Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Season 2 League Recap

Its been a great Season 2 for me, as I finished at 4th place overall. I played 9 games with 5 Wins 3 Lose and 1 Draw (last 2 games I won against Nazrin and drew with Syameal). The list with 2 LR indeed a formidable force to be reckon with and I wouldn't mind dishing it out again in coming battles.

The list worked against most armies but crucial planning and placing will determine the survivability and achieving objectives. I'm looking forward for the Marksmanship small tourney and I'm sure most defeated armies would love to exact revenge on me. And I'm looking forward to it...HAIL SLAANESH!!


  1. It was indeed a very cool league- good luck at the tourney this Saturday!

  2. All i could say that i've never enjoyed playing 40k so much since Legio was established..kudos to u guys!!

    I'm experimenting with FoW Germans now and hope to come up with an army soon..



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