Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cometh the Undead - Grave Guards, Corpse Cart

Hi guys, finally I can do some hobbying after a month of assignments, projects, finals and blah blah..Seriously working and doing your Masters at the same time is beeeeaaatcchhh! Just got no time to hobby. Well I did some gaming at Slice & Dice and recently we had huge Warhammer game (i think it was like 15000 points per side..) but more on that later. I got a window of 1 week before my second term starts and frankly I have to finish my VC project, pronto! I think got to resort to a mini iron painter method to finish up. Well here's some of my recent progress from 2 days ago which are the Corpse Cart and some Grave Guards.

Grave guards are pretty easy with Bleached Bone, well on the bones, Boltgun Metals on the armor, some Dwarf Bronze on thier crests and helms, Blood Red on the cloths. Then the obvious Minwax dip with the matt spray after drying, finito!

For the Corpse Cart I have to put in a little effort on it. For the zombies first a basecoat of Bronze flesh, then heavy wash of Dark Flesh and highlights of Elf Flesh before dipping. This is to bring out some of that fleshy zombie vigour. Well I kinda like how it turned out. The wooden portion of the cart, base coat of Graveyard Earth and wash of Scorched Brown. Then the other obvious parts like the wheel and axle with Boltgun Metal and the dip will do the rest.

Thats my update so far. I think I will post some of the pictures of my gaming here in Bangkok in the next post. Good luck to you all participating on the Ghemeehal Legio Tourney, another great Legio event I can't attend, sigh..till then laters..


  1. Nice work and pics as usual, particularly the Corpse Cart. Damn shame you and Khairul can't make it. It's just not the same without you two breakin' heads and showing off the sexy painted models... :(

  2. Nice work dude! can't wait for you guys to get back

  3. Thank u guys!Hmmmm only if could :(..perhaps my spirit could make an appearance, now where's that Tzeentch incantantion i've been reading....

  4. Wow...those look very nice bro!!! Esp like the blue flames.

    SO how much more to go??

  5. @ Vuel: Yup, if i use dark magic and animate myself into a cairn wraith, you guys will like cower in terror since you guys are not fearless or unbreakable, tzeentch lore is more subtle me thinks, :)

    @ Khairul: just a little bit more bro..hehe

  6. Dang!! These models look awesome!! Great work there brother. Now I need to up the scale a bit or my DE would feel underdressed when facing your undead.

    The Corps Cart.. Superb!!

  7. @Lord Ak: Korp Khun Krap!! Very encouraging words bro! Thanks! Looking forward to see ur DE's progression, aku nak lawan ko bile aku balik nanti, hehe..



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