Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Vlka Fenryka - Wolf Guard Terminators

Right, after almost 2 weeks of Hari Raya celebration (though not so merry in Bangkok) and food gluttony, its time to get back to the gym and of course, HOBBY! As the tittle entails, it's the Wolf Guards turn this time. I managed to finish painting 3 WG couple of days ago. Check out the pics below.

This will be my Wolf Guard Terminator pack lead by Sigurd Wolfbane (the guy with the Thunder Hammer) For a 1000 points army, I'm fielding 4 of them as a bodyguard for Ulvuruth Longfang or for the Wolf Lord. I'll update more once I finished painting the remainder of the WG.

Sigurd Wolfbane

In the next post, I will continue with the Grey Hunters and one remaining WG. Well, I have nothing more to add. Comments are welcome. Till then laters..


  1. Sweet dude! I love the paintjobs, especially the fade on the lightning claws. Nicely done dude!

  2. thanks man! can't wait for our horus heresy campaign next year!!

  3. Yeah, after Krieg it's either going to be Beastmen or Word Bearers :D

  4. Nicely done!!!

    Bro, i really need to steal yr missile launcher termie :)
    What parts did u use?

    Emperors children should be joining u soon enough ;)

  5. Thanks bro! Actually i used a Chaos Havoc launcher, from the Chaos Space Marine Rhino set. I have extras but unfortunately its here with me in bkk. Ask Iqbal or any CSM players, maybe they have extras.



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