Thursday, August 19, 2010

For Cadia, For the Emperor! Part 1

A slight deviation from my VC progress. All this while I've been talking about my Cadian 7th and their exploits but never really showcase any of the models except a few pictures from various blog posts. My army list was based on the Mechanised Battalion regime, meaning usage of Veteran troops in Chimeras supported by Leman Russ tanks and Vendetta air support. For this part I will show the vehicles portion of the Cadian 7th. Well to all of you IG nutters, here goes.

Cadian 7th Mechanised Batallion

Well that's it folks. The next posting will feature the Cadian 7th command and it's troops. Laters..


  1. dude i left it in Malaysia..was planning of getting the new Manticore from GW..

  2. Dude, you are truly the Dip King! Yes, get the GW plastic Manticore - it's an awesome kit!

  3. More new stuff! Manticore! Deathstrike! Infantry! Wave the Crusade banner from high!

  4. fer shizzle!! Few stuffs on my mind now, Manticores,Leman Russes..planning an armoured company batallion..after I finish with my VC of course..



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