Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spore Con 2009 Battle Reports

It was a good run for me at Spore with 2 wins and 1 lose. First opponent was Stanley fellow Malaysian but working in S'pore, fielding a shooty Ultramarines army. Second round was Peter Cheah (of all people..) and the final round against another Legio member Keh Win with his Tau. My armt list as below:

Daemon Prince Manaroth: MoT, Warptime,WoC, Wings
Slaanesh Daemon Prince: MoS, LoS, Wings

9x Plague Marines, Aspring Champion, P.Fist,Plasma Pistol, 2x Meltagun
9x Plague Marines, Aspring Champion, P.Fist,Plasma Pistol, 2x Meltagun
9x Noise Marines, Aspring Champion, P.Weapon, Doom Siren, 8x Sonic Blaster

3x Obliterator
3x Obliterator

Dedicated Transport
3x Rhino

1st Round against Stanley's Ultramarine (Spearhead, Siege Ground-6 objective with 1 Vital) Win.

Special Rules: Peek-a-Boom (moved within 3" on all objectives, suffers AP-D6 Strength-2D6 on a roll of 4 and above)

Stanley's list, if I remember correctly was, Librarian Tigurius in Termi Armour, 6 Termis with Cyclone Launcher, 1 Dreadnoughts with Multi Melta, 1 Dreadnought with lascannon and missile launcher, 3 10x men Tactical Squad, 2 Devastator with Heavy Bolters, Lascannon and Missile Launchers and 2 Rhinos and 1 Razorback with Lascannon

The terrain was fairly difficult with lots of marshes and small hills across the battlefield and also a huge pyramid on my left flank. Stanley went first and deployed all his forces with 3 Tac Squads covering most of the objectives in his deployment zone. Termis and Tigurius leads the spearhead along with the Dreadnoughts. Devastators positioned deep in his territory to provide heavy fire support. His Rhinos however were deployed empty, mainly to contest objective, and blocking LOS. Razorback was deployed near the devastators position.

I deployed everything within 12' of the centre table with 3 Rhinos bound with Plague Marines and Noise Marines, Manaroth and Slaanesh DP followed closely. Obliterators took up position on the lower levels of the pyramid targeting the incoming Termis and Dreadnoughts.

Stanleys started the turn with forward movements from Tigurius with Termis, Dreadnoughts and Rhinos. Ultramarines volleys of bolter rounds, lascannon shots, and missiles, but it seems didn't do any justice. I expected as much coming from a shooty army. I moved forward the Rhinos while Manaroth and Slaanesh DP flew forward to target the contesting Tac Squad in his deployment zone. Oblits purposefully moved to have a better firing position. Slaanesh DP attempted to Lash but roled double 12 and lose 1 wound. Kinda unfortunate cause I could Lash one Tac Squad towards Manaroth and he can flame them out with Winds of Chaos or charge them and simultaneously creates havoc and panic on the Ultramarines rear position. Oblits fired blanks and a bad turn one for me.

Turn 2, Stanley surged forward with his 1 Dreadnought and Tigurius with Termis. His shooting again was bad with lots of misses and I made good save rolls. He managed to wound one of the Oblits and the Slaasnesh DP though. I moved forward all of my troops and 1 Rhino with PM stayed back to cover the Vital objective. Manaroth and the wounded Slaanesh DP moved into assault position. At this point the Ultramarines started lose their ground. Tigurius and his Termis were wiped out with Plasma Cannon shots from the Oblits and the advancing Dreadnought was decimated by Meltagun shots from the PM. The rest of the turns saw most of his units and vehicles were cut down heavy fire from the Oblits and PMs. The MVP of this match was Manaroth himself. He went berserk in the Ultramarines rear position by wiping out 3 Tactical Squad and1 Devastator Squad before finally succumbed to heavy fire from the only remaining Devastator squad. In the end the forces of Chaos hold 3 objectives and a near total annihiliation for the Ultramarines.

2nd Round against Peter (Dawn of War, Capture & Control- objective with 1 Vital) Lost.

Special Rules: Night Fighting

Well most of you know his army list. I got TAed by Peter in this round, and that's all I can say about that..

3rd Round against Keh Win's Tau (Pitched Battle, Annihilation- objective with 1 Killpoint) Win.

Again battling a shooty army. Keh Win's positioned his army at the back end of his table edge to get a good firing line. The only option I have in this battle is to get him in assault mode. By 3rd turn, one of the PM squad and Manaroth are already locked in combat with the Tau leader Shadowsun. My Slaanesh DP was a disappointment, failed most of his armour saves, roll double 12 when to Lash and died caused by Perils of the Warp.

Tau are weak in close combat, but not in this battle. Shadowsun managed to tie down Manaroth and his PMs until turn 5 with good invul. saves. God only knows how frustrated I was.. At that point the game was tied at 4-4 killpoints. Deep in my center flank, another Tau commander deep strike and managed to kill 2 oblits only to be slaughtered later by another Oblits squad by plasma shots and power fist attacks. After finally killing Shadowsun, Manaroth again went berserk and slaughtered more fire warriors, adding more killpoints. The game ends on turn 7 which saw only 1 Tau Devilfish survivor,contesting the one vital killpoint. 7-5 killppints favoring me. By then I was super exhausted after nearly 8 hours of 40k goodness...only to recover after I was announced Spore Con 2009 Gamers Choice and seeing my wife's cheerful smile (after whole day of shopping) and also ate lots of chilli crabs at a halal Chinese restaurant. Special thanks to Legio Malaysia for sponsoring the awesome shirts and templates and making this event such a memorable 40k experience.

Watch out Spore Con 2010, I'm bringing my Cadian 7th into the fray..

Spore Con 2009

Its been a while since I posted anything on this blog, and a good way to start is to share some Spore Con moments. I had a blast of a time at Spore and it was a memorable experience indeed. We had 3 rounds of gruelling combat which I won 2 and lost 1, will explain later in the Bat Reps. To cap it up I was announced as the Gamers Choice for Spore which I bagged a trophy and a voucher from PI. Not bad for my first international tourney. Peter was crowned as the Best Overall Commander which saw Team Legio brought back two trophies. Ave Legio!


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