Thursday, August 25, 2011

Vlka Fenryka - More Updates

I'm having a blast with this project at the moment. Never realized converting minis could be quite exhilarating. So this is my update thus far.

This will be my second Grey Hunter squad, led by the Wolf Guard Asgeir Longspear, as per pics below. I managed to base coat it last nite and target to complete it by next week. I'm working on a Pre-Heresy Rhino as well for Asgeir and his boys.

Asgier Longspear

I did some conversion for a Pre-Heresy Terminator. Actually I'm not a fan of the antiquated Terminators broad shoulder pads but to capture that pre-heresy essence, I'm willing to accept. As per the pic below, my first trial run for a pre-heresy Space Wolves Terminator with a cyclone missile launcher. The shoulder pad are actually bendable cardboard including the parchment jutting below the shoulder pad. Added some green stuff for the fur at the top portion and a Havoc Launcher for the Cyclone Missile Launcher (apologies for the pic quality, used a camera phone) For me, it looks great so far and will update further once I finish painting it. That's it from me for now, till then laters..

Pre-Heresy Space Wolves Terminator


  1. That cylone missile launcher is huge! :) Nice going dude

  2. haha..dude, that looked just like my CML..
    the Havoc Launcher is too cool, isn't it?

    click here ( if you want to compare..

  3. Love the termie with the launcher!!! Looks really wicked bro. Nicely done :)



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