Monday, February 4, 2013

Sons of Perturabo

So many updates these past 5 months I don't even know where to begin. For now I will post with what I've done so far and work backwards from there on. Well, I've started a new project and the post title is self evident; Iron Warriors Legion!

I'm always fascinated with the IWs and even though they turned traitor, IMO, they still maintain the legion hierarchy and structure and their Primarch, Perturabo, still lives though now a Daemon Prince. Their heavy reliance on wargear and technology over the powers of the warp and siege warfare tactics made even more interested to this project.

I have tons of Warriors of Chaos parts from my previous pre heresy Space Wolves project and I'm applying the same concept for my IW project. I prefer my IW CSM to be a notch higher than your regular Space Marine. So I painstakingly converted every single model to reflect this effort. Parts and bits used for conversion,as follows:

Warrior of Chaos, Space Marine bits, CSM bits, Necron Warriors, and copious of Green Stuff for the fur cloaks.

I'll the picture do the talking per below. These are the Troops entry for Legio Throwdown event which my club, Legio, currently conducting. Checkout our Legio blog for more details.  Enjoy the pics and appreciate your comments guys.


  1. Your army is coming along great! Keep up the dark mood and cool conversions

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Lol. Tq bro! Tiring work doing those conversions..

  4. But is well worth the effort bro.
    You did great on all your model. Betul-betul cun.

  5. Nice army!
    But did I see Necrons there ;)

  6. Suay mak mak bro. Those IW are gonna look great once they're all done. And if I'm not mistaken, you've made both throwdowns already. Congrats man!! You're inspiring me shiphai.

    1. Korp khun mak krap! Mine but a pale comparison to ur awesomely painted Imperial Fist! Which reminds me both legions hated each other. So we going to have a showdown once both armies are completely painted.



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