Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cometh the Undead - First Batch

The first batch of my VC army has arrived and fully assembled. I've pre-ordered the new hard back Warhammer rulebook from Maelstrom, it should arrive in couple of weeks. I must say I'm pretty excited with the new VC army I'm building and the new Warhammer rules but 40k is still my main forte and will never lose sight on that.

Now, painting a VC army can be daunting especially skeletons and zombies and you need more of them with magics like Raise Dead, Invocation of Nehek and Summon Undead Horde. I'm imploring the idea of Minwax 'dipping method', since it worked like a charm for my Cadian 7th. A thought to consider.


  1. VC army is definitely one I would consider dipping. I think that would look great and save you a lot of time :)

  2. then dipping it is, lol..u rite bout the time saving coz there're tons of skelies to paint! I've just asked Khairul to buy me some Minwax since its hard to find here..or maybe i just didn't look hard enough..



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