Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cometh the Undead - Zombies

We all the new Fantasy BRB provided wealth of history, backgrounds and even painting and converting miniatures. If your flip the pages in the Fantasy BRB, you'll find the 'kit bashing' part in the converting your mini's section. That's what I did with my zombie unit. I maximized whatever sprues I have to make a unit of 40 zombies from a kit for 20. Take a peek below.

I started piling up all the sprues I can use such as tombstones, heads and hands, as if the Zombies were freshly animated or exhumes from their graves. I think its cost saving and it also add some drama to the zombie units.

Then I base painted everything before dipping. One think I hate about painting zombies because there are lots of colors that need to be use or the zombies will look dull. Well at least that's what I thought because I want my zombie unit to look vibrant but maintaining the dead image at the same time. Below are the dipped zombies before giving the matt finish.

Below some of the completed zombies for my VC. It's pretty simple and cost saving at the same time. I'm going back to Malaysia next week for Hari Raya, and will be paying Legio Malaysia a visit on 17th Sept. Hope some of you Legio regulars are there for a game or two. Hopefully I've enough space in my baggage to put at least one army for gaming. Probably I'll bring my Space Wolves, well I just don't know yet. Till then laters...


  1. Very nice progress, and great idea stretching out the Zombie sprues for more models. Economical and realistic!

  2. Cool idea bro. Looking good. I want to start a Fantasy army but can't decide on one. Definitely not High Elves or Skaven cause everyone here plays either one, blame Island of Blood. Did you get your copy yet?

  3. FYI, Legio will be opening on the 10th & 17th of September..looking forward to see you bro!

    @Ivan: play Dwarves!

  4. Great going bro. I saw the pics on the Rulebook...they even had the picture of the Dire wolves which looked awesome. Hopefully, we can have a game before I leave.

    @Ivan- Beastmen...Alvins' got a good collection, if you wanna start. The models look great and it is a good army.

  5. Looks very nice bro!! 40 out of 20!!! Chalad mak mak heheheh

  6. Iqbal: Dwarves? Really, don't really like the models though. Was hoping to do one of the Elves or Lizardmen but I can't decide.

    Doc: I had a Beastmen army, then I sold them back to Din, don't think I would go back to Beastmen simply because they got no long range shooting units.

    Guess i'll check out GW Adelaide later. Love the Store Copy of Armylist and Codex :)

  7. @Deathkorp: Thanks dude! always a great motivator!

    @Ivan: That's what I thought, u had Beastmen before rite? hmmm, how bout Empire dude? Not planning to get that bro coz i hate skaven and not a fan of high elves either, hehe..

    @Doc: Thanks bro, will u be in town during raya? like between 10th to 17th? how bout a round with ur dwarves..sadly my VC is not fully painted yet..:(

    @Khairul: hahah, mak mak na kap!, hehe..where u been bro??!!

  8. @Vuel: Aight bro! but i'll be coming on the 17th though..

  9. @Ivan: Dwarves are very strong in 8th..I was thinking of playing them too, but it seems we share the same reason of not playing them: stunty models..

  10. @Vuel: have to agree with u there. War machines with allowed pre measuring, dwarfs are really sick in 8th. Plus charging now M+2d6, they can charge at a greater distance. But then again, shorty models does not cut in for me as well.



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