Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For Russ and The Allfather - Part 2

I've finished painting the Land Raider. I've found an old Rhino somewhere in my sprue junks. I did some repairs on it and resulted in a nice and also free Rhino transport for my Grey Hunters. I've added some snow effect on the vehicles too, just to depict the Space Wolves nature and snowy Fenrisian background. It also marked the presence of a Rune Priest whom had just conjured up a blizzard storm. Take a peek below (sorry for the picture quality as I'm using my Nokia E71 camera phone)

I'm working on a Thunderwolf conversion as you can see below. I'm planning to have 5 of them and obviously I could not afford to buy 5 Canis Wolfborn models. So I went to Toy's r Us and found a wolf looking toy (a lion actually) which was big enough for the Space Wolves model to ride on. I'm not sure how it will turn out but am hoping for a good result. Till then, laters...


  1. Vehicles look tight dude! :) Weathering along the bottom of the vehicles is sweet. Keep it up, and keep posting!

  2. wow, you're working on 2 projects at the same time?
    nice rides dude!

  3. wow,,that land raider looks so awesome,,n what a cute ride!hehehe :P

  4. thanks guys!! and good luck with the Tournament of Skulls!!



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