Sunday, August 21, 2011

Vlka Fenryka - Ulvuruth Heoroth Longfang

I got this guy done few days ago. He will be the Rune Priest of Tra Company, known as Ulvuruth Heoroth Longfang as per the Prospero Burns novel. A Vlka Fenryka army would not be right without their 'gothi' or rune priest and this guy fits the bill perfectly. I'm not sure if did this guy pre-heresy enough but I'm satisfied with the result.

There's nothing really to it really, 90% of the model came from the Space Wolves bits. The staff however, I used the banner pole from the Chaos Warrior sprues and I attached Space Wolves icon or symbol, whatever you want to call it, so it looked like a gothi staff. Finally some green stuff for the fur.

The base was made of polystyrene, at first I want to use cork, but I got like tons of polystyrene from my store room so I ended up using that. So basically I cut it up to proportionate size, and base coat it with chaos black. Then drybrushed with codex grey and space wolves grey. Finally flocked it with snow. That's it people. Till then, laters..


  1. Sweet! Love the base dude- keep it up! :)

  2. Another nice model bro!!

    How many points do u have now? Pl bring them back for the raya so we can have a game :)

    Bila balik n for how long?

  3. I can tell you're really having fun with this. Great job!

    If you're coming back for Raya, give me a call. We'll catch a game

  4. @Khairul: Thanks bro! So far I have around 1000 points. I have this crazy idea of converting all of my Space Wolves to Pre-Heresy!

    @Spunkybass: Yeah I guess I'm having a blast at the moment. Hope to keep this momentum for awhile longer. I'm not coming back for Raya dude, wife's already 'sarat' can't travel anymore, so Raya in Bangkok..



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