Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Thousand Sons

Graham McNeil has done it again. What an excellent book and a must read for Space Wolves and Thousand Sons followers! All I can say, you wouldn't understand the origins of the the Thousand Sons legion until you read the book. They are not what as they are portrayed now by the current Imperial historians. They are more to them than meets the eye and power wielded by them were magnificent and tragic at the same time. Go and take a read, 4.5 out of 5 rating in my books. I can't wait until they released the sequel to this book, 'Prospero Burns' by my favorite author Dan Abnett.

'They are no wolves on Fenris" quoted from Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hobby Spots in Bangkok

Sawaddee krap! I took the day off yesterday to scour around Bangkok for any potential hobby spots. My search was not in vain as I managed to locate 2 great hobby places along the Sukhumvit line (to be exact Sukhumvit 101/1, Soi Piyabut) The great thing about Bangkok was that they have an excellent LRT (they call it BTS Stations) and MRT services. It's convenient for me as the BTS Station is so near to my apartment. All I need to do, hop on the train and stop at On Nut E11 BTS Station and take a short bus or taxi ride to the destination. Oh, I forgot to mention that the 2 hobby spots are adjacents to the other. How cool was that.

I'll start with the first one. It's called Battlefield Bangkok. As you can see from the pics below, it's more of a hobby store, selling card games, board games and some GW merchandises (though not that extensive). They also carries other miniature hobby such as Warmachines, Anime and etc. Currently it has one big table for gaming and they have enough terrain pieces for gaming utilization. The Thais over at BB speak excellent English and I even have a long chat from hobby to work topics with two of the store patrons Krit (pronounce Grit in Thai) and Nat. They are super friendly and we can have our gaming activity anytime except Monday and Tuesday which the store closes. The store has numerous crowds from 40k to Fantasy and board game enthusiast. The store kinda reminds me of Wolf's place back in Malaysia. Here's the link to their website Beginning of May, BB will relocate to a bigger and better location which is not far from the current location, and like they always say, the bigger the better. I couldn't have come at a better time. Check out some pics below.

The second location is called Slice and Dice (400 metres away from BB) Now, this store is not like BB in any way or resemblence, but it has high concentration of 40k and fantasy crowd. Basically this place breeds and breathe 40k and Fantasy. The place has at least 6 beautifully built gaming tables complete with terrains, ruins, and etc. It even has a huge 40' Full HD TV with Playstation console and a comfy looking couch to relax on. I hung out for awhile with the folks at S&D and got acquinted with a guy called Wayne. Again they guys over there speak excellent English and no problem gaming with them. Wayne is like the local favorite at S&D and have a myriad of armies ranging from 40k to Fantasy. I managed to peek at his IG Deathkorp regiment and it's anything but stunning. Jeff would've loved to see his army. The store itself has excellent collection of armies on display. They frequently have 40k and Fantasy tourneys, which I'm very keen to join later. Right now they are planning for Spore Con and most of them are interested on attending. We'll see how it goes. Check out their website at this link Here's some pics of S&D.

Well, that's it for now. I heard there's another store at Siam Center, at the famous Ratchaprasong intersection, but currently the Red zealots of Khorne have taken over that intersection and most shopping mall there are close until further notice. Will update more once things starts to clear up. Till then 'lar korn'.


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