Friday, November 20, 2009

Hobby Nite - 20th Nov

Another great hobby nite at Legio. I came in a bit late but just in time for the Legio Members meeting. Had a healthy dose of ideas from the members towards progressing Legio as a leading hobby club in Malaysia such as Doubles format tournament, Iron Painter competition, Market Garden campaign for Flames of War, just to name a few. 2010 will be an eventful year for Legio, I guarantee it. Jeff will post the minutes of meeting at the Legio website soon and you can catch what were dished out at the discussion table. All I can say it will be great year ahead and there's no better time to be part of this awesome hobby club.

After the discussion, had a round of 40k with Dann's formidable Eldar with my new Black Legion army list. It was SG mission with Spearhead deployment. It was a tight game which I won by 1 objective. Khorne Berzerkers are awesome, they managed to destroy and wrecked a Falcon and Fire Prism even with their cursed holofields! A great start for Abadon's forces. Other dice rolls actions, Cityfight battle between Subhan's Daemons and Lan's Brandenburg in which the Brandenburg emerged victorius and later Subhan's White Scars overrun Shazli's Ultramarines. Arzmi's Daemonhunters defeated Red Eye's White Scars and tarpits battle between Khairul's Saim Hann and Ivan's Nurgle Common Cold, not sure who won but I think the Saim Hann did. Lastly it was IG (Nahri's Bradenburg usurpers, lol, very funny lan) vs IG (Lan's Bradenburg), not sure who won that coz I left before the game ended. Oh, Soo Jinn and Kong was there too, playing Infinity, not sure what was the game like since too busy battling with Dann.

Later Arzmi, Khairul, Iqbal, Subhan and myself reconvened at the famous mamak stop for some unhealthy food and drinks. Another great hobby nite, can't wait till next week. Ciao!


  1. nice summary ... i didn't even know we had those games going on! The battle vs Nahri's IG was great fun! I managed to win by 1 KP ... very close fight all the way

  2. unhealthy food eh..maggi goreng n 2 telo mate is da best...nyum!haha..cant wait fr d next hooby nite!

  3. 2 White Scars army? wow.. I wish I was there to see. White scars are just so rare.

  4. White scars are everywhere..
    we, the sons of Corax, are the rare ones..

  5. Nice sit-rep bro. Unfortunately, next hobby nite is 2 weeks from now. Kadir, saw a nice white scar army at GC last sat. Didnt get the guy's name.

  6. oh so many comments, lol, sori guys i just got back from a 3 day training, and I didn't bring my Thinkpad aka Laptop..

    @spunkybass: Owh that was close! It was hard to differentiate since both army in grey scheme colors, in 2 weeks time the Cadian 7th Grenadiers will meet your Bradenburgers

    @Lord AK, Subhan & Vuel: Yeah, White Scar rocks dudes! Khan with Assault Termis couple with Chaplain, gnarly!!Somebody got to put a leash on them, but my new Black Legion managed to defeat Subhan's WS last Sunday, hehe

    @khairul: Thanks bro! Yeah 2 weeks, bummer lol..



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