Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vlka Fenryka - First Grey Hunter

This is the first Grey Hunter for my pre-heresy Space Wolves or the Vlka Fenryka. It took me the whole day to finish this guy (while working from home)and frankly I love the result. I mentioned before that I used Chaos Warriors, Space Wolves bits plus some green stuff for my conversion and this model is no exception. The only thing I would like to improve is my sculpting especially the fur and the mantle. I'm taking my time with this project so I'm in no hurry to finish. I've posted pictures below, comments are welcome.

I will start on the second model soon, well not too soon. Till then, laters..


  1. Suay mak mak :)

    Nice painting on the flesh bro. Also love the snow base.

  2. Looking cool dude! Don't sell yourself short- the sculpting is sweet! Keep it up- more posts, progress, and pics!! ;)

  3. @khairul: korp khun mak krap! Nothing fancy on the flesh, its easy when u have gryphone sepia wash!

    @Warflake: Thanks dude!!

    @deathkorps: Thanks dude. I'm taking my time with this project. Will post more soon.

  4. How did you do your snow base? Did you have to paint the base white first then apply the snowy effect OR just use the snowy effect directly?
    What glue did you use?

  5. Firstly, I painted the bases with Space Wolves Grey. I did 3 layers of SWG to get that light grey color. Try to paint on top of the bases as well so that u won't see any black gaps when u flock it with snow.

    I used the PVA/Latex Glue (white color glue, give it a good spread and then flock the snows. Leave it to dry for at least a day. When it is dry, shake the model a bit to get rid of the excess snows that were not glued to the base. Make sure u shake it back into the snow tub coz the snow can be use again. Then I did a second round of flocking to have that thick snow effect on the base since it will be really thin after the first round of flocking.



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