Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Some updates here.

Vampire Counts

Not much progress so far, as usual blaming on work and study. I've only managed to paint a few zombies but I'm nearly finish. That's what happen when you have like 130+ models to paint. 20 Ghouls, 10 Grave Guards and 2 Vampire Heroes, then I'm all done. My VC project should be completed by end of December 2010, hopefully. (Why I got the feeling Jeff is going to outpace me with his Beastmen project..)

Also I had few games with my VC so far and I'm loving it. I think VC is still formidable in the 8th edition environment. Had a lengthy 2000 point game with Bobby's VC last weekend , a S&D regular, and it was a blast! I only managed a draw though, but all I can say 30 Grave Guards(Great Weapon, Banner of Barrows) with a Combat Vampire(BSB) and supported by a Corpse Cart (Miasma of Pestilence)bound with a Necromancer (Vanhels Danse Macabre) and Vampire Lord with Helm of Commandment, they basically rampaged throughout the game, killing 30 Grave Guards and almost 40 Crypt Ghouls with a Vampire Hero, and yet they survived till the end of the game! That's a stuff of legends right there.

Tournaments , Bangkok

As you can see in the ad above, Slice & Dice will be hosting a 40k Tournament in December, woohoooo!! I haven't been playing 40k for awhile, more like months, and this tournament will be a great refresher! Finally my Space Wolves can see some real action. And my good friend Nicky is returning to Bangkok with his new Dark Eldar army I presumed. My Frost blade hungers for some Dark Eldar blood! I'm really looking forward to this tournament. Check out this link for the tourney gory details, Slice & Dice 40k Winter Tournament.

Till then, laters...


  1. I seriously doubt I'm going to finish before you- I've been taking too much damn work home lately! Your stuff is looking good dude.

  2. Thanks Jeff! Seriously my progress was pathetically slow. On top of that, gotta finish up my Space Wolves for the 40k Winter tourney here. Will post more on that. In the meantime, I really wanna see how u paint ur Beastmen bro!

  3. Sawadikapp! We should start palying already! see you next year around Feb till April. I will be back then.
    Nice work on the VCs.

  4. Khun Doc, Sawadee Krap! Hopefully I'm in Malaysia in on of those months..Come here la! Bring ur wife and kid sekali.



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