Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vlka Fenryka Update

This is where my pre heresy army stands at the moment. A few more stuffs and the army will be good for 1000 points. Pending completion as follows:

1) 1 Pre Heresy Rhino
2) 1 Wolf Guard Terminator
3) 1 Grey Hunter for Asgier's pack
4) 5 Long Fangs
5) 1 Drop Pod

I just ordered 4 pre heresy missile launchers from Forgeworld last week and it should arrive anytime soon. Can't wait to work on that! Tentatively everything should be finish by end of March, but then again will see hot it goes. In the mean time enjoy the pics below and comments are welcome. Laters..

Tra Company (Third Company)

Sigurd Wolfbane Wolf Guards

Hakon Gudbrand pack

Asgier Longspear pack

Rune priest, Ulvurul and Helwintr

Monday, February 13, 2012

Test Model: Iron Warriors CSM

Got sidetracked a bit and completed a test model of my upcoming 2012/13 project; Iron Warriors. Rumor has it there will be a new CSM codex after the release of the 6th Edition. Click this link for the said rumors. Although is a long way till the rumored release date, I say what the heck, plus I have tons of unused Chaos Marines waiting to be painted. Pics as per below:

For the Iron Warrior armor, I started off with a base coat of Chaos Black then a layer of  Boltgun Metal. Next a 1:1 Chaos Black and Scorched Brown and once dry a highlight of Boltgun Metal. I wanted the model to look 'aged' and dirty so wash of Devlan Mud along the yellow hazard marking and a dash of Gryphone Sephia on visible parts of the Iron Warrior armor.

Iron Warriors are well known for their siege capability and usage of advanced tech and weaponry. Adhering to this theme, I will try to minimize the influence of Chaos on this army (they will still be CSM army though) and try to concentrate on arming them with majority of Astartes weapons. I have a few conversion ideas but I'm saving it for later. In the meantime, appreciate your comments guys.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Slowly creeping back to the hobby table..

Yup, as the title says, I'm slowly getting back to 'hobbying'. I've been really busy with the triplets and they really got me working! Imagine you have to feed them every 3 hours, everyday for the next 5 months, that doesn't leave me enough time to do anything let alone hobbying. But the good thing is I'm getting the hang of it, and trust me it does do you wonders if you organized things up. Here's my update so far;

Pre Heresy Vlka Fenryka

This is a continuation of my Vlka Fenrya project. As per the pics, this is Asgier Longspear's pack and part of 3rd Company. Nothing fancy, just the same method I used with the previous completed Space Wolves. 3 more models and I'm done with this pack.

Asgier Longspear pack

Wolf Guard, Asgier Longspear

Next, I wanted to finish a remaining Terminator Wolf Guard model then I'm good for 1000 points. I've been eyeing on that beautiful Contemptor dreadnought from FW. Was thinking of getting one, it will really compliment this pre heresy army.

Vampire Counts

With the newly released Vampire Counts Army book, is high time that I do something on my neglected Vampire Counts army. I got loads of free Warhammer stuffs from Austria not too long ago, courtesy of an Austrian friend who is living here in Bangkok. So I have this old Chaos Knight horse and have decided to use it as a Barded Nightmare for my Blood Knights. I kinda experimenting with Blood Knights and I came out with this color scheme. Basically is Red Gore washed with Badab Black and a dry brush of Boltgun Metal to have that aged and rustic look suitable for a VC army.

Next post I will include the Blood Knight himself, converted from an old Chaos Knight as well. Till then. laters..


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