Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cometh the Undead - Progress of House Corvinus 2

Further updates from my VC's progress. Finally I finished up with the Grave Guards plus a combat vampire using Vlad's model.

Initially I had only 10 GGs but with a bit of imagination and extra sprues, managed to get 20 in the form of freshly resurrected GGs. This is temporary while waiting my shipment from Maelstrom but I think it looked decent and playable. Also I flocked the movement trays with grass to match their bases.

My combat vampire, Carugarul Corvinus the Bloody. Spent a few hours on this bloke but I think it turned out nicely. I just love the Vlad von Carstein model and honestly I think is the best looking vampire from Citadel. Mostly Chaos Black and Boltgun Metal for the armor with a wash of 1:1 Scorched Brown and Chaos Black. The highlights of Codex Grey on the black portion and Boltgun Metal on the the metals. For the spectral cape, base of Chaos Black and wash of Warlock purple. Continued with a light layer of Warlock purple. Then highlights of 1:1 Warlock Purple and Skull White and further highlight of Skull White on the spectral faces. And finally a light Minwax treament to bring out the face portion of the model.

Enjoy the pics and will post with more updates soon. Till then laters..


  1. Those look very nice bro!!! Very good progress man!!
    How's yr studies going? We should meet up. Am going back for 3 weeks holidays in dec bro.

  2. Tight dude- I like the sword especially. I'm finally getting the Warhammer itch again. Ordered some Beastmen to start my second army of "vile goat-men". Should be fun :)

  3. @Khairul: Thanks bro! Studies going pretty well. Yeah, haven't seen you for awhile, how bout this coming sunday around nightime? Maybe I can drop by your place to catch up on things, say around 830pm, dai na?

    Wow! 3 weeks? Thats awesome bro, I'm not sure myself, most probably no. Will be traveling around Thailand though.

  4. @Deathkorp: Thanks dude! I'm really in the zone now, just finish up with 5 more direwolves yesterday. Goat army huh, sounds great bro. As always I'm sure it will turn out great with your super painting skills, plus they work well with minwax too ;)



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