Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thunderwolves Cavalry Part 2

A quick update, I've finished with one Thunderwolf model as per the pics below. My schedule has been hectic and can't hobby as often as I like at the moment. I'm going back to Malaysia in 3 months and so many things to clear up here in Bangkok before I'm repatriated back. In the meantime enjoy the pics and will post more hobby updates as soon as I can. Laters..

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thunderwolves Cavalry

Not much GW hobbying as of late as my focus more on Dust Warfare. Just got the rulebook last week and I'm slowly dissecting the book for its rules. To be honest, I love it! For those who started playing Warfare or Tactics previously, Dust Warfare is somewhat a 'breath of fresh air' in terms of miniature wargaming. Rules like Reaction towards opponent's movement and attacking in the same turn and also dividing weapon hits towards appropriate targets are some of the awesome rules Dust Warfare has to offer. Seriously people, get the rulebook and learn the game!

Ok, back to my Space Wolves. I finished painting a tabletop quality Thunderwolf. You know me, always aiming for rank and file type of finishing. Well, I kinda love the end result despite its simplicity. For the wolf's black fur, I began with a basecoat of Adeptus Battlegrey. Then wash the entire model with Badab Black.I lightly drybrushed the whole model with Adeptus Battlegrey and followed by a light drybrush of Khemri Brown on the lower part of the model. I drybrushed on the coarser fur and upper part of the wolf with Codex Grey. To finish, a light drybrush of Space Wolves Grey on the coarse fur and upper part of the wolf.

I've yet to experiment with the new GW paints and frankly is waste of money as I still got lots of the old GW paints. Probably I'll try some of the new glaze and dry brush paints but that is not a priority at the moment. As you can see below, I did a small conversion on the TW rider with some fur at his back and some primitive weapons attached. I like the feral, semi barbaric look, befitting a true Fenrisian TW rider rather than having a pure power armored Space Wolf. I will post the pics once I finish painting the whole model.

Well, that's it from me at the moment, see you in the next post. Laters...


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