Wednesday, August 17, 2011

40k Tournament - Bangkok

Heads up to all my fellow Malaysian wargamers! Battlefield Bangkok will be organizing a 40k Tournament sometime in late November. Some of you guys might be interested to fly down here and join in the carnage. The last tournament they had was totally awesome and the prizes were not bad as well (first prize: RM250 worth of store credit!) but the camaraderie you'll gain will definitely worth more!

I will post more updates once they furnish me with more information on the tournament. Rumor has it they might do a 2 days event of miniature wargaming goodness! In the meantime get those minis painted. Who knows you might be bringing it here for some 40k action! As for me, I will post more pre-heresy Space Wolves soon, been slacking off lately due to playing old PC games (Planescape: Torment is highly addictive!)


  1. I'll probably be in the US during that time, but do spill the beans on when this tourney actually is. If I am back in Malaysia by this time, it would be a lot better if this tournament was a one day instead of two. Easier/cheaper travel arrangements :D

  2. I think they'll divide the days for specific games, probably 40k on day 1 and the rest on day 2.

  3. Again that was just rumors. Most probably they'll conduct only 40k tourney like last time.

  4. Yes please update us bro :)

    Any dates mentioned yet??

  5. No dates confirmed as of yet. I will update once they provide me with more info.



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