Friday, September 30, 2011

Good Tidings from Bangkok

Hi all, as of 27th September 2011, my wife successfully delivered our Triplets into the real world. The babies are slightly premature, being born only at 7 months but perfectly healthy. My wife is doing great and recovering from a C-Section operation and going to be discharged with a clean bill of health. The babies will be staying in the hospital for awhile until they are big enough to come home. Oh, our triplets consists of 1 boy followed by 2 girls. So I'd figured whoever came out first will be the elder sibling even though only a fraction of few minutes.

The babies names are:

1) Raees Aqeel bin Mohamad Faizal (boy)
2) Soraya Nuha binti Mohamad Faizal (girl)
3) Sophia Nadine binti Mohamad Faizal (girl)

I'm proud to say that I'm the first triplet dad among many of my relatives and friends. But with a big bundle comes great responsibility (and stress!!) so hope you guys can pray for our babies well being and wishing me luck as a first time daddy. I guess hobby and wargaming have to take a back seat for awhile and I'll try to post as soon as I have the time do so. Anyways enjoy all your hobbying and wargaming and I'm sure going to miss it for the time being. But hey I got better things to do now, raising the kids!

Till then laters...


  1. Congratulations bro!!!

    Alhamdulillah mother and babies are safe and healthy :)

    Please send my regards to your wife. Which hospital are u guys at?

    Congrats!! Congrats new mummy and daddy!!!

  2. Thanks guys!!

    @Khairul: Mass delivered at Bumrungrad International Hospital. Alhamdulilah!



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