Monday, August 17, 2009

Cadian 7th in action - against Eldar of Altansar

Got back from Alor Star and went down to Wolf's lair for a round of 40k with Khairul's Eldar. It was a rainy Saturday afternoon but the sun definitely shone on the Cadians with a delicious victory over the Eldar. I tweaked my list a bit from previous battles, here goes:

Cadian 7th (1750pts)
Commander Faizal Sani - Plasma Pistol, Carapace Armour
4x Veterans - 2 Plasma, 2 Meltagun, Vox Astropath
Senior Officer Amru - Boltgun
4x Veterans - 1 Plasma, Vox, Astropath
Infantry Platoon
Al Rahem
4x Veterans - 2x Meltagun, 1x Plasma Gun, Flamer, Vox, Chimera
20x Infantrymen (combined) - 2x Meltaguns
Commisar Viktor Hark - Power Weapon
10x Cadian - 3x Meltagun, Vox, Chimera
10x Tanith Vets - 3x Meltagun, Vox, Chimera
10x Tanith Vets - 3x Meltagun, Vox, in Valkyrie
Valkyrie (Mortis) - Multiple Rocket Pods, Heavy Bolter
Leman Russ Demolisher (Annihilator) - Sponson Plasma Cannon
Leman Russ (Wrath of Holn) - Sponson Heavy Bolter, Lascannon hull
Leman Russ (Kedah's Pride) - Sponson Heavy Bolter

All units are kept in reserve and ready to out flank. Al Rahem and his troops including the Valkyrie (with 10 Vets) will out flank. The rest will come from reserve. 2 Astropaths will make outflanking and reserve unit enters early with 2+ reserve roll.

Khairul's Eldar list: Eldrad with 5x Seer Council in Wave Serpent, Farseer with 7x Dire Avengers in Falcon, 6x Fire Dragons in Falcon, 2 5x Pathfinders squad, 3 Warwalkers with Scatter Lasers and a Wraithlord.

Mission: Annihilation - Pitched Battle. Result - Win (6-2 killpoints)

The terrain was fairly open with a big barricade on the Cadians center deployment zone. Big chunks of rocks and small hills littered the battlefield which provided lots of cover. The Eldar made it difficult with its Fortune, holo fields capability but it didn't last long against the Imperial Guard firepower. I must say Khairul's dice rolls were quite bad in terms of vehicle penetration results. Lots of ramming and brightlance shots mostly managed to score only stun result. I was lucky but the Cadians prevailed nonetheless. The story-report as below:

It was blisterring hot on Wolf Prime 31 as midday approaches. Faizal, Commander of Cadian 7th 2nd Company, scours the dunes for any Eldar spotters with his satellite guided binoculars. 'We need to breach this Eldar blockade to link up with the Raven Guards on the other side of the planet' adviced Faizal to his aide de camp Senior Officer Amru. Nodded in agreement, Amru vox in a secured frequency, ordering the Cadians to prepare for battle. Al-Rahem and his platoons already recon ahead, ready to outflank any encroaching Eldar. 'Two Eldar grav-tanks approaching my lord, vector 3.12 south!' informed from the Wrath of Holn. 'Good, our first kill of the day' Faizal grinned devilishly. 'Men, move out!' bellowed the commander

The rumbling of the Leman Russes tracks shook the ground. Cannons that could level a hab block roared and hit the Eldar's sleek vehicles. But Eldar witchcraft and advanced tech prevented it from harm and not even a scratch on the Eldar tanks. Disbelief, Faizal ordered one of the Tanith Veterans to disembark from their Chimera to 'melta' out one of the tanks, but to no avail. An ancient looking Farseer with his councils disembarked and charge the exposed Taniths wiping them out. The other Eldar tank moved east and disgorged Eldar Fire Dragons to target the incoming Valkyrie. The Valkyrie crashed but remain operational. The Fire Dragons cheered in some xenos language but their victory dance was not long as Cadians came out from the damaged Valkyrie and wipe them out with precised lasgun shots. Seeing their bretheren was brutally murdered, the second Tanith Veterans change course and target the Farseer with melta and lasgun shots. With fire support from the Annihilator and Kedah's Pride, the ancient Farseer suddenly banished leaving only one surviving council. He was gutted by the unending Straight Silver lashes from the Taniths.
Meanwhile, Al-Rahem moved forward to rid off any potential Eldar snipers on the northeast quadrant. He was later ambushed and killed by an Eldar raiding party led by a young farseer, as reported in Al-Rahem's last combat log. Only his Chimera came out alive. Eldar reinforcement coming from the north in the forms of walkers squadron with laser cannons and a mighty Wraithlord. Scatter laser shots hits the already immobilised Valkyrie, only managed to destroyed its missile pod. Brightlance shot from the Wraithlord had no significant impact on the Valkyrie. 'The emperor must be smiling on this day'said the relief pilot. Wrath of Holn's battle cannon roared and hit the incoming war walkers. They were all obliterated in a pile of shattered wraithbones and other xenos matter. The Taniths came out of hiding from the Valkyrie and aim their meltaguns at the approaching Wraithlord. 'Bring it down! Bring it down!' ordered Faizal whom was nearby. 'Eat melta, fething Eldar scum! shouted by one of the Taniths. The Wraithlord didn't stand a chance and slump to the ground, lifeless.

In the center flank, the seemingly invulnerable Eldar tank at first, was immobilised after a Demolisher Cannon hit its rear thrusters, thanks to advice from S.O Amru. The Eldar, suffered tremendous losses, subjected to ramming from their sleek tanks to any Cadian visible target, mainly the Chimeras. Again the Emperor seems to smile on the Cadians as nothing significant impacted on the sturdy transport. Seeing their ancient Farseer was banished coupled with huge losses, the Eldar flee from the battlefield as they blends in with the dessert. 'Should we gave chase, sir? inquires Amru. 'Negative, they are too weak to fight us now. The way is now clear and prepare to move out' orders Faizal. Although his losses are minimal, but losing Al-Rahem was as equivilent to losing an entire battalion. 'Goodbye, old friend.' Faizal spoke in a soft sombre tone.
"Now where was that darn kitty?"


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