Friday, June 22, 2012

Attic Studio Annual 40k Tournament 2012, Bangkok

This will be my last tournament in Bangkok thus a befitting farewell to the gaming community here. It's been a pleasure to roll dices and hobbying with the Bangkokians, truly an experience I will not forget. Also a farewell gesture to the current 5th edition as it will sunset in a matter of weeks. I must apologize for my lack of updates and I have no other excuse than my current busy schedule at the moment. Still I took a little time off to join the tournament which also includes a painting contest. I will not get into much details of the tourney other than it was a 1750 point based and comprised of 3 rounds. I will post the tournament details in the download section later. I fielded my Space Wolves for the tourney, the list as per below.

Rune Priest

Wolf Lord
Storm Shield, Frost Weapon, TW Mount, Runic Armor, Saga of the Warriorborn

Pack 1
8 Grey Hunter melta gun power fist Wolf Standard MoW
Wolf Guard power fist Combi Melta

Pack 2
6 Grey Hunter melta gun power fist Wolf Standard MoW
Wolf Guard power fist Combi Melta

Pack 3
5 Grey Hunter
Wolf Guard power fist Bolter  

Pack 1
3x Thunderwolf  2x SS 1x TH

Pack 2
3x Thunderwolf  3x SS 1x TH 1x Meltabomb  

6 Long Fangs
5 Missile Launcher

Razorback Las/Plas
Razorback Las/Plas
Drop Pod

1749 points

I did quite well, finishing 3rd overall with 2 wins and a lost. The first round was against the Orks which I won big, second round against the Necrons which I got massacred and finally rebounded with a huge win in the third round a against a tough Tyranid player. To quickly sum up, it was a great tournament and the best part I got to meet new and old 40k players that day as we shed blood and gore together, a great camaraderie which something I will treasure during my time here.

As mentioned, I also joined the painting contest and ended up second place. My entry was a Space Wolf rune priest as you can see in the pics below.

I did a mild conversion especially on the fur and the stave of the runic weapon . Other than that, it was the painting part which took me about a week to finish him. I'm elated with the end result, though there's room for improvement. Appreciate your comments guys.

Below are some picture during the tourney.

Me (reading the army list), 1st round against Orks

Nicely painted Eldar war host

John, the winner of the tourney

Jom, bagged second place

My Thunderwolves, assaulting Ork Boyz

Blood Angels vs Blood Angels!

A real life Grey Knight!

A nine year old 40k player, having a blast!

John, feeling pretty good after a huge 1st round win!

Surrounded by xenos!

Tau vs Tau! Haven't seen them in action for a while.

Me (on the right) vs Kana's Tyranids, 3rd round

Me vs John's Necrons, I lost this round.

At the end of the tournament, happy faces though exhausted!

The Wolf Lord with his bounty!

Kudos to organizers and judges!
Well that's my update at the moment. By the way 3rd placing prize was a voucher worth 1000 baht store credit. I'm going to save it for the 6th edition rulebook which about to hit the local hobby shop on 30th June. I'm really looking forward to this after months of reading rumors, leaks and etc. Till then, laters..


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