Sunday, December 19, 2010

40k Winter Tournament Bangkok - Aftermath

Awesome tournament and great times indeed! Game face on, put on my sacred Legio T-shirt and I'm ready for war! I played quite well, even though I've not been playing 40k for months. I fielded my Space Wolves for the tourney and they performed superbly. Oh yeah, my Space Wolves is fully painted but I haven't really post any pictures yet, will do so later. For now, here's a quick report of what happen in the tourney yesterday.

My Space Wolves tactics is simple, assault and more assault.

Wolf Lord-T.Armor, T.Hammer, Wolftooth Necklace,Saga of the Bear),
4x Wolf Guard-4x T.Armor, 2 C.Melta, 2 Storm Shield, Chainfist, Frost Axe, T. Hammer
8x Blood Claws - Power Fist
1x Wolf Guard - Power Fist
8 Grey Hunters - Meltagun
Fast Attack
5x Thunder Wolves - 5x S.Shield, T.Hammer
Dedicated Transport
Land Raider Redeemer - Multimelta
Drop pod

Total 1500 points

With no long range fire power, my tactics will be harassing the enemy line if possible by turn 1. The Wolf Lord was attached with the Blood Claws and embarked in the Land Raider to assault the enemy ASAP supported by the seemingly indestructible Thunder Wolves. Wolf Guard terminators will drop behind the enemy line to disrupt any vehicle threats or create a diversion and finally the Grey Hunters to sweep up any remaining enemy units with bolter fire and claim objectives. I have to be careful due to the limited resources, and placing and positioning was crucial especially in the first mission, objectives.

First Mission - Objectives, vs Orks. Won
My first was opponent was Zohar from Israel, fielding his massive foot slogging Ork army. Basically the table was divided into 6 deployment zones and and the winner of the roll off, rolls 3D6. Zohar won the roll off and roll D6s of 2,3 and 6 deployment zone. So i got to deploy on zone 1,4,5. One objective placed in each deployment zone. I deployed my L.Raider and the Thunderwolves behind a ruin to on the right flank of the table. The L.Raider with the embarked Wolf Lord, Blood claws smashed the first wave of Ork offensive and the Thunder Wolves outflanked them on the left. The Grey Hunters and the Wolf Guards were running a hit and run mission on the left flank of the table to contest objectives.

I won the game by 3-1 on objectives with most of the Orks being completely wiped out. It was a great round, Thunderwolves rocks!

Second Mission - Killpoint, vs Blood Angels. Won
This game was basically a bloodbath for the Blood Angels lol. The Thunderwolves and the Blood Claws with the Wolf Lord rampaged throughout the game killing marines, Rhinos, Baal Predators. I won 8 kill points and my opponent Bobby gutted 4. Whoever win this round, got D3 Orbital Bombardment for the final round. I rolled a D3 and got 1 O.B.

Third Mission - Objectives, vs Dark Eldar. Lost
This is the final round of the tourney. I was facing Nicky and his new Dark Eldars. Boy, they're different now, faster and more punishing weapons. This round we have to claim objectives. Table was divided half, 3 objectives were placed, one in each deployment zone and one objective at the center table and can only be claimed by troop choice units. The trick was, once the objective is claimed, the enemy who wished to grab the objective must killed the troop unit who's claiming the objective or drive them off. And you don't have to be within 3' of the objective to contest. Sounds weird but there lie the challenge. Nicky seized initiative and shot my L.Raider to bits with his Dark Lances. Not a good start for me. My Thunderwolves advanced after shots of Dark Lances, splinter rifles, shots from Helions. In the meantime Nicky touched his objectives within his deployment and I claimed the middle objective and in my deployment zone with the Wolf Lord and Blood Claws. Orbital Bombardment decimated one squad of Helions and the Thunderwolves engaged a Squad of Helions and Kabalite Warriors. Time was running out as the fate of the battle lies within the center table with the Wolf Lord and his Blood Claws facing an Archon, Haemonculus with his Wyches and Wracks. The Wolf Lord and his Blood Claws fought valiantly but finally beaten and the D.Eldars claimed the objective and the game ended in turn 4 due to time restriction. It would've been different if the game went on to turn 5 as the Thunderwolves destroyed the remaining helions and kabalites and they're free to move and engaged the D.E in the middle. Also a squad of Grey Hunters is still alive and will be able to claim the middle objective. Alas, the game ended and it was a nail biting conclusion. Great game indeed from a great opponent!

Nicky (in the picture below) won the tourney, good job bro! I finished second, got a trophy (trophy stays in the shop..hehe) with a unit of Grave Guards. All I can say it was a great tourney, great crowd and I'm proud of representing Legio here in Bangkok. Now to go home and assemble them Grave Guards, weeeeee!


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