindicator, 2 Baal Preds, a squad of bikes with Multimelta, DC squad and loads of A.Squads led by Dante. 1 assault squad hanging back to protect his objective and also a Drop pod with 5 man Tac.Squad in reserve. Seeing his forces all deployed in the middle, I opted for a shooting position and deployed my forces right at the end of my table edge and 1 squad of NM in reserve. This was to get out of range from his Demolisher Cannon. I realised that this tactic was a wrong move indeed.

To sum up this game would have the other way around should it continue to turn 6, due to my LR with a squad of NM, was not on time to reach his objective in his deployment. To the south flank, Dante and few remaining A.Squad, would have been lashed by the DP and shot down by my other LR. Oh well, u win some u lose some..

Game 7 with Iz - Siege Ground, Pitched Battle (Loss)

I never seem to learn my lesson of assaulting Feel No Pain troops and in this game my Slaanesh forces was basically food for the Orks. Iz, famously known with his terrorizing Nob bikers proved to be more than a match for the forces of Slaanesh.

But I did managed to strecthed Iz up to turn 5, and it could have been a draw as well since both holding one objective each. Well luck seem to favor the Orks and the game went on to turn 6. Nob bikers crushed the NMs guarding the objective ending my hope for a draw. It could've been a TA too if it wasn't for one surviving LR contesting for an objective at the NortWest quadrant of the table.


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