Thursday, November 17, 2011

40k Tournament, 10th Dec, Bangkok 2000 points (Battlefield Bangkok)

Hi guys! Sorry for the long hiatus but I'm slowly getting back to the hobby table. I've been doing some painting lately and will post more pictures soon. On another note, to all Malaysian gamers, 40k tournament in Bangkok! I know most (maybe all) of you won't be able to make it due to the short notification and the flood situation in Bangkok (don't worry, this side of Bangkok is not affected) as I just heard from the organizer a few days ago. But if you're interested, do drop by and have some 40k fun with the Bangkokians. This what I got so far from the organizer:

-2000 points
-3 rounds each (Swiss style presumably)
-Partially painted army
-Each round will be based on scenario
-No forge world
-All legal codices, Sisters of Battle based on White Dwarf. Also including the latest Necrons Codex.

- 500 baht (around RM 50) payable in advance. And it will be refunded on the day of the tournament (???) I guess its free as long you showed up. Need to clarify this with the organizer.

- 1st place winner will get the GW Dreadfleet board game
- Not sure on second place or third. Will get this clarified as well.

From what I see here, it's a pretty loose tournament with less ground rules and regulations like the ones we have here in Malaysia. The main reason here is to encourage new players to join in the fray as they are surge of new players here in Bangkok. Less emphasize on the hobby aspect and more on the gaming side from my point of view but it may be a worthwhile experience. I'm joining the tournament and who knows I might get the coveted Dreadfleet board game. From what I heard there are 7 slots left and I can forward the fee should any of you interested to join in. Again this must be on a first come first serve basis and ONLY you're totally sure if you wanted to play. If you're serious do send an email at so that I can inform the organizer immediately. I can also point up some affordable accommodations near Battlefield Bangkok. 

If you have any questions, post it in the comment section and I'll get you sorted out. Ok, that sums it up. Till then laters...


  1. Bro, I thought Bangkok is closed down.

  2. Can't make this one but thanks for posting dude. Glad to hear the flooding hasn't hit your house or anything. More hobby posts!!

  3. @Doc: Takkan la the whole bkk close?!! Aparaaa! Central bkk where i lived including Battlefield is too dry and dandy.

    @deathkorps: No problem dude. I'm doing this on behalf of the organizer since he told to me inform any M'sian gamers if they're interested to join.

  4. I notice 40K malaysia is down or something.

  5. Khun Faizal, sabai dii mai krap :)
    Mrs and kids ok?

    Bro, what do u ever mean by pointing us to some affordable accomodations?????

    We stay at Casa Villa Extravaganza Del Faizal la!!!!!!! FOR FREE hhehehhehehe!!!!
    Baru la bro for life hehehhe. Hensem la khun Faizal. Lor mak mak mak :)

    More info please.

    Korp khun krap

  6. Khun Khairul, Sabai dee mak mak!

    Wife and kids doing fine bro! Haha my house sudah penuh la bro! Mum in law and the kids already occupied the spaces. Trust me u don't wanna be in my house now hehe.

    Info still stands bro. 500 baht fee, if u turned up it will be refunded, so basically free if u showed up.

  7. No worries bro :) Just teasing u.

    Btw...what constitute partially painted?

  8. Well, not really fully painted army is allowable, but must have some paint elements on the minis..



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